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About Hyundai Electric Cars Insurance

The Hyundai Kona is a comprehensive electric car in the hatchback category. It has been launched in India with a strong engine and the assurance to deliver a superb performance. Regardless of the road surface, it guarantees an exhilarating driving experience to users. The fabulous features of the car may prompt you to drive it on the road. The legal way to do it is to buy an insurance policy from a provider in India. You can either buy a third-party liability or comprehensive insurance plan to give your car the protection it deserves.

Hyundai Electric Cars Variants

Hyundai's Kona subcompact crossover SUV is available in six model levels for 2021: SE, SEL, SEL Plus, Night, Limited, and Ultimate. A 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine (147 horsepower, 132 lb-ft of torque) mated to a six-speed automated transmission powers the SE, SEL, and SEL Plus variants.



Base Model Kona Premium

Rs. 23.79 Lakhs

Most Selling Kona Premium

Rs. 23.79 Lakhs

Top Automatic Kona Premium Dual Tone

Rs. 23.97 Lakhs

Why is it Important to Buy Hyundai Electric Cars Insurance?

Much like other car owners, buying a car insurance policy is also necessary for the owners of Hyundai electric cars. It is both a necessity and a legal requirement. The Motor Vehicle Act makes it legally mandatory. It also covers the costs for repairs to damages due to an accident.As per Motor Act 2019 update under Section 196, driving without insurance will cost you a fine of Rs 2000 for first offence and Rs. 4000 for subsequent offence.

Types of Insurance Plans Offered for Hyundai Electric Cars

Insurance providers in India offer two types of insurance plans for Hyundai electric cars. These include the following:

  • Third-party insurance-A Third-Party Insurance offers coverage against any legal liability caused due to loss or damage to a third-party person or property.

  • Comprehensive insurance: A comprehensive insurance policy covers both the parties involved in an accident – the damages to self and car along with the third party in the accident.

Why Choose Finserv MARKETS For Hyundai Electric Cars Insurance?

Finserv MARKETS simplifies the task of buying and renewing insurance for Hyundai electric cars. Car owners can do it easily by using the dedicated app. Finserv MARKETS has been in the industry for years and helping the people take key decisions. At present, it is a trusted brand among the list of the top insurance providers in India and has branches in several locations.

Inclusions in Hyundai Electric Cars Insurance

The common inclusions in Hyundai electric cars insurance policy include the following:

  • Third-party losses:

Third-party legal liabilities cover is the basic thing covered in the insurance plan.

  • Personal accident:

In case of any damage to your own car, personal disability, etc. you will get personal accident cover.

  • Natural disaster:

Covers you against natural calamities like earthquake, fire, flood, storm, etc.

  • Theft:

If the vehicle is stolen, you remain covered.

  • Collisions:

It also covers vehicles for accidents and collisions.

Exclusions in Hyundai Electric Cars Insurance

The common exclusions in Hyundai electric car insurance include damages to the insured car concerning the following circumstances:

  • War and such conditions:

In extreme situations like war, damage caused to the car is not covered.

  • Drunk driving:

If the damage is caused to the car when you were driving under the influence of alcohol, you will not get coverage.

  • Driving a car without a valid license:

If you are caught driving without a valid DL, the damage will not be covered.

  • Damages to a car when its insurance policy is not valid:

If your insurance policy is not active or renewed, then you cannot get the claim.

  • Regular servicing expense and wear and tear:

The insurance company will not pay you for regular servicing.

Add-ons to Hyundai Electric Cars Insurance

The popular add-ons to Hyundai electric cars insurance include the following:

  • Zero depreciation cover:

When your car ages, its value depreciates. Zero Dep cover will provide you the claim amount without deducting the depreciation.

  • Roadside assistance cover:

Works in case you have a car breakdown or accident and we provide towing services, cab, minor repairs, on-call support, etc.

  • Engine protector:

Covers the repair or replacement of a damaged engine

  • Key and lock:

Help you in the case of missed or damaged keys.

  • Consumables Cover:

The expenses incurred in the repair or replacement of consumables such as engine oil, coolant, brake oil, gearbox oil, etc. are covered

How to apply for Hyundai Electric Cars Insurance Online

Applying for Hyundai electric cars insurance online is a simple and hassle-free process.

  • Firstly, go to the website of Finserv MARKETS or any other provider.

  • Enter your car number and contact details

  • Fill the application form

  • You can now pay the premium.

  • The policy will be available within no time

How to Renew Hyundai Electric Cars Insurance?

Renewing the insurance policy of your Hyundai electric car is a must to keep it active. You need to do so before the expiry of the validity of your car insurance policy. Regardless of the insurance provider you choose, this is a mandatory requirement.

  • Navigate to the website of your provider.

  • Enter the registration number

  • Enter your contact details

  • Make the requisite payment

  • Download a copy

Claim Process

Making a claim for Hyundai electric cars is easy. You can do it either through the dedicated app of Finserv MARKETS or online. Also, you can do it over the phone. 

Two types of claim processes are:

  • Cashless claim:

Under this claim process, you don’t need to pay for the expenses of the damages incurred to your car, provided you take your car to one of the company’s listed garage.

  • Reimbursement claim:

Under this claim system, you will have to pay for the damage expenses and then file for the reimbursement to get the amount later.

Steps to Claim Hyundai Electric Cars Insurance Online

In case you wish to make a claim for the insurance amount through the application, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Open the website of your insurance company. You can also do that through Finserv MARKETS by clicking on “register a claim”

  2. Look for the tab – “Claim”

  3. Enter asked information about the car and the owner’s details

  4. Upload relevant documents

  5. Upload the video and photos as pieces of evidence for damages to your car.

  6. You will get the claim settlement amount in your bank account

Alternatively, you can also make a claim for the insurance amount citing the damages to your car by visiting the company or by dialing the number given on Finserv MARKETS.

Documents Required for Hyundai Electric Cars Insurance Claim

Apart from these documents, you may also need some additional documents as necessitated by the provider.


While buying a Hyundai electric car can make your dream of owning an all-electric car true, purchasing the electric car insurance policy for it will enable you to add the level of protection it deserves when you drive it on roads. You can buy it online which means you can do it from the convenience of your home. Do not forget to renew your insurance policy on time to reap its benefits. Finserv MARKETS lets you do just this!

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FAQs on Hyundai Electric Cars

  • ✔️How does opting for zero depreciation cover benefit you?

    It provides you with the complete amount for repairs to the damages to your car.

  • ✔️What is the major benefit of buying a comprehensive insurance policy?

    It covers your car against both accidental damage and natural disasters.

  • ✔️Can I expect a discount on my car insurance policy?

    Yes, you can expect it based on the policy of the provider from time to time.

  • ✔️Can I add a personal belonging cover to my car insurance policy?

    Yes, you can add it to cover damage to the items due to an accident.

  • ✔️Can I renew or buy my car insurance policy for my Hyundai electric car online?

    Yes, you can do it online either through the app or by visiting the website of your insurance provider.

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