Driving Licence Test

A driver’s licence is an essential document required to drive legally on public roads under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. To procure a permanent licence, you must first attempt the learning licence test that can be completed online or offline. The driving licence test questions are in the Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) format with four available options. A total of 15 learning licence test questions are asked in the exam and you must correctly answer 9 questions. On successfully completing the learning licence test, you can practise your driving skills to apply for a permanent licence.

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The Motor Vehicles Act of India decrees that no person can drive a vehicle on public roads without an authorised driving licence. To obtain this essential document, you first need to attempt the learning licence test that can be completed online or offline. Let us find out more about this.

Driving Licence Test Questions

The first and foremost step to applying for a permanent driving licence is to procure a learner’s licence. A learner’s licence helps you hone your driving skills and gives you practical experience to drive on Indian roads. To obtain this, you need to appear for a learner’s licence test. Anyone above the age of 16 can take the learner’s licence test either online or offline at the nearest Regional Transport Office (RTO).

The learner’s licence test has a total of 10 Multiple Choice Questions, out of which 6 need to be answered correctly, at the least. These questions aim to test your basic knowledge about traffic rules and judge your ability to be able to take responsible driving decisions. Each driving licence test question requires you to choose one out of the 3 choices available and must be answered within 30 seconds before moving on to the next one.

Learner's Licence Test Questions

The learning licence test questions are based on the traffic rules and regulations that you must abide by and follow while driving. The learner’s licence test, also known as Sarathi Parivahan Learners Test, is presented in the form of MCQs. Here are some sample RTO exam questions for you to try out; the right answer is highlighted in bold for your reference:

Q1. How old do you need to be to drive a gearless two wheeler?

  1. 16 years

  2. 18 years

  3. 21 years

Q2. What should you do when you see a traffic sign of a school nearby?

  1. Stop the vehicle

  2. Slow down and proceed carefully

  3. Press the horn and proceed at the same speed

Q3. What needs to be kept in mind before overtaking a vehicle?

  1. Clear visibility of the road ahead and safe possibility of overtaking

  2. The road is not safe

  3. There are no vehicles ahead

Q4. If a driver sees the sign for ‘slippery road ahead’, he/she must

  1. Drive faster

  2. Change gear and reduce speed

  3. Apply brake but proceed at the same speed

Q5. Overspeeding is

  1. Not an offence and can be neglected

  2. Is an offence, but no charges are pressed against you

  3. An offence that could lead to your driving licence being cancelled or suspended

Q6. What should be your course of action in case you see a vehicle that has met with an accident with injured passengers inside?

  1. Stop your vehicle and report the matter to the nearest police station

  2. Take the vehicle to the closest police station and report the accident

  3. Take measures to secure medical attention to those injured and report the accident to the closest police station within a period of 24 hours

Q7. Parking of vehicles is prohibited on…?

  1. The main road

  2. A footpath or a sidewalk

  3. A one-way road

Q8. The vehicle to the front of you is driving slowly, and the road ahead is clear and safe to overtake. What should you do?

  1. Overtake the vehicle from the left side of the vehicle ahead

  2. Overtake the vehicle from the right side of the vehicle ahead

  3. Overtake from the left, if the road is wide enough

Q9. If you see a yellow light at the traffic signal, you should

  1. Reduce your vehicle speed and proceed with caution

  2. Slow the vehicle to stop

  3. Immediately stop the vehicle

Q10. Why does one need to be extra careful while overtaking vehicles marked with ‘L’?

  1. You might crash into them

  2. You might crash into people on the road

  3. The learner driver might get nervous and make a mistake

Q11. If a vehicle is parked on the side of a road at night

  1. The vehicle should be locked

  2. Park light should remain on

  3. All of the above

Q12. You should never try to overtake a cyclist when

  1. Driving on a narrow road and just before you are about to turn left

  2. On a crowded street

  3. All of the above

Q13. Fog lamps should be used when

  1. There is mist

  2. At night

  3. When the vehicle opposite is not using the dim light

Q14. If an ambulance is approaching

  1. No preference should be given

  2. Provide passage if there are no vehicles on the other side

  3. Allow free passage by moving to the side of the road

Q15. Where is the use of horns prohibited?

  1. Near Police Station

  2. Near Schools and Colleges

  3. Near Hospitals and Courts of Law

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Parting Thoughts!

The successful completion of this learner’s licence test gets you one step closer to getting your permanent driver’s licence. Some noteworthy points here include:

  • It is important to know and understand the meaning of common traffic signs to increase your chances of success, as they may be asked in the driving licence test.

  • Post successful completion of the learner’s licence test, the learner’s licence is valid for a period of 6 months.

  • Driving without a valid licence is an offence and can get you a fine of ₹5,000.

  • While the learner’s licence test is a theoretical test, the permanent licence requires actual driving.

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FAQs on Learning Licence Test Questions

  • ✔️Do I need to drive a vehicle as part of the learner’s licence test?

    No, the learner’s licence test is a theoretical exam. You will need to go through a drive test while applying for your permanent licence.

  • ✔️What are the documents required to apply for a learner’s licence online?

     The requisite documentation to be submitted before applying for the learner’s licence test are:

    • Duly filled application form

    • Copy of PAN card

    • Address proof

    • Age proof

    • Passport-sized photos

    • Copy of fitness certificate

    • If the applicant is a minor, a copy of the parent’s or guardian’s written consent (dated and signed)

  • ✔️What is the validity of the driver’s learning licence?

     The learner's licence has a validity of six months, but it can be renewed for a further 6 months if done before its date of expiry.

  • ✔️What are the modes for giving the test?

     You can appear for a learner's licence online or offline by visiting the nearest RTO.

  • ✔️What happens if you fail the test?

     In case you fail the learning licence test, you can reappear for it after 7 days.

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