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Becoming a parent is not less than a dream come true. However, raising a child is one of the most challenging things that you may ever have to do. It often requires a great deal of patience, because much like your child, you are growing as a parent too.


From early on, parents play a vital role in shaping their child’s social-emotional abilities. Further, as parents, you influence your child’s behaviours. All this depends on your parenting skills. Now, parenting skills are passed on from one generation to another. Therefore, it is your responsibility to make necessary improvements to the skills, so that it helps your child become a better person.


While there are several parenting tips from different experts, which are usually contradicting, we have enlisted a few that are proven to be effective. Here, take a look! 

What are Some Good Parenting Skills?

Every moment you spend with your child is a chance to invest in their upbringing. As parents, the essential quality you need to possess is to spend some quality time with your child. Besides this, some good parenting skills possess the following qualities:

1. Listen to Your Child:

Listening to your child will help you understand them when they are facing some problem. It is important to encourage and have your child know that it is safe for them to open up to you emotionally.

2. Be Honest and Transparent:

After your child has opened up to you (related to a problem or emotional issues), help them understand your feelings and expectations as well. Further, encourage them to share their expectations too. This quality helps nurture trust between you and your child and prevents conflicts in the long run.

3. Help Your Child Solve Their Problems:

In case your child is facing some issues, try to come up with solutions for them. Make sure that you are not imposing your ideas on them and forcing them to follow it. As parents, you should help your child solve his/her problem on their own and provide as much support and guidance as needed.

4. Respect Your Child:

Any healthy relationship is built on trust and mutual respect. While you expect your child to be respectful towards you, make sure that you respect them and their space equally. Share your values and ideals with your child and explain to them your purpose. Leave it upon them whether they want to accept your values or not. Respecting your child and their space will help you earn their trust.

5. Lead by Example:

Children tend to follow what they see around them. Hence, as parents, you need to build an environment for your child that is consistent, positive, and respectful. In case you make any mistake, admit it and take responsibility.

6. Demonstrate and Teach Social Skills:

Just as necessary it is for your child to be respectful towards you, you also have to help them develop their social skills. You need to teach them empathy, politeness, behavioural and emotional control, etc. All this is well absorbed by the children when you, as parents, demonstrate the same in your life.

7. Promote Health and Togetherness:

Encourage your child to take up physical activities or participate in sports. Make sure you are not forcing them into participating in activities. Plus, inculcate healthy eating habits from the very beginning. Treat them with a meal of their choice once every week for following a healthy routine. Also, it is quite helpful to eat at least one meal together as a family, which allows everyone to share their day’s events.


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