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What Is A Health Card In Health Insurance

A health insurance card is a card issued to you by your health insurance provider. The aforementioned card is issued at the time of the purchase of a health insurance policy and serves as a proof of you being a policyholder with a particular health insurance company and holding an active policy.

If you wish to avail of the benefits of your health insurance policy, then a health insurance policy card is extremely important. When you visit a network hospital to receive medical treatment and/or get hospitalised, you are required to show your health card at the insurance desk.

You can think of a health card as being your health insurance identity card, a document that is pivotal to filing cashless claims and reimbursement claims alike. If you have not been issued a health card online, you must reach out to your health insurance company and apply for your health insurance card online.

Why Do You Need A Health Card

A health insurance card is evidence of your health insurance coverage. It includes all the pertinent details with regard to your health insurance policy with a particular insurer. In order for you to be able to avail of your health insurance benefits, you must have a health insurance card.

Just as you cannot access certain areas of your workplace without the required access on your employee identity card, you cannot access the coverage available under your health insurance policy without a health insurance card. This card is, thus, a pivotal document vis-a-vis your health insurance policy and potential claims.

What Details Does A Health Card Contain

A health insurance card is a tapestry of your health insurance policy. It comprises all the relevant information about the policy. Here are some of the noteworthy health insurance card details.

  1. Your name

  2. Your date of birth

  3. The name of the health insurance company

  4. Your health insurance policy number

  5. The type of the health insurance, policy

  6. The sum insured under the policy

  7. The date of expiration of the policy, etc.

Whether you intend to file a cashless health insurance claim or a reimbursement claim, you must have your health insurance card handy.

What Are The Benefits Of A Health Card

A health insurance card is the key to unlocking the benefits of your health insurance policy. Here are the key health card benefits that you must be aware of.

1. Critical to file cashless claims:

Your health insurance card is critical in the context of filing a cashless claim on your health insurance policy. When you visit one of the network hospitals of your health insurer, you must present your health card to avail of cashless insurance and get the process of submitting a health insurance claim started.

After the verification of the details on your health card, the network hospital will submit the pre-authorisation form to your health insurer. Once the cashless claim has been checked and cleared by the insurer, they shall settle your medical bills directly with the network hospital.

2. Succinct summary of your policy details:

One of the main health card benefits is that you have all the necessary information about your health insurance policy handy. You need not go through your health insurance policy to check small details such as the validity of the policy, the policy number, etc. You can access all the following policy details through your health insurance card.

  • The type of the policy

  • The policy number

  • The sum insured of the policy

3. Getting in touch with your health insurance provider:

One of the health insurance cashless card details is the customer care number of your health insurer. Should you wish to reach out to the support team, you can easily contact them on the aforementioned number. It is important to note here that in the event of a planned treatment as well as an emergency treatment, you are required to inform your health insurer as early as possible. You can do so through the customer support number or via email.

4. Keeping track of the validity of the card:

The validity of your health insurance card is generally the same as that of your health insurance policy. Therefore, you can keep track of when you need to renew the policy. When you renew your health insurance policy, your health insurance provider shall issue you a new health card. The health card is, thus, an easy way to stay updated on the expiration date of the policy.

5. Convenience:

A cashless health card offers you a seamless process of availing of the facility of cashless insurance under your health insurance policy. Since the policy number, sum insured, policy validity, your date of birth, etc., are readily available on the health card, it is easy for a network hospital to fill up your cashless claim form and submit it to your health insurer.

A cashless health card is compact and, therefore, easier to carry in comparison with your health insurance policy.

6. Availing cashless benefit anywhere:

If you happen to need medical treatment, including hospitalisation (if required) anywhere in the country, you can easily use your health insurance card to avail of cashless insurance at any of the nationwide network hospitals of your health insurance provider.

During medical emergencies when it may be difficult for you to have access to your health insurance policy, your health card can prove to be instrumental in your being able to get cashless treatments at a network hospital. Therefore, you must keep your health insurance card with you when you travel across the country.

How Can You Get A Health Card

Once you purchase a health insurance policy, your health insurance provider shall send the policy document and your health card to you. Whether you have opted for an Individual Health Insurance Plan or a Family Health Insurance Plan, your health card shall have the important details of the policy.

Some insurers issue separate health insurance cards to each person insured under a Family Floater Health Insurance Plan. However, if you have not received your health insurance card or lost it, you can get it reissued. You can contact your health insurance via their toll free number, email, or their official website and submit a request for a health insurance card online. It is pivotal to have a valid health card with you at all times.

To Sum It Up

Since a health insurance card is critical to availing cashless insurance, you must ensure that you have it with you. You can purchase health insurance policies at Bajaj MARKETS.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Health Insurance Card

✔️Do all health insurance companies issue health cards?

Yes, as a general rule, all health insurance companies issue a health insurance card following the sale of a health insurance policy. Some companies issue distinct heath cards to each individual insured under a policy. 

✔️Is a new health card issued at the time of renewal of a policy?

Yes! When you renew health insurance policy, you shall be issued a new health insurance card by the insurer. If you do not receive the new health card, you must reach out to your insurer and get it issued or reissued (as the case may be). 

✔️What are the benefits of a health insurance card?

There are many benefits of a health insurance card, the primary one being its role in your ability to avail of cashless treatments at the network hospitals of the insurer. The other health card benefits include easy access to your policy details and the customer care number of the insurer

✔️What happens if I lose my health insurance card?

If you happen to lose your health insurance card, then you can apply for a new card online. To do so, you must visit the official website of your health insurance provider or reach out to their customer care team.

✔️What is the validity period for a health card?

A health insurance card is usually valid for the duration of the validity of your health insurance policy. When you carry out the renewal of the policy, the card gets reissued as well.