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Health Insurance for Newborn

The birth of a child is an extremely precious moment in a parent’s life and thus, it shouldn’t be tainted by financial worries. While you experience the immense joy of holding the little one in your arms, you can feel the sense of increased responsibility on your shoulders.


Raising a child is by no means a simple task and thus, you must have a strong financial plan to secure your newborn’s future needs. One way of ensuring your precious one gets the best medical care is by opting for a suitable health insurance plan for your newborn. So, let’s first understand why you need insurance for your child.

Why do you Need Health Insurance for Newborns?

Your precious one cannot be covered under your individual health insurance policy as it’s meant to only cover a single individual. So, during the birth of your little one, the last thing on your mind should be the increasing healthcare costs. However, insurance providers in India offer medical insurance for infants under the family health insurance plan. Infants who have completed 90 days since birth can be secured under newborn health insurance coverage without any trouble!


With infant health insurance, any expenses arising from hospitalisation, vaccination or other medical requirements are covered by the insurer. So, you can rest assured when it comes to your child and enjoy spending time with them instead of being concerned about your finances.

Benefits of Health Insurance for Newborns

Let’s understand some advantages of opting for the best health insurance for newborns only:


  • Offers Comprehensive Health Coverage

Buying infant health insurance can get your newborn comprehensive health coverage. Right from pre and post hospitalisation costs and daycare treatment to ambulance cover, your health insurance has got it all! On completing 90 days after birth, your little one can avail health insurance for infants.


  • Provides Cashless Facility

The best part of having insurance is the availability of a cashless facility where you can seek treatment without paying a dime. To ensure your newborn gets the needed medical care, you can go to any of the network hospitals associated with your insurance provider and avail cashless hospitalisation.


  • Avail No Claim Bonus

In case you do not make any health insurance claims for your newborn, you can avail a discount on your renewal premium. This is termed as No Claim Bonus or NCB where the insurance provider rewards you for making zero claims throughout the policy term.


  • Get Tax Benefits

The premiums paid towards securing health insurance for infants can be claimed under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Therefore, you not only end up safeguarding your little one but also save money on taxes!


  • Enjoy Peace of Mind

Welcoming a new member into the family is the most precious moment. However, it can be worrisome in case you do not have the right insurance coverage. By opting for suitable health insurance for your newborn, you can enjoy peace of mind when it comes to healthcare expenses.

Documents Required to get Newborn Health Insurance

You can keep the below-mentioned documents ready while opting for health insurance for newborns only:


  • Birth certificate of the child

  • Maternity discharge card

  • Health report of the baby (if any)

  • Copy of the cashless health card

  • Any other document specified by your insurance company

Risks Associated With Not Having Medical Insurance for Newborns

It is a relief to have health insurance as a backup in case of any complications or other medical requirements. So, here are some risks of not having a sufficient newborn health insurance plan that you should consider:


  • If you do not opt for medical insurance for infants, you might have to bear the financial brunt of paying for the postnatal expenses.

  • Apart from the newborn treatment cost, the emotional strain of facing any health complications during delivery can be another worry. However, health insurance shall secure this risk with the right medical care in no time!

  • With health insurance for newborns, you can ensure your precious one gets timely medical attention in case of immediate hospitalisation.

How Many Members can be Included in Newborn Health Insurance?

The infant is offered coverage under the existing family health insurance policy by adding the baby to the plan. Other family members can also be covered under the family floater policy. However, you must note that the entire sum insured amount is shared by all the policyholders. Hence, you must opt for sufficient coverage and include your child in the newborn medical insurance at the earliest.

Factors to Consider While Opting for Health Insurance for Newborns

Before choosing health insurance for your new born, you must consider the following aspects to get a suitable policy:


  • Premium Quote

A few insurers offer coverage to the newborn within the existing policy. However, many others would request you to pay an additional premium for the same coverage. Thus, look for a health insurance plan that extends coverage to your newborn baby when the time comes.

  • Health Coverage

If the insurer offers coverage to your baby, understand the scope of coverage available under the plan. Some insurance companies provide covers for vaccination or illnesses for better protection. Furthermore, ensure to gain complete knowledge about the type of expenses covered as it will help you decide the sum insured required for maximum coverage.

  • Policy Upgradation After 90 Days

Check whether the health insurance plan that covers your newborn has a waiting period or not. At times, certain insurers offer coverage to the newborn post 90 days from birth. To protect your child against any medical risks, choose health insurance for infants that covers your newborn at the earliest.

  • Customisation

It is recommended to opt for an insurer that enables you to personalise your health insurance plan in the future. This will allow you to customise the policy to fulfil your family’s medical needs when and as they arise.

  • Exclusions

Every insurance policy has a set of exclusions that aren’t covered under the plan. Thus, it is crucial to go through the terms and conditions of your plan and read the policy document carefully before purchasing it.

  • Co-Payment Clause

Some medical insurance plans for newborns may come with a co-payment clause where you must pay a certain amount during claim settlement. As this amount goes from your own pocket, confirm if your policy has any such clause.

How to Add a Newborn to Your Family Health Insurance?

You can add your newborn to the family health insurance plan to cover any expenses related to early vaccination and postnatal care. The minimum age requirement to add your little one to the plan is 90 days. However, some insurers may offer coverage from day one as well. All you have to do to add your newborn is:


Step 1: Fill up the application form to add a new member to the insurance plan.

Step 2: Submit the necessary documents to your insurance provider.

Step 3: The insurer will calculate the new premium rate after including the newborn in the plan.


Depending on the health of the baby, it is likely that the premiums for the family might remain unchanged.

To Sum it up!

A comprehensive family health insurance plan is the need of the hour, especially if you are planning to start a family any time soon. Due to uncertain times, it is best to have health insurance to financially safeguard yourself against rising healthcare costs! Estimate your premium price with our health insurance premium calculator now!


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FAQs on Health Insurance for Newborn

✔️What is included under the medical insurance plan for newborns?

The health insurance plan for newbor   ns covers pre- and post-hospitalisation expenses, vaccination cover, daycare procedures, ambulance cover, etc. Depending on your insurance provider, the coverage features can vary.

✔️Can I get health insurance for my baby from day one since birth?

Yes, many insurance providers offer health insurance coverage to the newborn since day one but this can differ from one insurer to another.

✔️Will my health insurance premium change on adding a newborn to my health insurance plan?

You may have to pay an additional amount of premium as the insurer will recalculate the insurance premium on adding a newborn to a health insurance plan. However, it is recommended to check with your insurance provider to plan your health coverage better.

✔️What is the waiting period in newborn insurance coverage?

The waiting period is the specified duration when no claims are admissible. Thus, you cannot raise a claim until the waiting period is over. This duration can vary from one insurer to another. Hence, it is crucial to know the waiting period for your insurance plan.

✔️What is the eligibility criteria to get medical insurance for newborns?

The eligibility criteria applicable to get medical insurance for newborns is that the child should be 90-days-old and must be born during the policy tenor. By fulfilling this criterion, you can get coverage under infant health insurance plans for your baby.    

✔️Can I opt for health insurance for my newborn from day one since birth?

Yes, numerous insurance providers offer health insurance coverage to the newborn since day one but this can differ from one insurer to another.