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About World Health Day

It's a common refrain that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Good physical health and a robust body are not only a precondition for mental peace and stability, but are also essential for carrying on the day-to-day tasks efficiently, bringing the best in us and enjoying the small gifts and bounties that life provides us. Maintaining good physical and mental health should be a priority for all. There's literally no replacement or viable alternative to good health. Looking after health and cultivating healthy lifestyles isn’t a destination or a short-term goal, it's a life-long journey, and a very fruitful one. Good health is the pathway to happiness, longevity and leading productive and meaningful lives. A health day helps us pause, reflect and ponder about the importance of good health and express gratitude towards healthcare workers.

What is World Health Day?

World Health Day is celebrated to highlight the importance of health and impart global awareness about physical, mental health and emotional well-being. Every year since 1950, World Health Day is celebrated on April 7 to drive home the paramount need and importance of healthcare. In more than 50 years since its inception, World Health Day has cast a spotlight on pressing issues ranging from mental health to maternal health and childcare. The occasion also features activities that go beyond the day and attempt to bring worldwide attention to important issues that affect us all equally and there's a need to prioritize them. Each year's theme is different from the other. World Health Day 2020 celebrated the role of the nurses and midwives, the frontline medical staff who play an essential role in healthcare delivery. This year, on April 7 2021, on the occasion of World Health Day, the theme would be the need of the hour in a post pandemic world: building a fairer, healthier world. Be a part of World Health Day 2021, cherish health and do your part to build awareness about the necessity of sound health.

History of World Health Day

Timeline of World Health Day goes all the way back to the establishment of the World Health Organization (WHO). In 1945, Brazil and China proposed the creation of an autonomous global healthcare organization that's above and beyond the power-politics and other tussles between nations. Next year, in 1946, the constitution of the WHO was approved and it was officially ratified on April 7, 1948, with 61 countries being the signatories. Among the very first things that the fledgling WHO did was enshrining an official day to spread awareness about healthcare. First World Health Day was observed on July 22, 1949 but then the date was changed to April 7 to coincide with WHOs formation a year before and ensure greater participation by countries and individuals.

Since 1950, World Health Day every year has had a different theme that's pertinent to the goal of robust public healthcare and health concerns faced by people around the globe. The theme of last year's World Health Day was celebrating the role of nurses and midwives who are always on the forefront in case of medical assistance. First ever World's Nursing Report was also launched around World Health Day 2020 to have a detailed overview at the role of nursing globally and get a perspective on their immense contribution towards the goal of advancing healthcare. 

Importance of World Health Day

The primary aim of the World Health Day is widespread promotion of healthy habits, lifestyles and working at eradicating all forms of diseases. WHO joins hands with health authorities of different nations and other organizations to fulfill the objective of accessible and affordable healthcare for all and gradually move towards a far healthier tomorrow. World Health Day is one of the 8 official health campaigns by WHO and it generates the much-needed conversation on healthcare as well as de-stigmatization of certain diseases.

Aims of the World Health Day

Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the world like never before and reduced the disparities in the healthcare systems that are a stumbling block in the goal of a just and healthy society. Despite being overburdened and stressed, it was the healthcare staff and frontline workers who emerged as the heroes at the time of a crisis of unparalleled magnitude. The aim of World Health Day 2021 would be initiation of a campaign to address the structural inequalities that plague the healthcare systems and limit access to it. Across the world there are people who are deprived of even basic healthcare facilities and this a reflection of other inequalities in education, access to clean air, etc. It not only curbs the potential of a man, destroys societies but also does colossal harm to economies. It's a matter of urgency to prioritize creating a level playing field for all in terms of access and create a groundwork that helps in their realization. This year, the World Health Day will be a call to leaders and policymakers across the globe to institute a mechanism for monitoring health inequalities and devising ways to mitigate them. As WHO says about World Health Day 2021, everyone, everywhere should have the right to good health.

How is World Health Day celebrated?

Promotional programs and campaigns like healthcare conferences, seminars, road shows, free health check-up camp and blood donation drives, are conducted as a part of the World Health Day program. Everyone from the grassroot level to the highest level of policy-makers and decision-makers are encouraged to participate in it and spread the importance of healthcare. It's a concerted campaign involving everyone from volunteers, frontline healthcare staff to doctors and officials and functionaries of health departments and ministries.

World Health Day around the Globe






National Deworming Day

February 10

Eradication of intestinal worms in children in the age group of 1-19 years


Doctors Day

February 27

Celebrate doctors and their services

South Africa

Pregnancy Awareness Week

February 10-16

Create awareness about pregnancy related issues and promote a safe motherhood and healthy pregnancy.


FND Awareness Week

April 13

Create awareness about Functional Neurological Disorder

How to observe World Health Day?

Resolving any issue starts with an open dialogue and communication. When it comes to vital issues like accessible healthcare for all, every voice matters and more and more people should join the conversation and start discussing it with their networks or families.

Be informed
Informing yourself is the first step towards creating awareness on crucial topics.

Read about the past themes
Individuals should read widely on the key World Health Day theme of past decades and then think about what has been done, and what still needs to be achieved.

Keep a check on announcements
Also, watch out for announcements and hashtags from WHO regarding World Health Day 2021.

World Health Day campaigns

World Health Day Campaigns vary, ranging from events, social media hashtags, posters, interactive messages to a postcard of gratitude and doing small things at personal level that collectively make a difference.

World Health Day Dates




April 7



April 7



April 7



April 7



April 7



Wrapping Up

Health is often regarded as the most important wealth. It’s essential to celebrate World Health Day to be aware of both the strides that have been made and the necessary challenges that need to be overcome. Availing a health insurance plan to ensure healthcare access for you and your family with family health insurance, is also one of the steps towards maintaining and managing good health. If you plan to opt for a health insurance plan, check out the various health insurance benefits that plans on Finserv MARKETS offer. 

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FAQs related to World Health Day

  • ✔️What were past World Health Day themes?

    In the past 70 years, the World Health Day theme has been quite diverse. They have ranged from infectious diseases, lifestyle disorders, mental health, climate change. It includes everything under the sun that has a bearing on individual and community health.

  • ✔️How can an individual contribute best towards World Health Day?

    A person can do a lot in his capacity: from being a volunteer to creating awareness to helping local organizations working in the field of healthcare

  • ✔️What's the best way to maintain good health?

    Eat healthy. Take adequate rest and sleep. Exercise regularly. And always consult a doctor whenever you feel ill.

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