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About Calories in Capsicum

Also called bell pepper, capsicum belongs to the nightshade family. This vegetable can be eaten in its raw form or can be cooked. The number of calories contained within one medium sized capsicum amounts to 31.

Nutrition Facts About Capsicum

Capsicums are a good source of nutrients and have ample amounts of vitamin C along with other antioxidants. In their raw form, capsicums are primarily made up of water. Examine the table provided below in order to understand the nutrient profile and calories found within 100 grams of capsicum.

Nutrients in 100 grams of Capsicum


Capsicum calories 100g





6 grams


1 gram


4.2 grams


2.1 grams


0.3 grams

How Many Calories Does Capsicum Have? 

Understanding the number of calories found within the food you consume on a daily basis is an important aspect of leading a healthy lifestyle. Consider the table mentioned below in order to understand the calories found in varied servings of capsicum.

Capsicum Portion Size


1 capsicum calories (45 grams)


100 grams of capsicum


1 lb of capsicum


Calories in Common Food Items with Capsicum

There are several different dishes that utilize capsicum as has been made clear in the table below which makes clear the number of calories they contain. 

Dish Containing Capsicum and Serving Size


Capsicum cheese toast (1 slice)


Shimla mirch calories (1 tablespoon)


Capsicum chutney (1 tablespoon)


Capsicum salan (1 bowl)


Stir fry mushrooms with capsicums (156 grams)


Cabbage stir fry (1 serving)


Health Benefits of Eating Capsicum

Provided you consume capsicum on a regular basis, you stand to benefit from the health benefits it provides. Some of the most beneficial aspects of a capsicum-based diet have been looked at below.

Good for your Vision

Capsicums contain a ton of lutein and zeaxanthin which are carotenoids that help improve eye health provided they are consumed in adequate amounts. These carotenoids help protect your retina against oxidative damage.

Helps Prevent Anaemia

Capsicums are a good source of iron and have a ton of Vitamin C which helps increase the amount of iron that your gut absorbs. By consuming plenty of capsicums you can avoid developing an iron deficiency which is one of the leading causes of anaemia.  

Capsicums Help Burn Calories

Capsicums help foster thermogenesis and increase your body’s rate of metabolism. They create a mild thermogenic action that increases your metabolism without impacting your heart rate or blood pressure thereby helping with weight loss.  

Rich in Antioxidants

Capsicums contain a ton of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients which are particularly useful in keeping cancer at bay as they help your body fight the free radicals that cause cell damage.

How Many Capsicums Should You Consume Every Day?          

Capsicums can be safely consumed each day provided the quantities consumed are moderate. As per the USDA, a single serving of a raw capsicum or bell pepper amounts to 100 grams.  


You can add to your healthy diet by including capsicum-based dishes to it. A healthy diet is a big step towards leading a healthy lifestyle. This lifestyle is often sought after as it helps maintain one’s BMI and BMR level which in turn help with weight management. These indexes and weight also happen to be important in the event that you wish to purchase a health insurance policy. Insurance providers tend to provide obese individuals with minimal coverage for a high premium as they are the most likely to suffer from health complications. Therefore, by maintaining your BMI and BMR you can be eligible for a good health insurance policy that provides you with ample coverage while charging you a reasonable premium.

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FAQs on Calories in Capsicum

  • ✔️What quantity of capsicum should I consume each day?

    You can safely consume 100 grams of capsicum in a single day. 

  • ✔️ How many calories are present in 100 grams of capsicums?

    100 grams of capsicums contain 26 calories.

  • ✔️Briefly mention some health benefits of capsicums.

    The health benefits associated with the regular consumption of capsicums are as follows. 

    • Good for your vision

    • Helps prevent anaemia

    • Capsicums help with weight loss

    They are a rich source of antioxidants

  • ✔️What is a good resource to learn about the calorie profile of capsicums?

    Bajaj MARKETS serves as a good resource to learn about the calorie profile of capsicums.


  • ✔️Mention some dishes that contain capsicums.

    The following dishes contain capsicums. 

    • Capsicum cheese toast 

    • Shimla mirch calories 

    • Capsicum chutney 

    • Capsicum salan 

    • Stir fry mushrooms with capsicums

    • Cabbage stir fry