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19 Oct 2021

About Calories in Honey

Honey is a liquid prepared by bees using nectar from the flowers. People throughout the world have been vocal about their preference for honey. Honey was even used in ancient times as a treatment for almost everything- right from healing wounds, keeping gums healthy to keeping the gastro-intestinal tract strong. It may even be the oldest sweetener known to humankind.


There are hundreds of different honey types such as clover, acacia, or manuka, based on the botanical origin. Furthermore, honey is available in raw or pasteurized form and is diversified according to the colour grades.


Honey vs sugar has been an ongoing debate for quite a long time now! Since honey is extracted from a natural source, it is generally put on a higher pedestal. Now, the real deal-breaking question is, are the calories in honey less than that of sugar and is it a healthier alternative? Before we answer this not-so-sweet question, let us look at the nutritional facts of honey so that you can judge it for yourself.

How Many Calories Does Honey Have?

As we talk about the nutritional facts in honey, our focus must be on the fact that season, processing techniques, growth conditions, and varieties of flower nectar, all of these can influence the nutritional composition of honey. Yet, broadly, the nutritional constituents of honey are carbohydrates (simple sugars: fructose and glucose), water, very small amounts of protein, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes and polyphenols. Let us look at the calories in honey based on the proportions/servings:

1 tablespoon honey calories (20g)

64 calories

1 teaspoon honey calories

12 calories

1 spoon honey calories

84 calories

Calories in Common Food Items with Honey

The general consumption of honey is in the raw form or as a replacement of sugar in recipes. Even when replacing sugar with raw honey, the calories in the food remain almost the same. Now, the reason why honey can be a good replacement for sugar is the fact that it is sweeter than sugar when taken in equal amounts. What does this mean? The sweetness that honey can give with 20g is equal to the sweetness offered in 25-30g of sugar - that is where you can save those extra calories. Let us look at some of the common food items with honey and the calorie content in them:

Calories in honey milk

137 calories

Calories in honey pancake (1 serving)

93 calories

Calories in honey and lemon drink

131 calories

Health Benefits of Honey

Honey has found its way to various sectors, from beauty and skincare to medicines. It is known to serve different purposes for everyone. The main area of its interest for the majority of people is in the health sector. Is honey good for your health? Does it help in weight loss? Can it treat diseases?


Let us address them one by one as we discuss the health benefits of honey in detail.


  1. Presence of nutrients and antioxidants

  2. Though the calories in honey are found to be similar to those in sugar, honey does contain some traces of proteins, antioxidants, iron, zinc, and other minor nutrients. But, you would have to consume honey in pounds to fulfil your body requirements.


  3. Cough relief

  4. This might be the first benefit that popped up in your head when talking about honey. Honey is a home remedy for dry cough as its sweetness and texture soothe the throat. People have been relying on this method for ages.


    Since honey has been a household staple for years, people have always been inclined to it.

How Much Honey Should You Consume Every Day?

Let’s not assume that since honey is ‘thought’ to be healthier than sugar, you can have it as much as you want! As discussed earlier, it is still high in sugar content and the amount of calories in honey is similar to that in white sugar. Having honey in moderation is a smart choice since there is no recommended daily intake of honey.


From a nutritional point of view, unlike what we think, honey is similar to white sugar. It is just that it contains certain antioxidants, protein, and enzymes, which makes us think that it is a healthier alternative. In actuality, the extra elements in honey are less than 1% of the required body intake. In short, if you want to have the benefits of those extra elements in honey, you need to have pounds of it DAILY! So, moderation is advised with regard to honey consumption.


Taking good care of yourself and your health begins with your diet and focusing on your BMI and BMR to stay healthy and to keep calories in check. But, you must be prepared for all situations. This is where health insurance policies can help you. Ensure that you get one to be prepared for the uncertainties.

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