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No Room Rent Capping | No Medical Check-up up to 55yrs | Tax Benefit up to 75k | Buy Health Insurance starting @ ₹244 pm

Vitamins are one of the most essential micronutrients that nourish the body, boost immunity, ensure proper cell function and perform many other critical tasks. Vitamin deficiency weakens the immune response which makes the body vulnerable to a wide range of diseases and ailments. Vitamins help in maintaining the luster of skin, rejuvenation of old cells and repairing abrasions and wounds. For a healthy skin, there’s no alternative to regular intake of vitamins.

Lack of Vitamins and its Impact on your Skin

Vitamin A C, D, E, K, B3 are generally considered good for a healthy, glowing skin. Vitamin D is abundant in sunlight. Merely going out in the early morning for a few minutes means the skin has absorbed the Vitamins. However, overexposure to sunlight with a protective sunscreen is harmful due to UV rays.

For a smooth and healthy skin, it's important to watch your diet and increase the daily vitamin intake, if necessary. Lack of vitamins leads to wrinkles, skin dryness, excessive redness, discoloration and rough, dark patches. Essential vitamins for skin and hair keep them smooth and radiant. These days, vital skin vitamins are also available in the form of nutritional supplements and skin care cosmetics. Those who are unable to meet their daily vitamin requirement via diet should consult a doctor regarding the use of supplements. Cosmetics can be used if there's some problem.

List of important vitamins for skin and their benefits & Sources

Vitamins are essential for skin as they help reduce dryness, rejuvenate skin cells and help maintain a glowing and healthy skin. These are the best vitamins for skin.




Vitamin A

Slows cell ageing.

Reduces collagen damage to skin and can prevent sunburn.

Ideal ingredient in skin products like anti-acne creams and moisturizers.

Green vegetables, dairy products, carrots, fish, cod liver oil, cereals and citrus fruits like oranges

Vitamin D

When body absorbs sunlight, cholesterol is converted to Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is essential for the maintenance and repair of cells. It also regulates skin tone.

For the treatment of Psoriasis, an inflammatory skin disease, a Vitamin D supplement called Calcitriol is increasingly being used

Sunlight, yogurt, cereals, eggs, cheese and fish like tuna and cod.

Vitamin C

Boost’s collagen production and keeps skin healthy.

Reduces skin damage and helps in the quick healing of wounds and cuts.

Collagen synthesis plays a key role in warding premature ageing.

Prevents wrinkles, dry spots and repairs rough, dry skin.

Citrus fruits like oranges, gooseberry, strawberry and lemon. Vitamin C oral supplements are pretty common and readily available.

Vitamin E

Powerful antioxidant that protects the skin against sun damage.

Absorbs harmful UV rays and minimizes the damage caused.

Reduces wrinkles and dark spots.

Guards against skin inflammation.

Helps nourish skin and to prevent dryness.

keeps the skin moisturized and smooth.

Nuts, seeds, and dry fruits like almonds

Vitamin K

Heals wounds, cuts, abrasions etc.

Regulates blood clotting.

Reduces dark circles, dark patches, scars, spider veins and stretch marks.

Spinach, lettuce, beans, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli

Vitamin B3

Reduces visible signs of ageing.

Boosts skin function and smoothness.

Anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce dark spots and acne.

Repairs skin cells.

Provides nourishment by keeping the skin moisturized and soft.

Seeds, nuts, green vegetables, poultry, fish and red meat

Why Healthy Eating is Essential for Your Skin

Key to a healthy, smooth skin is regular intake of vitamins and other essential nutrients that can only be met through a balanced diet. A lot of bodily ailments and disorders are triggered due to unhealthy eating habits. That's why to maintain good health and a glowing skin, it's essential to watch your diet. Regular consumption of fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin A, C, D, E etc. maintain collagen production in the skin that helps in anti-ageing. Vitamins also have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce wrinkles, dark spots, bruises, cuts etc. They also boost the regeneration of skin cells, prevent damage due to UV rays and keep the skin hydrated. For good skin health, Vitamins are simply irreplaceable.

Tips to Maintain Good Skin

  1. Eat a balanced diet rich in all the Vitamins and micronutrients. Take supplements and skincare products, if the need arises.

  2. While venturing out in sunlight, wear light-colored clothes and apply a sunscreen that can block UV rays.

  3. Keep the skin clean using a wet towel and shower regularly.

  4. Get ample rest and proper sleep.

  5. Reduce consuming substances like alcohol that cause dehydration.

  6. Keep the skin moisturized. In case of dry skin, use a moisturizing cream regularly.

  7. In case of any skin disorder, consult a doctor.

In a nutshell

A wide range of skin conditions from rashes, redness, dryness, roughness, dark circles, inflammation and cuts, can be reduced greatly by regular intake of Vitamins. Vitamins are vital nutrients that act as building blocks of the body, ensure proper cellular functions, maintain metabolism and replenish the skin. Skin disorders can arise in case of vitamin deficiency, that’s why it’s important to consume a healthy, balanced diet and take supplements fortified with vitamins. Nothing can replace vitamins for glowing skin. Having said that, the risk of unforeseen medical conditions cannot be ignored. And, medical treatments mean hefty expenses, which is why getting insured is no more a choice. If you are looking for a health insurance plan, Finserv MARKETS can be the right platform for you, with multiple options to choose from.

Health Insurance Plans Available at Finserv MARKETS