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Strom Motors believes in redefining the future because it can be what you envision it to be. With the petrol and diesel variants of vehicles making our planet inhabitable for future generations, Strom Motors has decided to tip the scales a little towards the other side. It has introduced top-grade and radical electric cars that serve the environment and redefine urban mobility with its smart and eco-friendly approach.

Why is it essential to buy Strom Motors Electric Cars Insurance?

While there are many reasons to buy Strom Motors Electric Cars Insurance, here are the three most viable reasons for you:

  • Easy, convenient and very quick

Buying an insurance policy with Strom Motors Electric Cars Insurance is just a matter of a few clicks. Not only can you enjoy a 100% digital insurance process but also get an insurance quote in just a few minutes.

  • Hassle-free pickup and repair

Strom Motors Electric Cars Insurance also offers coverage against roadside incidents, thereby ensuring that if your vehicle has ever been in an accident or breaks down in the middle of the road, Strom Motors insurance can come to your rescue. Your vehicle is picked up from the address you share, repaired and dropped to your doorstep directly in no time.

  • Quick claim settlement

Strom Motors Electric Cars Insurance understands how stressful it can be to file a claim. They make this process stress-free and super quick for every insurer. You can also enjoy zero paperwork features along with their cashless claim option.

Types of Insurance Plans

You have the option to choose between a Third-party Insurance cover or a Comprehensive cover. To make an informed decision, remember to take your electric car requirements, their current state and your budget into account.

Why choose Finserv MARKETS for Strom Motors Electric Cars Insurance?

If you are on the lookout for reliable electric car insurers who can offer you exhaustive coverage, then Finserv MARKETS would be your best bet. At present, only a handful of insurers offer insurance plans for electric vehicles. Finserv MARKETS can help you select wisely by comparing quotes from these providers and their policy inclusions.

What all is included in this insurance policy?

Ideally, Strom Motors Electric Cars Insurance policy covers

  • the damage caused by fire

  • natural disasters

  • various accidental damages

  • other theft-related issues.

  • Specific insurance policies also offer third-party coverage.

What all is excluded in this insurance policy?

  • Any wreckage or accident that was caused by irresponsible or reckless driving

  • Routine servicing charges or procuring car parts, as and when needed, is generally not covered in standard insurance plans.

What are the various add-ons?

There are various additional features like

  • the zero-depreciation option

  • Engine protection cover, to name a few, which you can add to your existing insurance plan.

How to Apply for Strom Motors Electric Cars Insurance Online

Here's how to apply for the right car insurance with us online:

  • Fill in your vehicle's information.

To discover vehicle insurance prices given by major insurance carriers in India, enter your car's details, such as make, model, and year.

  • Insurance Quotes for Cars.

Choose the vehicle insurance plan that best fits your budget and requirements out of all the options available.

  • Make a payment over the internet.

Pay your policy pay online and receive your vehicle insurance document in your mailbox right away.

How to renew Strom Motors Electric Cars Insurance?

Renewing your Strom Motors Electric Cars Insurance is relatively simple. You can simply check your current insurance plan, ask your insurer for a revised quotation, where you may be eligible for various deductions like the NCB i.e., No-Claim Bonus if no claims were made in the current year, and get a revised quotation.

Documents required for Strom Motors Electric Cars Insurance claim

Generally, for an insurance claim, you only need to fill and sign on the claim form shared by your insurer and submit it along with your copy of the insurance policy, vehicle’s Registration Certificate, copy of the Driver Licence and tax receipt

Steps to claim Storm Motors Electric Cars Insurance Online?

The claim process is entirely digital and hassle-free. To register for a claim, follow the steps given below-

  • Visit Finserv MARKETS platform.

  • Search for the Strom Motors Electric Cars Insurance page.

  • Click on ‘Register Claim’, and the insurer will update you on what to do next.

Wrapping it Up!

Strom Motors Electric Cars Insurance offers end-to-end coverage for electric cars, and you can know about the various perks and inclusions by simply visiting Finserv MARKETS.

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FAQs on Strom Motors Electric Cars Insurance

  • ✔️From where can I purchase Strom Motors Electric Cars Insurance?

    After doing your due diligence and comparing insurance quotes, you can visit Finserv MARKETS and choose from a wide range of insurance providers.

  • ✔️Are electric cars costlier to insure?

    Yes, electric cars are generally more expensive to insure than their petrol or diesel counterparts. According to market research, insurance for some electric cars can be 45% more than the conventional counterparts for the same car model.

  • ✔️Is electric car insurance cost-effective with Finserv MARKETS?

    Yes, Finserv MARKETS can undoubtedly help you compare insurance quotes from various electric car insurance providers. This will help you choose wisely and go for the most cost-effective insurance plan.

  • ✔️Is the claim process tedious?

    No, the claim process for Strom Motors insurance is entirely digital and hassle-free.

  • ✔️What should you keep in mind when renewing the policy?

    Always remember to look for perks or bonuses like the No-Claim Bonus, which is offered by your insurance provider during renewal if you have made no claims in your current policy year.

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