How to Cure Acidity at Home?

Some home remedies for acidity include the consumption of coconut water, cold milk, watermelon juice, and buttermilk which soothe the digestive system from the burning sensation and pain caused due to acidity. Other natural treatments can be the use of jaggery, ginger, or basil leaves that you could either chew or mix in your tea. For more such natural home remedies, causes, and preventive actions to control acidity continue reading this article.

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Treat Acidity At Home

We often wonder what acidity exactly entails. In medical terms, acidity is also known as acid reflux, and is a condition wherein the stomach acid flows back into the food pipe. It is characterised by heartburn and the pain is felt in the lower chest area. A common symptom of acidity is a burning sensation in the chest or pain.

You don’t need complex medical treatments to deal with acidity. In fact, there are several home remedies for acid reflux that can help you relieve the distress it causes. In this section, we have discussed how you can get instant relief from acidity at home. However, before that, how about we understand acidity causes in detail.

What Causes Acidity?

Some of the common triggers that lead to acid reflux are as follows:

  • Wrong Dietary Habits:

Habits such as long gaps between meals, skipping meals, overeating, eating just before a nap, eating spicy foods, high consumption of sodium, and low intake of fibre-rich foods can result in acidity.

  • High Consumption of Certain Food:

Junk foods such as pizza, burgers, noodles, doughnuts, and other fried foods can result in acid reflux. Also, excessive intake of carbonated beverages as well as tea and coffee can cause acidity.

  • Side-Effect of Medications:

Acidity can also be triggered by certain medications prescribed for high blood pressuredepression, or anxiety. Anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics can also cause acidity.

  • Acidity Induced due to Medical Conditions:

Acidity is a common problem if you are suffering from pre-existing medical ailments like diabetesobesity, asthma, hypertension, and so on. Pregnant women can also suffer from acidity.

  • Miscellaneous Causes:

If you drink or smoke, have a sedentary lifestyle, or live in constant stress, it can result in acidity. Lack of proper sleeping habits can also cause acid reflux problems.

10 Home Remedies for Acidity

Here are some helpful stomach burning home remedies to get instant relief from acid reflux or acidity.

  • Coconut Water

The foremost among the list of home remedies for heartburn is coconut water. It helps in soothing the stomach and the digestive system and relieves the pain caused due to acid reflux. Moreover, it is also an excellent home remedy for heartburn known to humankind.

  • Basil Leaves

Another effective at-home indigestion remedy is basil leaves. It is known for its soothing and flatulence-relieving properties that can ease the burning sensation caused due to acidity. You can choose to either chew the leaves or boil them and sip as tea.

  • Watermelon Juice

Watermelon juice is the next-known acidity treatment at home. You can sip a glass of watermelon juice after meals or early in the morning. It will also help you stay hydrated and maintain your body temperature.

  • Buttermilk

Drinking buttermilk is a great way to end your meals. Moreover, it is one of the best-known home remedies for acidity. The lactic acid in buttermilk is known to soothe the digestive system from the burning sensation and pain caused due to acidity.

  • Cold Milk

Cold milk is every Indian mother’s go-to remedy to cure acidity and other digestive issues. It contains regulating properties that factor in as one of the best home remedies for acidity and gas problems. It is recommended to have a glass of cold milk before you sleep.

  • Jaggery

Among the list of acidity remedies we read above, jaggery is another substance that cannot be ignored. It contains a high amount of magnesium, which is known to boost digestion. Finish your meals with a piece of jaggery to avoid acidity or other digestive issues.

  • Cloves

Yet another frontrunner in our list of home remedies for acidity is cloves. It is also known for its flatulence-relieving properties and can act as a cure for acidity.

  • Cumin Seeds

Cumin seeds can be among the best home remedies for acid reflux. It neutralises gastric acids and relieves stomach pain.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

You can mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and have it after meals to get instant relief from acidity. Its digestion-boosting properties make it one of the best home remedies for acid reflux.

  • Ginger

Last, but not least, in the list of home remedies for acidity is ginger. It is known to improve digestion and contains anti-inflammatory properties that help ease the burning sensation caused due to acidity.

How to Prevent Acidity?

Follow the preventive measures mentioned below to avoid suffering from acid reflux after every delicious meal:

  • Stay active and exercise regularly

  • Eat small meals. Chart your meals into 4-5 sections throughout the day

  • Have your dinner early, at least two hours before bedtime

  • Do not overeat and chew your food well when eating

  • Do not lie down immediately after a meal

  • Lose weight if you are overweight or obese (use our online BMI calculator to determine your weight category)

  • Avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, and other harmful lifestyle habits

  • Avoid eating chocolates. If you can’t, then stick to dark chocolate only

  • Avoid drinking carbonated beverages

  • Consume less caffeine

Final Takeaway

Acidity has become a common lifestyle ailment. Nevertheless, you can try the above-mentioned home remedies for gerd and acidity to ease the distress it causes. But make it a point to see a doctor, especially if the acid reflux problem becomes chronic.

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