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Bangalore Driving Licence: How to Get a Driving Licence in Bangalore

A driving licence is a mandate for driving on Indian roads. It is not just enough to have a licence, but it is essential to carry it at all times while driving a vehicle. If found driving a vehicle without the driving licence, the driver can be fined up to Rs. 5,000.

However, it is not difficult to acquire a licence and it is extremely easy to apply for driving licence in Bangalore which is a metro city. It is possible to get a driving licence online in Bangalore, which makes the process faster and much more convenient for everybody by letting applicants apply for a driving licence in Bangalore from the comfort of their own homes.

Alongside a driving licence, it is also mandatory to have motor insurance for driving on Indian roads. Apply for motor insurance, available on Finserv MARKETS, and avail a range of benefits including on-road assistance in case of car insurance as well as cashless servicing at more than network garages across the country.

Types of Driving licences and their Eligibility Criteria

There are several types of driving licences that can be attained by persons in Bangalore. Read on to learn about what they are.

  1. For motorcycle without gear:

    This type of licence can be issued to individuals who are aged 16 years or above, and wish to ride vehicles such as mopeds or scooters or any two wheelers without gears.

  2. For light motor vehicles:

    This type of licence is provided to those wishing to ride light motor vehicles such as cars and/or bikes. To get this licence, applicants must be aged at least 18 years.

  3. For transport vehicles:

    This is a permanent driving licence issued by the state for transportation vehicles such as lorries, trucks or even cabs. This kind of licence is issued only to individuals aged above 20 years.

A driving licence for light motor vehicles is the most common type of driving licence applied for and issued. For a permanent driver’s licence, you must already possess a learner’s licence. It is also necessary for you to know all traffic laws and regulations in order to attain a driving licence Bangalore.

How to get a driving licence in Bangalore

You can get a driving licence online in Bangalore by visiting the official website of Karnataka Transport department, from where you need to download the application form. Once all the details are filled in including your name, address, and other details along with details on the kind of vehicle you are seeking to acquire a licence for driving.

Once the application has been submitted, an application reference number will be issued to you along with details for an appointment at the RTO. Take a vehicle that is the same type as the one you mentioned on your application to the RTO on the designated date, and drive it in front of the officials present. If you fail the test, you can take it again after a few days but if you pass on the first try, the DL will be sent to your residence within a few days.

Documentation for Obtaining a DL in Bangalore

In addition to the application form, the documents you will require to attain a driving licence in Bangalore include copies of your PAN Card, certificate documenting fitness to drive, address and age proof, birth certificate, valid learner’s licence, and payment receipt for the online payment you made. You will also require two passport size photographs while submitting the filled out application form.

How to Get Driving Licence in Bangalore Renewed

Since it is mandatory to carry a driving licence at all times while driving on Indian roads, it is essential to have the licence renewed once its validity expires or preferably before it expires. Apply for your driving licence renewal online in Bangalore 30 days before the present one is set to expire so you do not face any inconvenience once the licence expires. To renew your driving licence, you will require the below mentioned documents.

  1. A filled out renewal form, namely Form 9, which can be downloaded from the website

  2. A health certificate issued by a certified medical practitioner which says that you are fit to drive

  3. The original driving licence which is about to expire

  4. Photocopies and originals of your residence and age proof

  5. 3 Passport size photographs

These documents have to be submitted to your nearest RTO, and in all probability, your renewed licence will be delivered the same day itself.

Aside from a driving licence, it is also mandatory to renew your motor insurance each time before it expires. Apply for a motor insurance on Finserv MARKETS, and enjoy a host of benefits within a comprehensive plan which offers on-road assistance along with cashless servicing across a network garages.

How to Obtain Duplicate DL in Bangalore

At times, it is possible that you lose your original driving licence. For such situations, or if your licence is stolen or in any way misplaced, you can always apply for a duplicate driving licence. Make sure to file an FIR immediately as a copy of this will have to be submitted to the RTO for obtaining a duplicate. Additionally, you will need to submit details of the original licence, including an attested photocopy, documents proving age and residence as well as passport size photographs. All of these have to be submitted with a filled out application form requesting the duplicate driving licence.

How to Obtain International DL in Bangalore

If you are planning to shift to a different country, it is advisable to apply for an international driving licence while you are still in India. The international driving licence has a validity of 1 year, within which time the individual must get a license from the country they are in.

Documents required for obtaining an international driving license include:

  1. The filled out Form 4A, namely the application for getting the international driving license

  2. A certificate declaring physical fitness to drive, issued by a medical practitioner

  3. Attested copies of the VISA and passport

  4. The driving license issued for local use

  5. The tickets for travel

All of these documents have to be submitted along with passport size photos in order to get your international driving license.

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