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Eggs and their Benefits!

When it comes to the benefits of eating eggs, most people can clearly remember the popular pro-egg campaign jingle that urged us to consume eggs daily. And today, some consider it to be a superfood as eggs are one of the richest sources of proteins, loaded with minerals and vitamins. It’s also a versatile and crucial ingredient in cooking and baking. Containing nine essential amino acids that aren’t produced by the human body, eggs provide you with nutrients such as phosphorus, selenium, vitamin A, vitamin B12, B2 and B5.

Health Benefits of Eggs

Egg yolk benefits can vary from the egg white benefits. Let us have a look at some of them below:

  • Improves Good Cholesterol

Consuming eggs can increase the levels of HDL (high-density lipoprotein), also called, the good cholesterol. Increasing the levels of good cholesterol in your body can also boost your overall cardiac health.

  • Builds Cell Membranes

Eggs are rich in choline which is a water-soluble vitamin. This vitamin, along with vitamin B helps in building cell membranes in your body.

  • Maintains Eyesight

The nutrients in eggs, especially from the egg yolk, can contain great amounts of both zeaxanthins as well as lutein. Both of them are antioxidants that help maintain eye health. They also reduce the risk of macular degeneration and cataract.

  • Reduces Triglycerides

It is a rule of thumb that a lower amount of triglycerides are better for overall well being. Regularly consuming eggs can reduce the triglyceride level of your body as a whole.

  • Helps Reduce Weight

Many people use eggs for weight loss diet as eggs help with portion control and weight loss. The proteins in eggs along with other essential nutrients ensure that you have a balanced meal.

  • Improves Cardiac Health

Consuming eggs on a regular basis can improve your heart health to a great extent. So, ensure to include eggs in your diet as part of any meal.

  • Helps Build Muscles

Being one of the purest and richest forms of protein, eggs are the go-to food source to build muscles and repair body tissues. It is one of the main benefits of eggs for men as many of them aim to develop their muscles.

  • Improves Skin

The benefits of eating eggs daily for the skin are great as the vitamins and minerals present in eggs can boost skin health.

  • Maintains Weight

One of the key boiled egg advantages is that it provides nutrition as well as helps maintain weight.

  • Improves Immunity

Eggs’ nutritional benefits are incredible with respect to immunity where selenium, vitamin A and B12 are crucial for maintaining immune health.

  • Helps During Pregnancy

One of the most important benefits of eating eggs is the presence of folic acid in eggs which help prevent congenital disabilities in the foetus.

  • Source Essential Fats

Eggs are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids which assists with vision and brain function. If you do not consume fish, you can easily add eggs to your diet to get your daily dose of the essential fats!

Adverse Effects of Eating Eggs

Yes, we did just tell you that eggs provide you with all kinds of benefits. But overeating any food item can have adverse effects such as:

  • Might Experience Bloating

Overdoing anything, including too many eggs a day, can be an issue especially if you have a sensitivity to eggs. Such individuals may experience an upset stomach, bloating or some abdominal pain.

  • Risk to Your Heart

Doctors recommend that people with a risk of cardiovascular disease should keep a tab on the egg yolks while consuming eggs. Some studies have also shown that eating eggs can lead to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

  • Increased Cholesterol Levels

An average-sized egg has 200 mg of cholesterol which is more than half of the recommended 300 mg intake limit. Studies have reported that the risk of mortality increased by up to 24% for every 300 mg intake of dietary cholesterol.

Home Remedies Using Eggs

To get the most from the staple food item, you must try these easy home remedies!

  • Promotes Hair Growth

Though there isn’t much research to back this up, sulphur which is a vital component of hair is present in egg yolk. So, to stimulate hair growth, you can create a hair mask by mixing whole eggs and a few drops of lemon juice. Beat the mixture until frothy and leave it on for at least 20 minutes to get that silky finish!

  • Moisturises the Hair

The egg whites are known to moisturise your hair and make them soft as it’s high in vitamins and proteins. Many also use the egg whites to remove any buildup on the hair and as a clarifier. To enhance your hair’s softness and ensure it’s moisturised, you can directly apply half a cup of egg whites to clean and damp hair. Moreover, you could also use egg yolks to moisturise damaged and dry hair.

  • Nourishes the Skin

As egg whites are rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins, it is often used to make a facemask to nourish the facial skin. Many also claim that egg whites help tighten the skin and provide a glow. If you have acne-prone skin, you can use egg whites with honey and lemon juice to make a facemask. In the case of dry skin, egg whites with yoghurt and the goodness of avocado are a great combination!

Wrapping it Up!

Now that you are aware of the eggs benefits and side effects of overeating, ensure to include them in your diet in moderation. While there are several sources to meet your protein needs, eggs are the richest sources loaded with yumminess as well. But eating healthy doesn’t always reduce the chances of medical issues in the long term. With health insurance, you can gain protection against rising healthcare costs and make sure you have access to the right medical facility.

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FAQs related to Health Benefits of Egg

  • ✔️What is the egg weight loss diet?

    Using eggs as a primary source of protein and other essential vitamins and minerals is considered to be a high-egg diet that helps with weight loss. 

  • ✔️Can eggs help build muscles?

    Yes. Eggs are a rich source of protein and are a great source of nutrition for muscles.

  • ✔️Can eggs improve cardiac health?

    Yes, when consumed in recommended and moderate amounts, eggs can improve cardiac health. 

  • ✔️How many eggs should I eat a day?

    It is recommended to eat 3 whole eggs a day.

  • ✔️What happens if I eat too many eggs?

    Consuming more than 3 whole eggs a day can increase the levels of cholesterol in your body and lead to heart disease.