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The cold months of winter often result in less than optimal performance by most machines, including cars. Cars lose their efficiency owing to a multitude of causes brought about by the cold weather. Winter months see higher incidences of cars breaking down mid-way to their destinations, and even getting your car to start on a wintry morning can feel like a substantial task. It is necessary to take precautions to ensure that your car continues to operate smoothly during these winter months. On that note, make sure to apply for car insurance before winter sets in. While third party insurance is mandatory to drive on Indian roads, a comprehensive car insurance offers coverage for self and third-party damages, providing extensive protection for your car. Buy Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance, available on Finserv MARKETS, and avail cashless facility at more than 4,000 garages across the country.


While availing a car insurance policy is a useful precaution ahead of these winter months, you should also take precautions by keeping handy certain winter car accessories which help keep your car operational during the winter months.

Read on to learn about winter car accessories that can help you and your car survive better through the cold months.

1. Car Heater:

A car heater helps warm up the car, and can prove exceedingly useful when you get into the vehicle after being outdoors for too long. With a car heater turned on, you need not worry about getting into a freezing car and falling sick.

2. Car Blankets:

These blankets are made especially to keep passengers in the car warm during the winter months. They prove exceedingly useful if you are travelling with kids. Not only do they keep you warm while travelling in winter months, they can also be used as pillows when not in use.

3. Car Cushions:

Another name among winter car accessories that facilitate comfortable travel are car cushions. These are a great place to rest your head and travel in warmth and comfort. They are available in a wide range of shapes and colours, and you can pick the size that seems most comfortable to you.

4. Fog Lights:

In winter months, it is common to see fog and mists in our surrounding environment. At such times, you may face difficulty in seeing while driving and this could also result in gruesome accidents. However, you can install fog lights on your car at the beginning of winter to ensure that such situations do not arise.

5. Snow Chains:

If you are in mountainous regions during the winter months, these are some winter car accessories that you must carry with you at all times. Snow chains help increase traction between the road and the car in snowy and icy conditions by fitting over the wheels of the car. In areas close to mountain passes, which have steep slopes and might experience snowfall, these snow chains prove especially useful.

6. Jumper Cables:

Car batteries are affected by cold temperatures, and often end up lowering efficiency of the vehicles or worse, stop operating altogether. Jumper cables are one of those winter car accessories that you must always carry in your vehicle, in order to give a jump start to the battery if it ceases to function. However, it is very important that you know the ideal way to use jumper cables before the need to use them arises.

7. Fog Clearing Liquid:

On cold winter mornings, you may often find your vision impeded by the fog that has gathered on the windscreen. If you are in a rush to get to work, you may be tempted to start driving but this is highly inadvisable and can be extremely dangerous. A fog clearing liquid is one such winter car accessory that can help clear out the fog on your windshield.

There are many winter car accessories available in the market for different needs that may crop up for different people. Along with choosing the ones that are most useful for your needs, it is also wise to apply for car insurance before winter really sets in. Buy Car Insurance, available on Finserv MARKETS, and avail 24×7 roadside assistance from wherever you are. With premiums starting from only Rs. 2,072 per year, the car insurance offers protection from against a range of man-made and natural disasters.


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