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What is a Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy?

A group personal accident insurance is a policy purchased for a group of people. This policy is mostly purchased by corporate people. It covers the hefty medical expenses incurred due to accidental injuries or even a death benefit in case the insured dies of an accident. This ensures that the family of the insured receives a sum assured in case their bread earner dies due to an accident. The claims are settled on a priority basis and within a short span of time, the admissible expenses or death benefit is disbursed to the insured/nominee. It is one of the most popular insurance policies among corporations. 


Insurance coverage obtained for a group of people is known as group personal accident insurance. Most business organisations opt for this coverage. It provides death benefits in the event that the insured person dies in an accident, in addition to covering the high medical costs associated with accidental injuries. This guarantees that the insured party's family will get the sum promised in the event that their breadwinner perishes in an accident. The admissible expenditures or death benefit is paid to the insured or nominee quickly once the claims are resolved on a priority basis. It is one of the most frequently used insurance plans among businesses.

How to Buy Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy?

Here are the steps to buy a group personal accident insurance policy online:

  • Click on the Check Plans button mentioned on the top of the page. .

  • Fill out the online application form with your personal details and submit it.

  • A representative from the insurance company will get in touch with you to discuss the various policies available and will initiate the application process.

  • Submit all the necessary documents and pay the insurance premium.

  • Your group personal accident insurance policy will be sent to your registered email ID shortly.

Why is Group Personal Accident Insurance Required?

Employees are an organisation’s greatest asset, and it is the fundamental responsibility of an employer to keep its employees protected. Hence, to fulfil this fundamental responsibility, employers secure their employees with group personal accident insurance to provide financial security to them and their dependents in case of any unforeseen accidents.

Moreover, offering group personal accident insurance acts as an incentive to the employees and shows them that they are valued in the organisation. Hence, it is important for employers to provide group personal accident insurance to their employees.

What are the Features & Benefits of Group Personal Accident Insurance?

Following are the key features and benefits of group personal accident insurance plans available in India:

  • It covers a group of people belonging to the same company or community that has taken the policy.

  • This group or community is created by the employer/owner of the company.

  • The policy acts as an incentive to the employees.

  • It covers the medical and treatment expenses arising in case of accidental death or treatment of the insured.

  • It provides compensation to the dependents in case the insured dies in an accident.

  • It also offers compensation to the dependents in case of permanent total/partial disability of the insured in an accident.

 What is Covered and Not Covered Under Group Personal Accident Insurance?

Typically, the coverage of the personal group accident insurance depends on the type of the plan offered by the employer. Most personal group accident insurance plans cover the following things -

  • Accidental Death:

The policy provides a lump sum benefit to the dependents of the insured if they die in an accident.

  • Permanent Total Disability:

If the accident causes permanent total disability to the insured that continues for over a year, the insurer shall offer compensation as per the sum insured.

  • Permanent Partial Disability:

 If the accident causes permanent partial disability, then the insurer pays 2-60% of the total sum insured amount. However, the benefit is paid if the disablement continues for over a year.

  • Weekly Benefits:

The policy provides weekly benefits to the insured in case of full disablement. However, the said benefit is temporary and compensates for the loss of income incurred due to the accident.

  • Ambulance Cost:

 The policy also covers ambulance charges.

  • Mortal Remains Expenses: 

The policy reimburses the expenses incurred due to the transportation of the insured’s mortal remains to its dependents.

  • Reimbursement of Medical Bills: 

The medical treatment and hospitalisation expenses are also covered under the plan.

  • Education Benefits:

 In case the insured dies in the accident or faces permanent disability, the education costs of the children are covered under the policy.

  • Lifestyle Changes:

 If the permanent partial/total disability leads to lifestyle changes in the insured’s life wherein they need a car for transportation or constant care, the policy covers the said expenses.

While group personal accident insurance policies cover employees during unforeseen risks, such policies do not cover certain aspects. Some of these exclusions are:

  • Self-Inflicted Injuries: 

Suicide or self-inflicted injuries are not covered under such policies.

  • Illegal Activities:

Injuries caused while indulging in any criminal or illegal acts are excluded.

  • Intoxicants:

Injuries caused while being under the influence of intoxicants like alcohol, drugs, etc.

  • Maternity-Related Complications:

Injury or death caused due to childbirth or pregnancy.

  • War-Like Situations:

 Accidents caused due to nuclear weapons, armed forces, etc.

How to Claim Group Personal Accident Insurance?

Here are the steps to file a claim for group personal accident insurance:

  1. Inform your insurance provider about the accident. You can do this by contacting their customer care number or via email.

  2. The insurance provider will then register the claim and ask you (the insured) to fill out the claim form and submit all the necessary documents.

  3. The insurer will then process the claim as per the policy terms.

  4. If the claim is rejected, the insurer will send a rejection letter to you (the insured) or the HR of your organisation.

Documents Required for Group Personal Accident Insurance Claim

If you wish to file a death claim under a group personal accident insurance plan, you will need the following documents:

  • Insurance claim form

  • Copy of the Police FIR

  • The post-mortem report of the insured

  • Death Certificate 

  • A succession certificate or notarized affidavit certifying the legal inheritor status

  • A letter from the organisation’s HR

If you wish to file a disablement claim under a group personal accident insurance plan, you will need the following documents:

  • Insurance claim form

  • Copy of the Police FIR

  • Necessary medical reports

  • Disability certificate from a reputed doctor or a government office (in case of permanent disability)

  • A statement provided by the attending doctor

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FAQs on Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy

✔️Can I avail any tax benefits with group personal accident insurance?

No. Unlike life and health insurance plans, the insured individual cannot avail any tax benefits with a group personal accident insurance policy.

✔️Can I file a claim under group personal accident insurance if I meet with an accident while travelling abroad for business?

Most group accident policies offer coverage worldwide. Hence, the insurer may cover the expenses incurred if you meet with an accident while travelling abroad for business based on the policy terms.

✔️Is a pre-policy medical check-up necessary for group personal accident insurance?

No, a pre-policy medical check-up is not required to get a group personal accident insurance plan as such plans are not associated with any health conditions.

✔️Are all types of injuries covered under group personal accident insurance plans?

 No. These plans only cover accidental injuries or death.

✔️Can a claim be filed under a group personal accident insurance plan in case of natural death?

No. Group personal accident insurance plans only cover accidental death or injuries.