22 Apr 2021

While Indian summers call for beach getaways and trips to the Himalayas to escape the heat, what we truly look forward to are the longer and lazier days. But the rise in temperature also brings along health issues such as dehydration, food poisoning, heat stroke, and several other summer diseases. These issues emphasise on the importance of following a proper diet this season. So, here we are with some healthy diet tips that you can follow as summer in India takes over.

Summer Diet Tips

We have enlisted a few summer foods that will help you keep your body cool and maintain high energy levels to keep summer diseases at bay.

  • Curd

Curd is a natural coolant. You can consume it in several ways, such as by making refreshing buttermilk, lassi, or raita. Moreover, it also makes for a yummy dessert during summer. All you have to do is drain the excess water from it using a muslin cloth and add fresh fruits and sugar for taste.

  • Coconut Water

Coconut water possesses cooling properties and several health benefits. Hence, it is an excellent choice during summers as it helps maintain your body temperature and energy. Moreover, coconut water is a well-known remedy for dehydration and various other summer diseases.

  • Watermelon

Eating watermelons during summers is blissful. It is light on your stomach and helps maintain your body temperature. You can eat freshly cut watermelon or drink fresh watermelon juice to keep yourself hydrated during the season. However, ensure that you do not consume pre-cut pieces of the fruit sold at roadside stalls as it could be contaminated.

  • Cucumber

We add cucumber to most of our salad dishes. It is a great source of fibre and water, which keeps your body hydrated and energetic during summertime. Moreover, it helps resolve constipation issues in most people. Cucumber makes for an excellent summer snack for children to munch on when playing in the sun.

  • Mint

Mint is one of the readily available herbs in India. It is inexpensive and very common in Indian households. You can use mint leaves in chutneys, raitas, and various dips. It is also a great companion for refreshing drinks and helps keep your body cool during the season.

  • Onions

Many people don’t know this but onions possess cooling properties. Add it to your salads, daily meals, and chutneys. It helps keep your body temperature cool in summers and is a great remedy for treating heat stroke.

  • Lime Water

One of the most traditional, go-to Indian drinks in summer is nimbu paani or lime water. The drink is not only refreshing but also makes for a healthy summer diet tip. It helps hydrate your body and keep it cool, and is a good home remedy for treating dehydration.

Following these tips will encourage you to have a healthy and happy summer. However, while opting for healthy diet choices, most people tend to make summertime nutrition mistakes. But we got you covered.

Nutrition Mistakes to Avoid in Summer

The season calls for summer flu and various other health threats. However, most summer health issues are due to simple but avoidable mistakes. These include:

  • Drinking Chilled Water After Being Out in the Day

Here’s a childhood summer flashback for some of you. Do you recall your elders stopping you from drinking chilled water after playing in the heat for too long? Well, their concerns were real. Consuming chilled water after a long day in the summer heat can shock your body. It can also result in sore throat or other digestive issues.

  • Consuming Excess Caffeine

Consuming too much coffee or caffeine-based products can dehydrate your body. Most times, it is the primary cause of dehydration during summers.

  • Consuming Sugary Drinks

Sugary drinks are loaded with artificial sweeteners. While it may temporarily increase your energy, in the long run, it causes much harm to the body. Thus, it is recommended to switch to fresh fruit juices in summer as they contain natural sugars.

  • Following Crash Diets

‘Summer body’ is an ongoing trend for years. Under the pressure of getting a perfect summer body, people tend to opt for crash diets, hoping for quick results. However, following such fads only leads to nausea, headaches, and diarrhoea. Hence, it is best to follow a healthy and balanced meal during this season.

  • Avoiding Eggs, Fish, and Chicken

‘Consuming eggs, fish, and chicken increases body heat' - this is a huge misconception that most Indians have. All these food items are rich in protein, making them a great part of a healthy diet. On the other hand, you should reduce portions of fattier meats such as mutton, beef, and pork during summers.

Tips to Keep in Mind During Summer

While you follow a healthy summer diet, there are a few things you need to do to keep yourself safe from summer health issues. These include:

  • Follow Good Personal Hygiene:

It is essential that you and your family maintain good personal hygiene in summers. Since we sweat a lot due to the heat, the chances of acquiring skin infections and other summer diseases increases. Following healthy personal hygiene practices can reduce this risk and keep you safe during the season.

  • Stay Hydrated:

It goes without saying that it is crucial to keep your body hydrated in summer. Make sure you are consuming at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. Plus, make it a point to avoid drinking chilled water as it can harm your health.

  • Consume Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables:

Seasonal fruits and vegetables have their specific health benefits. Summertime is when you consume plenty of mangoes, plums, tomatoes, watermelon, berries, oranges, and celery. These keep your body healthy throughout the season and otherwise.


Following a healthy diet in summer will also keep you away from seasonal health problems. Moreover, you can battle most of the seasonal health issues with effective summer home remedies. However, despite optimum protection, someone is bound to suffer from the wrath of the rising summer heat. If your health worsens, it is best to consult a doctor for full recovery.

Most importantly, it is always best to buy a health insurance policy to protect yourself and your family members against chronic diseases, no matter the season.

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