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24 feb 2022

What are Almonds and its Benefits?

The almond is a nut, or a dry fruit, calorie-dense in nature, and filled with nutritional elements. Most of the fat in almonds is of the monounsaturated type. Almonds are purchased raw, salted, unsalted and roasted. Used as a key ingredient in cuisines around the world, crushed, it also acts as a thickening agent in food. Almonds’ benefits can be noticed in terms of overall health improvements for your skin, hair and general functioning. .


Almonds are versatile and can be consumed in different ways and cuisines. They act as primary ingredients in some recipes, and you get a lot of nutrition when you consume almonds. The nutrients in almonds have many positive health effects, keeping medical risks at bay. Furthermore, almonds can be included in many delicious recipes, like almond milk. Almond milk benefits you due to the complete nutrition of this dry fruit, and is absorbed well by the body. People also make almond butter, and have roasted almonds, free of salt. Almonds may be rich in calories but a few a day are healthy to snack on.

All About Almonds’ Nutritional Value

Just like most dry fruits and nuts, almonds can provide a huge amount of nutritive value to the human body. This nut can either be consumed, or you can use products with almonds as the main ingredient. Almond oil is valuable for skin and hair. It's important to assess the nutrition that almonds provide, in order to know how their consumption can help you. The table below shows the nutritive value in 28 gms of almonds (24 unsalted almonds):




164 calories


14.2 gm


3.5 gm


6 gm


1.2 gm

In addition to the above, there are 6.1 gms carbohydrates in 28 gm of almonds. Furthermore, almonds have a significant amount of calcium and a huge amount of Vitamin E too.

Important Micronutrients and Macronutrients in Almonds

If you have almonds regularly, their benefits for skin and other health advantages will give you a new lease of life. Almonds contain important nutrients, in terms of fat, vitamins and minerals and plant compounds that are essential for health. The benefits of almonds for hair and other areas of the body are widely acknowledged. The nutrients are mentioned and explained below:

  • Fat

Almonds, while being overall nutritious nuts, contain a huge amount of fat. However, most of this is monounsaturated fat, with the properties that keep your heart health safe. It's important to note, nonetheless, that in 28 gm of almonds, you will find about 14 gm of fat. In case you think of almonds for weight loss, you may incorporate them in your diet plan, but limit their intake to around a small handful.

  • Minerals and Vitamins

Almonds are particularly rich in Vitamin E, and are generally healthy for great skin and hair. Almonds are also a good source of calcium and iron. Calcium is good for your teeth and bones, and iron produces hormones and gets oxygen into your muscles.

  • Plant Compounds

Almonds have plant compounds (polyphenols) within their skin. These are flavonols, hydroxybenzoic acids and flavonnes. These are also found in many fruits and vegetables. They aid in digestion, are a good source of antioxidants and provide commercial use as dietary supplements. When you consume almonds, vitamins and plant compounds combine to give you a superfood that is generally good for your health.

Health Benefits of Almonds

Although almonds are naturally fatty, having few per day can have many advantages and see you through a life of good health.

Here are some of the health benefits of almonds:

  • Antioxidant Value

Almonds are rich in several antioxidants, stimulating the growth and rejuvenation of cells in the body. High in phytic acid, almonds protect you from inflammation and ageing processes.

  • Loaded with Vitamins

Almonds are rich in vitamins, mainly calcium and Vitamin E. Vitamin E is said to be great to boost hair growth and skin health. Almonds come with benefits for men too. These include the positive development of reproductive health and an increase in libido.

  • Control of Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure

High in healthy fat, fibre and protein, almonds control diabetes and magnesium in almonds goes a long way in the management of blood sugar. Magnesium also controls blood pressure levels in your body, thereby avoiding the incidence of heart attacks.

  • Cholesterol Management

Almonds effectively reduce bad cholesterol or LDL. Consequently, heart disease risk is lowered.

  • Prevention of Harmful Oxidation

Vitamin E protects the body against the harmful effects of oxidation. As a result, potential heart issues are prevented, plus this prevents cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Reduces Calorie Intake

Since almonds are nutrient-dense and filling, they help you keep full and in turn, you tend to eat less or not too often. This ultimately leads to weight loss.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, eating almonds guarantees you certain health benefits and with a good exercise regimen, you will be successful at keeping illness away. Nonetheless, you cannot tell when a disease strikes and hence, you must have some security against health problems. This is why mindful eating, regular health checks and finally, financial security helps you. In this regard, you can avail superior health insurance at Bajaj Markets and explore plans that suit you. 

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