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Road accidents are one of the major leading causes of accidental deaths worldwide. Self-driving cars may seem right out of a science fiction novel, but they were originally conceived to reduce the number of accidents that can occur on roads. To be specific, this pertains only to accidents caused by rash driving or other instances of driver negligence. However, it is safe to say that no self-driving car has as of yet achieved complete automation. This means that while several driving functions can be automated, no car manufacturer or tech company has yet been able to build a car that can completely operate on its own without any human interference.


While this may yet change with companies working at a rapid pace towards automation, whether self-driving cars will reduce the number of accidents on roads is yet to be seen.


Self driving car accidents include a pilot test by Uber, where a self-driven car hit a pedestrian. This forced the company to pull back a test project, and it is now testing even more carefully but with humans on board.


Such incidents bring to light the increased necessity of car insurance. While driving on Indian roads mandatorily requires third party coverage, the best car insurance offers protection for the car and driver as well. If you apply for car insurance on Finserv MARKETS, you can get access to roadside assistance 24x7 and also avail cashless servicing at more than 4,000 garages across the country.


In fact, Uber’s self-driving car accident shows that self-driving cars may not actually be able to bring down the number of accidents on roads. While it may reduce the number of accidents caused due to negligence by driver or due to other human errors, road accidents can be caused due to a whole lot of other factors.


Read on to learn about the major factors that affect road safety, and how self-driving cars can decrease their incidence.

1. Badly Built Roads:

In India, roads are frequently damaged due to rains, while wear and tear causes roads to break down unnaturally quickly. In major metropolitan cities as well as through towns and villages, roads routinely contain potholes. This is especially true after heavy monsoons, which also see an increase of accidents on the roads. However, self-driving cars will have an advantage here because the vehicles are usually equipped with cameras that allow them to analyse the road conditions and drive carefully.

2. Overloaded Vehicles:

Whether it is two-wheelers, cars, jeeps or even trucks, most vehicles in India are usually heavily overloaded. An overloaded truck which is passing through cities, containing protruding steel rods, is difficult to control and can lead to terrible accidents. However, self-driving cars may be equipped with sensors which raise alerts on overloading and prevent the vehicle from operating if there is overloading of goods.


Many people in India lack the public consciousness required in following speed limits. As a result, many accidents are caused due to a driver speeding without paying heed to signs warning of speed limits. This is especially true on the highways, where speeding is observed at a massive rate. However, this is a problem that can be eradicated and will not result in self-driving cars’ accidents. Automated vehicles will be able to much better follow the guided speed limit and thereby restrict accidents at least due to this cause.

4.Drunken Driving:

Drunken driving is another human error that causes the maximum number of road accidents in India. While you may not be prone to driving while drunk, it is advisable to apply for car insurance to make sure you do not suffer as a result of someone else’s inability to follow rules. The best car insurance, available on Finserv MARKETS, offers coverage to the vehicle and driver if in an accident. The 24×7 car roadside assistance also guarantees that you can reach out for aid, regardless of the time or where you have had an accident. Drunken driving is definitely a cause for accident that will be eradicated through the use of self-driving cars.

5.Security Breaches:

A major threat to road safety that comes into play with increased mobilisation of self-driving vehicles is their vulnerability to security breaches in the form of hacking or other malware attacks. As companies continue to increasingly invest in the security features of self-driving cars, it is also necessary for them to bring in security measures that will hamper the self-driving car accidents through such obstacles.

Smooth roads are a universal prerequisite for ensuring no self-driving car accidents occur. These cars map the route in advance through their cameras and navigation systems, but without safe roads; accidents are bound to occur. Until we move on to automated cars, it is important to protect ourselves against existing road conditions. Apply for car insurance through Finserv MARKETS, and ensure that you are never stranded in case of accidents. With only an annual premium starting from Rs. 3,221; you can avail the best car insurance policy which enables cashless servicing at more than 4,000 garages across the country and a host of other benefits.


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