World Health Day

World Health Day is a global health awareness day celebrated annually on 7th April, under the sponsorship of the World Health Organisation (WHO), as well as other related organisations. Each year on this date, a theme is chosen that highlights an area of priority concern for WHO. This day primarily draws attention to a specific health topic of concern to people all over the world. Read this article to find out more about this auspicious day celebrated all over the world.

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Celebrating World Health Day 2022

As per the World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates, around half of the population in the world today is still not covered under the essential health services. Health is the prime concern for leaders and policymakers across the globe. Therefore, World Health Day is celebrated on 7th of April to draw people's attention towards a specific health issue, from the wellness and medical field, that concerns the masses and is aimed to spread awareness. These health issues can range from mental health, social well-being, insurance, and everything related to world health.

When is World Health Day celebrated?

World Health Day is celebrated on 7th April of every year to mark the foundation day of WHO, which was founded on the same day in 1948.

History of World Health Day: Why is World Health Day celebrated?

The history of World Health Day is connected to the establishment of the World Health Organization (WHO). In the year 1945, countries like China and Brazil came up with the idea of creating an independent global healthcare organisation that acts as an umbrella body and is beyond the struggle for power & politics among the different nations. Therefore in 1946, WHO's constitution was authorised and got officially ratified on 7th April 1948, with the participation of 61 countries as signatories. After its establishment, WHO undertook initiatives to enshrine a particular day to create awareness about healthcare. Due to these efforts, the first World Health Day was celebrated on 22nd July 1949; but later, the date was changed to 7th April so that it coincides with the foundation day of WHO. It was thought that this would ensure greater participation by the partner countries.


Starting from 1950, World Health Day is observed every year with a new healthcare-centric theme that is important to accomplishing the goals of a robust public healthcare system worldwide. Also, this day seeks to highlight the healthcare issues faced by people all over the world. The theme of last year's World Health Day was to create a fairer and healthier world for providing better health care facilities worldwide. Through this theme, the global leaders were called on to ensure that everyone has hospitable living and working conditions, favourable to maintaining good health.

Importance & Significance of World Health Day

The following points highlight the importance and significance of the day:


World Health Day is an occasion to celebrate the incomparable value of good health. The primary emphasis is on the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of the people and finding ways to promote healthcare issues globally.


The principal aim of the International Health Day is to promote healthy habits, lifestyles, and working conditions and to take steps to reduce all forms of diseases.


WHO collaborates with healthcare authorities worldwide and other organisations to provide accessible and affordable healthcare facilities to all and progressively move towards creating a healthier world.


World Health Day is the most important campaign among WHO's 11 authorised health campaigns. This is an occasion to initiate the conversation and awareness about healthcare and remove the stigma spread regarding certain diseases.


This day provides a chance to learn new things by adopting a new theme each year. This ensures our learning continues as the chosen topics are based on current persistent health issues, and the campaign benefits society.


World Health Day is an opportunity to reflect and assess our health. People worldwide have become aware of the life-threatening diseases and the habits that need to be inculcated to lead a healthy life.

What is the Theme for World Health Day 2022?

The theme for World Health Day 2022 is the promotion of health for well-being, to create equality, and join hands for sustainable development. This year, on World Health Day 2022, WHO has planned to emphasise global attention to initiate urgent actions required for humans and the planet to remain healthy. The theme also covers fostering a movement for societies to focus on sustainable development.


WHO has estimated that around 13 million deaths occur throughout the world every year because of avoidable environmental reasons. Studies say that 90% of people today breathe unhealthy air generated by burning fossil fuels. These environmental issues also include the climate crisis, now taking the form of a health crisis, and is one of the major causes behind the threat to humanity.

World Health Days around the Globe






National Deworming Day

February 10

Aims at eradication of intestinal worms among children (age group of 1-19 years)


Doctors Day

February 27

An occasion to celebrate the services of doctors

South Africa

Pregnancy Awareness Week

February 10-16

Create consciousness about issues related to pregnancy and promote healthy motherhood & pregnancy.


FND Awareness Week

April 13

Generate awareness regarding Functional Neurological Disorder (FND)

All over the world

World Immunisation Week

April last week (24th - 30th).

Create awareness and targets the increase in the rate of immunisation against the diseases preventable by vaccines

All over the world

World Malaria Day

April 25

Identify the global initiatives to control malaria.

All over the world

World No Tobacco Day

May 31

Generate awareness regarding the harmful effects of using tobacco

How to observe the World Health Day 2022

1) Organise discussion and awareness programs in your community

Using the WHO's information toolkits, you can organise an event in your workplace or community. You can also organise an open discussion regarding the prevalent health issues and the steps to improve healthcare facilities.

2) Read about the past year's themes

It has been more than 70 years since we are celebrating World Health Day, so you can read about the themes of the past years from the archives. It can be an interesting and exploratory exercise that allows you to focus on health-related issues and update your knowledge about the different diseases.

3) Identify the methods of sustainable development

In line with this year's theme, you can research and find ways to sustainable development and identify your role in that direction. If every individual takes some initiative, it would surely make an impact at the global level.

4) Initiate CSR activities for the health sector

You can discuss with your colleagues and organise some Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities to increase awareness in the nearby villages and schools regarding the state of healthcare facilities and the improvements required.

5) Organise painting, slogan writing, and quizzes

In line with this year's theme of World Health Day 2022, different events can be organised where people can showcase their creativity.


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FAQs on World Health Day

  • ✔️What are some of the tips to participate in World Health Day?

    You can volunteer at your local charitable organisations for some social awareness programs. It is a matter of great privilege to become a blood or bone marrow donor as it helps the ailing people directly.

  • ✔️What were some of the prominent themes of the previous World Health Day?

    In the past, many themes have been highlighted on World Health Day, ranging from a discussion on diseases like polio, cancer, diabetes, etc. Some social impact topics like road safety, food safety, and harmful effects of climate change have also been discussed.

  • ✔️When was the first World Health Day celebrated?

    The first World Health Day was celebrated on 7th April 1950 after the First World Health Assembly called for this celebration.

  • ✔️What was the theme for World Health Day 2021?

    The theme for World Health Day 2021 was to maintain a fairer and healthier world by providing better health care facilities at the global level.

  • ✔️What are the prominent official global health campaigns initiated by WHO?

    Some prominent official global health campaigns are World Tuberculosis Day, World AIDS Day, World Chagas Disease Day, World Blood Donor Day, World Antimicrobial Awareness Week, World Patient Safety Day, and World Hepatitis Day.