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18 Jan 2022

Black Sesame Seeds

Black sesame seeds have long been a rich source of fibers and proteins while providing us with as few calories as possible. Add to this the various black sesame seeds benefits for skin and black sesame seeds benefits for hair, and it becomes easy to see why individuals value fibre-rich food to such a degree.


In this article, let’s take a look at the various black sesame seeds benefits whilst also the benefits of the vitamins and minerals it contains.

Nutritional Facts of black sesame seeds


Content in Sesame seed




3 Grams


9 grams


4 grams


2 grams


18% of the daily value


16% of the daily value


11% of the daily value


83% of the daily value


22% of the daily value


15% of the Daily value


9% of the daily value

Saturated Fats

1 gram

Detailed Explanation of important Macro & Micronutrients

We have broken down the black sesame seeds nutritional value, though this information about its macro and micronutrients is relatively redundant if one does not understand what each macro and micronutrient is. Therefore, let’s take a look at a detailed explanation of the essential micro and macronutrients in black sesame seeds.

1. Fiber.

Fibre allows for a multitude of the black sesame health benefits that we have, as they increasingly help in the development of a healthy and robust digestive system. Studies have also surfaced which claim that fibers can aid in the fight against type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

2. Vitamins.

The two primary components that are responsible for the various black sesame seeds health benefits we get are Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E. While vitamin B6 aids in increasing our mood and developing our metabolism, Vitamin E is good for our skin and eyes.

3. Plant Compounds.

Sesame seeds have a number of plant compounds that increase their nutritional value. The two primary plant compounds in black sesame seeds are phytosterols and lignans, both of which aid in the reduction of the effects of high cholesterol.

4. Minerals.

The Black sesame seeds nutritional value is in part due to the fact that it contains so many minerals. Such as zinc, selenium, copper, and iron, each of which has its own benefits for us. Zinc, for instance, is good for our immune system because it activates certain WBCs.

Health Benefits of black sesame seeds

1. Good for oxidative stress.

One of the biggest black sesame seed benefits is that it is good for those who have to live with a chronic disease that causes oxidative stress. Oxidative stress can be caused by many other illnesses, though black sesame seeds can help in alleviating this stress regardless of its source.


Studies showed that those who have had arthritis experienced inflammation levels that were significantly lower upon consuming black sesame seeds on a regular basis (40 grams of black sesame seed powder two times over the course of the day, for two months).

2. Good for Insulin resistance.

The black sesame seeds advantages are far and plenty, and can even help with insulin resistance. A study shows that consuming between 0.5 to 0.9ml worth of black sesame seed extract has been shown to increase insulin resistance.

3. Help against obesity.

Due to the multitude of macronutrients that black sesame seeds have, they can be extremely effective in preventing obesity, where an individual’s weight and fat interferes with their life and bodily processes.

4. Promote stronger bones.

black sesame seeds' nutritional value includes the fact that it has multiple contents that are good for bone health such as Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese and Zinc. Not only are you eating black sesame seeds for weight loss of the high black sesame seeds nutritional value, but also in order to possibly strengthen your bones.

5. Can help control blood sugar levels.

Another one of the black sesame seeds benefits is that they are high in protein yet low in carbs, allowing you to control your blood sugar better, as they have a minimal effect on it. Additionally, the black sesame seeds advantages also include the fact that it contains a compound Pinoresinol, which aids in the regulation of blood sugar through the process of inhibiting the work of maltase, a digestive enzyme.

6. Help lower cholesterol

Black sesame seeds for weight loss have been widely used and for good reason. Studies show that daily consumption of fibre rich food can help reduce high cholesterol and triglycerides, adding to the list of black sesame seeds advantages.

7. Reduces Hunger and Lowers Your Overall Calorie Intake

Due to being a food that is high in fibre content, and with the black sesame seeds nutrition benefits being paramount, they can help reduce how often you feel hungry, ensuring you do not overeat.


The black sesame seeds health benefits, black sesame seeds benefits for skin and even black sesame seeds oil benefits are abundant. Due to being low in carbs, high in protein and fibers, not only do they facilitate weight loss, but also have the ability to prevent unhealthy weight gain in the future. Much like getting yourself a health insurance plan, sesame seeds are a good investment to make today in your future health. 

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