What is Yoga for Face?

Yoga for the face is a fairly new concept and is quickly catching up with the youth as well as the elderly. Using facial muscles improves blood circulation on your face, stimulates collagen production, de-puffs your face, and improves facial symmetry. Know more about Yoga-inspired facial exercises, the benefits of yoga for the face, the various asanas, and the minute precautions that one should take while doing yoga for the face in this article.

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24 feb 2022

Just as working out at the gym regularly maintains a healthy body, there is something called yoga for facelift, related to toning the muscles of your face. Yoga-inspired facial exercises are frequently undertaken to make the muscles of your face flexible, considerably improving your appearance.

Yoga For Face

You could say that yoga for your face is akin to a facial workout. Afterall, if other parts of your body can be kept healthy by exercising, why not your face? The idea behind face yoga exercises is that they deliver the effects of skin-lifting without the need for unnecessary (and often, painful) surgical procedures. Furthermore, yoga undertaken for the facial area is a growing trend now, and moreso, due to the enforcement of lockdowns and people choosing to avoid procedures.

Benefits of Yoga For Face

If your goal is to do yoga for glowing skin, you’re on the right track. Indeed, traditional yoga poses or asanas, have an overall beneficial effect on the mind and body, and this leads to less stress and a healthy glowing appearance. Now if you want the glow to extend to your face, you should try face yoga which simply involves your facial muscles moving in certain positions to give you a healthy and youthful look. Yoga for face glow and other such benefits of yoga for face are mentioned below:


  • Yoga for the face smooths wrinkles and fine lines.

  • Yoga for the face aids in releasing tension. Thus, it minimises the appearance of creases.

  • Yoga may counter the effects of gravity, curbing the development of sagging skin.

  • Yoga for face improvement goes a long way in enhancing muscle tone. Consequently, your eyes widen, your cheeks rise and your jawline becomes firmer. Overall, you will notice that your face gets definite and distinctive contours.

  • Yoga for the face can aid in the reduction of the appearance of scars.

  • Yoga exercises for the face can increase your blood circulation to the skin, creating a glow.

  • You get an appealing appearance without having to go through painful and expensive surgery, or spending a whole lot on skin treatments and cosmetic therapy.

Some dermatologists support the claim that face yoga for glowing skin helps in improving the appearance of your face to some extent. This is due to the fact that blood and oxygen supply to your skin increases substantially. Your skin gets rejuvenated and you look good.

Yoga Asanas For Face

If yoga for your face sounds too good to be true, you can rest assured that there’s no harm in trying some basic poses for your face. Mentioned below are some basic positions when you do yoga for face improvement:

  • The Initial Warmup

This is the go-to exercise for your overall facial health. Make a ‘yawning’ face, keeping your mouth open. Without moving your head, look up at the ceiling. Hold this for around 10 seconds. You have to breathe throughout this whole exercise. Do this 3 times in total.

  • Face Yoga for Double Chin and Neck Region

With this pose, you get tension release and a toning of your neck region and jawline. Since the neck and jaw are connected by the platysma muscle, this pose helps two areas. To do this exercise, first you must relax your shoulders. Then, move your chin to one side. Look up at a slight angle of about 45 degrees. Now, pucker your lips up into a kiss. Hold this pose for 10 seconds. Repeat with the other side of the face. You can do this three times for each side.

  • Forehead Yoga

This is an instant ‘pick-me-up’ exercise and it acts as a meditative pose and a muscle toner. Great to do in the mornings, first you should place your fingers (with both palms) on your forehead. Keep your shoulders relaxed, and your chin tilted slightly towards the ceiling. Breathe in and out for 10 seconds. Then, run your palms down the sides of your face. Do this thrice everyday.

  • Yoga For Eyes

Your eyes are truly the ‘windows to your soul’ and the place around which wrinkling takes place faster than any other facial region. Face yoga exercises can minimise wrinkles in the eye area, as well as puffiness. This exercise addresses the under-eye region and the forehead. To do this, curl your hands into a shape like a ‘C’, with your index fingers above your eyebrow, and your thumb resting below your eye, on the side of your nose. Press your fingers down and sideways and open your eyes as wide as you can. Hold this for 10 seconds. Then, make a squint five times and close your eyes. Do this twice.

Precautions to be Taken while Doing Yoga For Face

There are a few precautions that must be adhered to while doing yoga for face muscle toning. These are mentioned below:


  • Breathe while you do all the exercises pertaining to your face.

  • Hold your breath only for the duration prescribed, and no more.

  • If you have any breathing-related issues, consult your physician before doing any facial exercises.

  • Several facial wrinkles and lines occur due to the repetitive activity of facial muscles, so don’t overdo face yoga activities. For instance, laugh lines, crow’s feet, etc., occur due to too much muscle movement. Refrain from any aggressive movement.


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FAQs On Yoga For Face

  • ✔️When should you start face yoga?

    While there is no specific age or time to start, you should start as soon as you can or after consultation with your doctor.

  • ✔️How frequently should face yoga be done?

    The recommendation of most face yoga proponents is that you may undertake face yoga exercises for 5 - 10 minutes each day, six days a week.

  • ✔️Can you do face yoga if you have had an injury to your face?

    In case you have hurt your face in the past, and have had any procedures or medication to remedy this, you should consult your physician before doing yoga.

  • ✔️Through face yoga, would dark circles under my eyes be eliminated?

    Yes they would, as face yoga tones your skin. Over time, fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles will fade.

  • ✔️Is a warm-up essential before face yoga?

    Yes, this is important, as, afterall, facial yoga is a form of exercise to tone your facial muscles.