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Why It is Important to Control Your Anger?

Anger is a perfectly natural, normal human emotion. It can occur as the result of antagonism towards someone. Although it is often described as an ugly emotion, anger can be a healthy way of expressing feelings that are negative.

However, anger that is not controlled can become destructive and lead to a number of problems in your professional and personal life and relationships. It is a powerful emotion and if you suffer from severe anger issues, you may come to think that it is beyond your control.

While it is true that not all anger issues are serious, it is important to identify angry behaviour that may evolve to become destructive. Anger management helps you control recognise, control, cope with and express your anger in healthy ways.

Effects of Anger on Your Health

Anger that is not managed in a healthy fashion and prolonged can have effects that go beyond your relationships, social life and professional life. Poorly managed anger issues can actually affect your physical health as well. This makes it extremely important for you in controlling anger.

  • Heart Problems:

Anger can have a debilitating effect on the heart. Bursts of anger greatly increase the chance of getting a heart attack. Anger that is repressed is also associated with heart disease.

  • Stroke Risk: 

The risk of having a stroke from a blood clot or bleeding in the brain is much higher among those who are prone to anger issues. Aneurysms in the brain's arteries are also at a higher risk of rupturing after an outburst of anger.

  • Weakened Immune System:

Some studies have found that angry people tend to fall sick more often. This is because anger causes antibodies of immunoglobulin A to fall, weakening an individual's immunity.

  • Worsened Anxiety and Depression:

Those with anxiety problems can find that their condition is exacerbated by anger. Unrepressed anger and hostility are common among people who suffer from generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) as well as anger issues. Anger, which is often passive and unexpressed, can also lead to depression.

  • Weakened Lungs:

Hostility rates have been linked to worsening lung capacities, increasing the risks of respiratory issues.

  • Stress:

Anger and stress are intricately intertwined. An individual's lifespan is shortened if they are frequently stressed and angry. Stress can trigger anger more easily. Anger feeds stress and vice versa.

What is Anger Management?

Anger management can be used to check the physiological triggers that cause anger. Because external issues causing anger cannot be controlled by an individual, the anger they feel must be managed to ensure their own wellbeing.

If you are not sure about whether or not you suffer from anger issues, several psychological tests help you take stock of the intensity of your anger. These tests help measure the intensity and likelihood of your anger, as well as the way in which you can manage it. Even without these tests, you can understand whether or not you have anger issues if you feel you are acting in an uncontrollable manner. Anger management can be used to deal with such emotions in a better, more sustainable manner.

Why Are Some People Angrier Than Others?

Some people tend to get angry more frequently than others, or with more intensity than others. Anger is not always expressed in a loud or violent manner. Some individuals may show anger by being incessantly irritable or grumpy. Those who get angry easily tend to be frustrated or annoyed easily.

Some people may be angrier because they are born that way. This means that there is a physiological or genetic angle to anger problems. Signs of anger can be seen in children who are inherently irritable, angered or touchy from a very young age. Another reason why some people tend to suffer more from anger issues is that they may have been taught from an early age that anger is a negative emotion and must be suppressed. For this reason, it may become difficult for such people to handle anger in a more constructive manner.

Anger Management Strategies That Work

Research has shown that certain behaviours can help you manage your anger effectively. A change in your behaviour can be done by altering your thoughts and feelings. Here are some strategies you can use to reorient your behaviour and manage anger.

  • Evaluate Your Anger:

The first thing to do when you get angry is to ascertain the reason. If your anger is the result of an unhealthy situation such as a toxic and abusive relationship, it might be a warning that the situation needs to be changed.

On the other hand, if your anger hurts your relationships or causes distress to someone, it may need some controlling. You might regret your actions at a later point, so it makes sense to assess your emotions and calm yourself down.

  • Recognise Triggers and Warning Signs:

If you frequently lose your temper, it is imperative that you figure out why it happens. If it is solely external factors that trigger your rage such as traffic jams, tiredness or mean comments, you can understand these patterns well. This way, you can plan your day in a way that you avoid such situations and not get angry.

Warning signs such as faster heartbeat, face becoming hot, clenching your fists, a racing mind or seeing red are some of the signs that the anger might be beginning to set in.

  • Organise Your Thoughts and Relax:

When you have thoughts that fuel your anger, you can drown them out by thinking rationally. Also, force yourself to stay calm in such a situation. Breathing exercises and muscle relaxation techniques can be performed to control your anger.

  • Remove Yourself From the Situation:

If a conversation or situation is making you angry, it may be best to take a break. Remember to explain that you are not avoiding the situation, but working on your anger management.

  • Talk to a Friend:

Talking to someone who tends to calm you down is a good strategy. However, simply venting may just aggravate your anger. Letting your rage out by breaking things may also have a similar effect. It is best to cultivate your skills to cope with your anger.

  • Exercise:

Exercise can help channel the rush of energy that comes with getting angry. Going for a run or to the gym can help you clear your mind and think rationally when you are angry. This can help prevent making hasty decisions.

  • Get Help:

Seeking professional help can aid in managing your anger significantly. This is particularly important because anger management problems may be linked to mental health issues such as PTSD and some depressive disorders.

Do You Need Counselling?

If your anger is affecting your relationships and needs to be controlled, getting counselling can help you learn how to manage it better. A mental health professional can help develop techniques that will help you in changing your behaviour.

Before you engage with a therapist, ensure that you understand their approach to managing anger. Ideally, the professional should be able to go beyond putting you in touch with your feelings because this may be your problem, to begin with.


Anger issues affect not only your mental health but also your physical wellbeing. They may have a bearing on your personal and professional life as well. Keeping your anger under control is extremely imperative as it can affect your life negatively. While experiencing anger is natural, it is best to identify healthy ways to deal with it. And, anger could possibly call for uncertain scenarios that demand special medical care like hospitalisation, resulting in added expenses. Here’s when a health insurance plan helps you.

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