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How to Maintain Your Car in Winters

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25 Sept 2021

About Winter Car Care Checklist

Owning a vehicle is a dream that most individuals have with weekend getaways and road trips tied to it. However, the responsibility of purchasing a four-wheeler doesn’t end there. As the seasons change, ensuring that your car can withstand adverse weather conditions is essential.

Thus, you need to maintain and regularly service your vehicle to verify it’s in good shape for driving on the road. As the owner-driver, you must be prepared for the upcoming months of winter and make sure your vehicle is at its best performance. That way, you can avoid hitting a slump during your journey.

To help you beat the tough and cold months, here is a winter car maintenance checklist for you!

Winter Car Maintenance Tips

Here are some car care tips for winter that will keep your vehicle in the best condition:

  • Monitor the Battery

During winters, you can be carefree about any heat-related battery damage that you usually face in the summers. However, in winter, you need to keep an eye on the battery charge and the level of distilled water.

You must check the battery of the car and ensure that it is filled with the right amount of distilled water. Cold winter mornings will need more electricity, and a healthy battery is essential for the same. If the battery requires a replacement, do not hesitate because you might end up stranded somewhere if you do not change it on time.

  • Check the Levels of Engine Oil

You need to examine the engine oil levels of the car as part of the winter car care checklist. If it needs an oil change, you need to get it done at the earliest. Consider opting for engine oil which has high viscosity in winters because the oil will lubricate the engine even in low temperatures.

  • Get Your Car Wipers Prepared

Wipers are essential on foggy winter mornings as they help you with maintaining visibility while on the road. So, it is recommended to check that the wiper blades are not cracked or hard. If they have cracks or lack smoothness, replace them before the winter sets in. Furthermore, you can also clean them once in a while with a cloth for optimal results during winter.

  • Ensure That the Fog Lamps are Clean

Apart from the northern regions of India, fog isn’t a common phenomenon in the rest of the country. So, if winters near you lead to fog or smog for that matter, you need to ensure that the fog lamps are clean and are functioning properly.

If the fog doesn’t get cleared even during late mornings, the lamp is an added security for you. It will make the car visible to other owner-drivers on the road. Moreover, check if all the bulbs in the rear are working and replace them if necessary as part of the winter car maintenance checklist.

  • Review the Tyre Pressure

One of the most important winter car care tips is keeping a track of your tyre pressure regularly. As it is cold, the pressure in your vehicle’s tyre is bound to decrease. Any changes in the air pressure will affect your driving and cause quick wear and tear.

If the tyres are underinflated, it will have an impact on the fuel economy and steering response. On the other hand, overinflation may affect the handling of the vehicle. Either way, it has a negative impact on your car. Hence, it is necessary to check the tyre pressure frequently during winters.

  • Inspect the Antifreeze Levels

Another crucial element on the winter car care checklist is the engine coolant. The antifreeze keeps the engine of your four-wheeler cool in the summer and stops it from freezing in the winters. In case the coolant level is low, your engine is bound to freeze and jam up. Therefore, make sure you maintain the required antifreeze levels to avoid any car troubles while on the road.

  • Check if Your Car Needs Servicing

Every vehicle needs to be serviced after a certain period of time. This duration can vary from one car to another. So, it is advised to check the owner’s handbook to understand how often the car servicing is recommended. Further, find out the last time you serviced your four-wheeler and drive it to the nearest garage before winter kicks in.

  • Examine the Indicators and Tail Lamps

Make it a point to check if the indicators and tail lamps of your car are as high as the headlamps. These lights ensure that you are visible to other drivers while driving. Indicators allow making a turn clearer to other drivers on the road. So, in case any of the lights are not working, get them fixed beforehand.


Now that you know how to take care of your car in the winter, another vital aspect of securing your vehicle is having an active insurance policy. A comprehensive car insurance plan financially safeguards you against any risks on the road. Thus, you can have peace of mind as insurance offers extensive coverage to your vehicle.

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FAQs on Winter Car Care Checklist

  • ✔️What are some essentials that I must keep in my vehicle in winter?

    You can keep the following essentials in your car during winter:

    • Spare batteries

    • Torchlight

    • First aid kit

    • Ice scraper, in case of snow

    • Spare tyres

    • Empty fuel can

    • Warm clothes

    • Fully charged phone power bank

  • ✔️Is it helpful to wash your car during winters?

    Washing your four-wheeler during the winter is one of the important winter vehicle maintenance tips. Doing this helps prevent any rust or damage that may affect your car due to moisture or snow.

  • ✔️Is it dangerous to drive in cold weather?

    In case of heavy fog and low visibility, it can be dangerous to drive your car due to increased risks. Therefore, it is recommended to ensure your foglights, indicators and headlights are functional. Furthermore, avoid speeding or overtaking any other vehicles and drive safely.

  • ✔️Can I buy car insurance online at Finserv MARKETS?

    Yes. You can purchase car insurance online at Finserv MARKETS by visiting our platform. You shall have secured your four-wheeler with an insurance policy in no time! 

  • ✔️Do I need to have third-party car insurance?

    Yes. To drive legally on Indian roads, it is mandatory to have third-party car insurance under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.