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28 Nov 2020

Despite the high availability of CNG cars in India, the popularity of the vehicle among the buyers is recent. The rise in demand for CNG cars is due to several factors such as high fuel prices, government initiatives like the Natural Gas Infrastructure Development Plan, and general care to prevent pollution.

In fact, the government is planning to build an infrastructure to boost the sales of CNG cars in India. With this possibility in place, leading automobile manufacturers such as Maruti and Hyundai have introduced several CNG models in the market.

In this section, we will be looking at some of the best CNG cars made available to you.

Best CNG Cars in India in 2020

Best CNG Cars in India


Maruti Ertiga

Price: Rs. 7.59 Lakhs – Rs. 10.13 Lakhs

Mileage: 26.08 km/kg

Engine: 1462 cc

Maruti Wagon R

Price: Rs. 4.45 Lakhs – Rs. 5.94 Lakhs

Mileage: 32.52 km/kg

Engine: 998 cc

Hyundai Aura

Price: Rs. 5.85 Lakhs – Rs. 9.28 Lakhs

Mileage: 28 km/kg

Engine: 1197 cc

Hyundai Santro

Price: Rs. 4.63 Lakhs – Rs. 6.31 Lakhs

Mileage: 30.48 km/kg

Engine: 1086 cc

Maruti Celerio

Price: Rs. 4.41 Lakhs – Rs. 5.68 Lakhs

Mileage: 30.47 km/kg

Engine: 998 cc

These are some best-in-class CNG cars in India at the moment. Now, let us discuss what makes CNG cars not so popular in the market.

Why are CNG Cars unpopular?

Well, the unpopularity of CNG cars is better understood with the disadvantages of it. Here, take a look at some disadvantages of CNG cars.

  • If the vehicle you want to purchase already has a petrol/diesel version, the CNG variant will be comparatively expensive. On the other hand, if the car does have a CNG kit fixed originally, you have to pay an additional amount to convert the vehicle to a CNG version.
  • One of the biggest disadvantages of CNG cars is the limited availability of CNG stations in India. Thus, it is difficult for CNG car owners to find a CNG station easily when in need.
  • CNG kit takes up space in the vehicle. This means there will be limited to no luggage space.
  • While CNG cars are highly eco-friendly vehicles, they provide a low performance compared to diesel and petrol vehicles.
  • Besides low performance, the CNG kit puts a heavy load on the engine injector. In the long run, this can cause issues with the engine performance of your CNG vehicle.

Benefits - CNG vs Petrol vs Diesel Cars

The following table lists the advantages of CNG, petrol, and diesel cars to help you make a better decision.

CNG Cars

Petrol Cars

Diesel Cars

The lowest running costs compared to its diesel and petrol counterparts.

Relatively low running costs compared to CNG and diesel variants.

Overall average running costs.

Eco-friendly motor vehicle.

The engine performance does not degrade over time.

Effective in the long run compared to CNG and petrol.

Runs on both CNG and petrol due to the presence of Retro-fitted CNG.

Does not require any alternative gas kit and hence is of low maintenance.

Has a strong pickup due to fast fuel combustion.

Drawbacks - CNG vs Petrol vs Diesel Cars

Below we have enlisted a few disadvantages of CNG, petrol, and diesel cars for you to make an informed decision.

CNG Cars

Petrol Cars

Diesel Cars

Comes with a small cylinder capacity.

Has a high running cost and is expensive on the pocket.

Upfront payment of the vehicle is expensive.

Has a low pickup.

Has a low torque.

Regular maintenance and change in spare parts can be hefty on the pocket.

Provides less cargo space.


Emits higher noise and vibration compared to petrol cars.

Limited CNG stations across India.




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