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Importance of Car Maintenance

Buying a car is an important financial decision for most people. A new car costs a lot of money and there are many expenses that car owners have to face to keep their vehicle running.


However, proper maintenance and taking good care of your car ensure that it runs smoothly for a long time without any problems. Regular maintenance of vehicles also results in saving money in the long run. We have compiled a list of 10 car maintenance tips that every car owner should be aware of. 

10 Car Maintenance Tips Every Car Owner Should Know

  • Check Your Car’s Cooling System Regularly

Your car’s cooling system and radiator have to be cleared regularly in order to keep the internal temperature of the car cool and stable. The car’s radiator can have a buildup of dust deposits as a result of usage and normal wear and tear.

A radiator flush and a refill of the engine coolant at regular intervals will keep your car from overheating and protect the interior from heat damage.

  • Check Your Vehicle Once a Week

It is a good idea to start your car once a week and ensure that all its functions are running smoothly, even if you don’t use it frequently. You can take a look around your car and make sure there is no external body damage. Inspecting your tyres regularly can help you spot signs of wear and tear, if any.

  • Inspect Your Car Battery

Your car’s battery is one of the most important parts needed for it to function. The battery provides the electrical power your car needs for starting the engine, air conditioning and other electronic tools in the vehicle.

If your car battery is drained or not functioning at its best, you may have trouble starting up your car and face issues with other battery-powered functions. Extreme temperatures may also damage the car battery. It is advised to regularly inspect your car battery to make sure your car keeps running without any problems.

  • Understand the Different Light Indicators

Most modern cars have a system of sensors and warning lights on the dashboard that can tell you a lot of information about the working conditions of various elements. These light indicators show factors such as tyre pressure, engine damage, transmission temperature etc.

Understanding these light indicators will help you quickly notice any issues to get them fixed before the problem exacerbates. You can find all the information about light indicators and their meaning in your car’s manual.

  • Maintain Clean Interiors & Change Air Filters

One of the most essential car care tips is keeping the interior clean and well-maintained. It ensures that you and the passengers travelling with you do not have to face smells or dust and mud. Make sure no one consumes food inside the car as spillage can attract insects and cause stains. Adding seat covers is a good way to protect your car seats in the long run.

Furthermore, it is recommended to regularly change the air filters in the car cabin for clean air. This will also ensure proper cooling and better airflow inside your vehicle. 

  • Check Your Car’s Oil Levels

There are a lot of functions in your car that need oil to run smoothly. If your car does not have enough oil, it may lead to engine damage. The mechanical parts in your car can cause friction. Make sure all of the parts that need oil are refilled regularly to ensure the protection of these mechanical parts.

Make sure any contaminated oil that looks black (dust, dirt may contaminate oil) should be replaced with fresh oil. All oils in the car should be replaced as per the guidelines given in the car manual.

  • Don’t Overload Your Car

Many people make the mistake of overloading their car with excessive luggage or passengers. This is another general car maintenance tip where overloading your four-wheeler can damage its internal parts and tyres. Excessive force is needed to run the car with extra weight and it can cause a weight imbalance leading to a crash or accident.


It is also important to replace any tyres that have been damaged due to excess weight. Information about the weight limit of your car will be available in the car manual.

  • Be Cautious When Driving

It is important to drive your car smoothly and carefully. Avoid being harsh while driving. Braking quickly or accelerating very fast, taking sharp turns or bumping your car on speed-breakers may cause many internal parts of your car to get damaged very quickly. To ensure that your car remains damage-free for a long time, drive with care and avoid any manoeuvres that could lead to internal or external damage.

  • Keep your car parked in a safe space

It is important to keep your car parked in a safe space, away from sunlight and harsh environments. If you leave your car in sunny or dusty areas for long periods of time, the vehicle’s interior and exterior may get damaged.

The car’s paint may become dull and natural elements can damage its exterior. Keeping your car in a garage or a car park will help to keep it safe. It is also recommended to wax your car twice a year to protect it from paint chipping or dust accumulation.

  • Have Regular Car Checkups

Make sure you take your car to the official car company garage or service centre for regular check-ups, especially if your car is old. These regular check-ups by professionals will keep your car running in top shape and help you identify any car problems before they can become a major issue. Moreover, proper maintenance of your car can increase its life cycle.

Benefits of Car Maintenance

Now that you have learnt the new car care tips, here are some important benefits you will enjoy by regularly maintaining your precious car.

  • Increases the Longevity of the Car -

A well-maintained car can run smoothly for many years without any issues. It will also reduce your repair costs in the long run.

  • Keep the Passengers Safe -

Poorly maintained cars that have damaged internals such as weak brakes, worn-out tyres or an overheated engine etc., can lead to accidents. Keeping your car in a proper shape will ensure its smooth and safe functioning.

  • Increases the Performance and Efficiency -

Maintaining your car well will give you good performance and increase your mileage efficiency, which can save you a lot of money in the long run.

  • Increase the Resale Value of the Car -

A well-kept car with no issues will fetch a higher price on the resale market compared to a car that has been poorly maintained and has evident damage.

  • Decrease Risk of Breakdown -

You do not want your car to break down in the middle of nowhere. Keeping your car shipshape ensures that the risk of your car breaking down reduces drastically.

Car Insurance - Your Car Safety Tool

Apart from ensuring that these car care tips are followed for maintaining a car, it is important to get a suitable four-wheeler insurance policy to protect your car from unexpected accidents or damage. A good car insurance policy will ensure you do not have to spend exorbitant amounts on repair in case of accidental or unexpected damage to the car.

You can take a look at the multitude of car insurance plans available at Finserv MARKETS. With Finserv MARKETS, you will also get access to swift claim settlements, car roadside assistance, add-on covers, instant renewals and much more.

To Conclude

You are now aware of how to maintain a car in good condition with the 10 new car maintenance tips. Regular maintenance of vehicles results in lower expenses towards servicing it when you incur an issue. If you fail to maintain your precious four-wheeler, you may have to face many repair-related expenses in the future and the lifespan of your car may be reduced. 

Following the new tips for maintaining a car will help your vehicle function smoothly for many years without any unexpected technical problems. It is also suggested to have professional car servicing and check-ups every few months to keep your car in the best shape possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • ✔️How often should cars be washed?

    Cars should be washed once or twice a month. Washing will keep the exterior of your car protected.

  • ✔️How can I extend the life of my car?

    Here are some tips on how to extend the life of your car:

    1. Change car oil regularly.

    2. Store your vehicle in a garage under a cover when not in use.

    3. Drive your car smoothly and with care.

    4. Keep the radiator clean, and refill the coolant regularly.

  • ✔️How often should a car be waxed?

    A car should be waxed at least twice a year. Waxing keeps the paint on your car intact and protects it from dust and dirt.

  • ✔️Can I wash my car with just water?

    You can wash your car with just water, but using dedicated car wash soap is recommended.

  • ✔️How often should a car be started?

    In case your car is not used frequently, you should start up and drive your car around for a few minutes every week, to ensure that all parts of the car remain in a smooth working condition.

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