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How to Claim Health Insurance?

16 Sep 2019

We all know the importance of having an active health insurance in place. With a health insurance policy, you and your family members are safe from the financial burden of hefty medical expenses.

Regardless of the caution taken, health issues can arise anytime. Hence, you cannot wholly rely on a life insurance policy alone. Security of your financial future is way beyond that. Therefore, not only do you require health insurance plans, but you also need to know the claim process.

This article explains everything you need to know about the health insurance claim process.

What is a Health Insurance Claim?

Due to the rise in the healthcare cover, more and more people are looking for appropriate health insurance plans. But if you do not have any understanding of the health insurance claim, the most suitable policy becomes useless.

A health insurance claim is nothing but a request you raise for reimbursement or direct payment of medical services obtained. In simple words, when you make a claim, your insurance provider will either reimburse the medical expenses incurred or pay directly for the said costs.

Types of Health Insurance Claims

Following are the type of health insurance claims in India-

  • Cashless Claims

Many up and coming insurance companies offer you cashless benefits in their respective network hospitals. To avail cashless claims, you will have to contact a network hospital and follow the claim procedures as mentioned in your policy paperwork.

  • Reimbursement Claims

Instead of cashless claims, many insurance providers provide reimbursement claims. This claim can be utilised when you are not seeking treatment in one of the network hospitals.

In such a situation, you have to submit all the relevant documents and bills of the hospital and treatment availed by you. After this, the reimbursement claim process is initiated. Your policy document will give you a detailed understanding of the claim process and materials required to be submitted for process initiation.

  • Personal Accident Claims

This claim covers you for mishaps like accidental deaths, permanent total disability, and permanent partial disability. It will cover the ambulance and hospital expenses up to a specified limit.

  • Global Personal Guard

The global personal guard, much like personal accident claims, will financially cover you against death, permanent total disability, and permanent partial disability. However, a claim for the underlying expenses has to be made by submitting certain documents to your insurance provider.

  • Non-Medical Expenses List

Every insurance provider has a specific list of expenses that it does not cover under the policy terms. Some of these include baby food, cosmetics, band-aids, and health drinks.

How to Make a Health Insurance Claim?

Every insurance provider follows a necessary procedure that enables a hassle-free claim process. Refer the following for raising successful claims.

For Cashless Settlement

In case you are making a cashless claim, follow these pointers –

  • In case of planned hospitalization, inform your insurance provider at least 1-2 days in advance

  • In case of emergency, your insurance provider should be notified within 24 hours

  • The network hospitals have a dedicated TPA (Third Party Administrator) assistance. They will help you with all the necessary documentation and formalities.

  • Submit the required documents like health card, doctor’s report, and so on with the TPA

  • Once your insurance company received these documents, they are verified against your health insurance policy coverage and terms

  • If the raised request is well within the coverage, approval is sent to the hospital for the specified amount. In case the treatment amount exceeds the approved amount, then the hospital can request for re-approval

  • If the raised request is denied, you will be asked to pay from your pocket and later raise another request for reimbursement


For Reimbursement

When making a reimbursement claim, follow the steps below –

  • Much like cashless settlement, informing your insurance provider is necessary even during the reimbursement claim process.

  • After the necessary medical treatment, you will have to submit the documents with your insurance company. The documents to be submitted include –

    • Duly filled claim form

    • Discharge summary signed by the concerned doctor/hospital

    • Medical bills along with the related prescriptions

    • Depending on the pre-hospitalization cover clause in your policy, you will have to submit the OPD expense bills

    • Copy of canceled cheque

    • Any other related document

  • After verification of the filed documents, your insurance provider will either accept/deny your claim request based on your policy terms and coverage

  • If the claim is accepted, the said amount will be disbursed along with the Claim Settlement Letter

  • If the claim is denied for valid reasons, the Claim Rejection Letter will be sent with the stated reasons

Documents Required for Health Insurance Claim Submission

  • Health insurance card or health card issued by the insurer

  • Consultation documents certified by the doctor

  • Duly filled claim application form

  • Investigation and diagnosis reports

  • Medico Legal Certificate and/or FIR (in case of accident)

  • Pharmacy bills along with the prescriptions

  • Discharge papers

  • Any other relevant document

Tips To Remember When Filing Health Insurance Claims

  • When making a claim, make sure that you are informing your insurance provided within 24 hours of hospitalization

  • Upon receiving the policy paperwork, carefully go through the terms and conditions related to your chosen plan including the claim settlement process

  • Every insurance provider follows specific time frames. Make sure you are well-versed with it to avoid any further issues

  • Understand what is covered and excluded in your health insurance.

  • Share a copy of the policy document, health card, and contact details of the insurance provider with your family members and friends. Also, keep them updated on the process to follow in case of emergencies

  • Check the waiting period for claiming on your insurance plan

  • Lastly, make sure you maintain a file of your policy paperwork, medical bills, incurred treatments, and prescriptions for easy availability

To Conclude

Being knowledgeable regarding the health insurance claim process is essential. It is highly advisable to choose an insurance provider that enables an easy claim process and helps you through the entire procedure.

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