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Possessing a valid driving licence is mandatory in India. The fees associated with the same vary based on the type of licence you require, your application status, and the type of vehicle in concern.


In India, you will have to pay a fee of Rs.200 for a learner’s licence, renewal of a learner’s licence, driving licence, and renewal of a driving licence. If you wish to opt for an international driving licence, you will be required to shell out Rs.1,000. Additionally, to take the driving licence test, you will have to pay a fee of Rs.300.

Driving Licence Fee Structure

Applying for a driving licence affords different fees depending on various factors. According to your status, and the status of the licence you want, the fees may be different. Additionally, the kind of vehicle you drive also matters. In case you drive a light motor vehicle (a car, for instance), your driving licence fees may be different from that obtained for driving a heavy motor vehicle (say, a truck). With different fees attached to different kinds of driving status, such as driving licence renewal fees, or permanent driving licence fees, it is important to find out the fee structure for each.


Considerations when learning about driving licence fees and the details of fee structure relate to the kind of vehicle you are driving, but primarily to the status of the driver and the purpose of driving. For instance the driving licence fees for an international driving licence will be different from that of a permanent licence to drive within India. Moreover, international driving licence fees will be more than that of learning licence fees, or permanent licence fees to drive within India. Here is a table that displays the different fee structure of various licences: 

Licence Type

Fees in INR

Learning Licence Fee


Learning Licence Renewal Fee


Driving Licence Fee


Driving Licence Renewal Fee


International Driving Licence Fee


Driving Licence Test Fee


How to Pay Driving/Learner's Licence Fee Online

The driving licence price is determined by the Department of Road Transport and Highways. When you wish to apply for a driving licence, you need to apply online on the official website concerned. Whether you wish to get a permanent driving licence or a learning licence, the driving licence online payment after you apply is facilitated online. All you have to do is follow the steps below: 

  1. Visit the website of the authority that grants different licences at Home | Parivahan Sewa | Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India.

  2. ccess the application form.

  3. Fill in your details in the application form.

  4. Upload any official documents you need to submit along with the application form. These include your Aadhaar and PAN Cards, if you are applying and making fee payment for a learner’s licence or a permanent driver’s licence in India.

  5. Submit your application form with all the required supporting documents.

  6. You will receive a number that is a reference for your online application. After paying fees, you can track your application status using this number.

  7. When your application is submitted, you will receive a confirmation on your phone by SMS.


On completion of the application process, you can pay your fees, and driving licence fees details can be found online at the Parivahan website. However, if you wish to pay fees for a driving licence or a learning licence, you must follow these steps: 


  1. On the website of Parivahan, go to the menu that says, ‘E PAYMENT’.

  2. Select the option of ‘Application Fee’.

  3. Your application number and date of birth have to be entered.

  4. Click on the tab that states, ‘Calculate Fee’.

  5. You will have to verify your details and select the option to make an online payment.

  6. A code will be displayed on the page that shows up next and you must enter that in the ‘Enter Code’ field.

  7. Conclude the online payment process by clicking on ‘Pay Now’. Your transaction is completed.


It should be noted here that whatever driving licence fee you are paying, whether for a learner's licence or any other, you will have to apply first and then pay fees. In terms of applying for licences of vehicles of different types, you may have to pay heavy licence fees for imported vehicles.


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You have learned all about driving licence fees now and there’s no need for you to wait to get one if you need to. Owning a vehicle in India comes with a set of responsibilities and documents related to vehicle use. Among these responsibilities are getting a valid licence and vehicle insurance. Both are mandatory for driving any vehicle on the roads of India, so you should consider one of the many motor insurance plans at Bajaj Markets.


FAQs on Driving Licence Fees

You have to apply for a licence first to pay the fees for any given licence you wish to get. 

You must apply on the official government website of Parivahan for both a licence and payment of fees online.

The fees for a learning licence is Rs. 200.

The driving fee structure is largely based on the kind of driver you are (such as a learner, international driver, etc.) and the kind of vehicle being driven.

Your permanent driving licence is valid for a period of 20 years, and when it expires, you must renew it at the earliest. The fee for renewal is Rs. 200. 

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