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Smart Card Driving Licence

Driving licences are now issued via smart cards in the current digital environment. This extensively helps eliminate issues related to the paper booklet format. So what are the benefits of a smart card driving licence?

It holds a microprocessor chip that has all your information safely stored, it is easily accessible due to its portability feature and cannot be tampered with. Additionally, private information is less likely to be duplicated, and fraud is substantially reduced. This durable smart card holds a nominal fee of Rs 200, and the user can obtain it via online as well as offline methods.

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Benefits of a Smart Card Driving Licence

The smart card driving licence is fitted with a microchip that is 64kb. This has all your information stored in the card electronically. Your relevant details and your biometrics are embedded within the card. The Department of Regional Transport issues the smart card, but as this card is not available in all states, you must check whether it is offered in yours. Nonetheless, knowing the following benefits of this card will help you opt for it while getting a driving licence:

1. Optimal Security -

Within the microprocessor chip of the DL smart card (driving licence smart card), all of the owner’s information is securely stored. Information can be accessed only through a specific handheld device possessed by the traffic authorities. Moreover, unlike a traditional driving licence, you cannot lose this and it can be immediately accessed whenever required.

2. Device that Cannot be Tampered With -

Whatever information that is held by the smart card cannot be tampered with. This decreases the incidence of fraud and duplication of private information.

3. Portable and Durable -

When you want a driving licence, smart card download makes it easy to obtain a durable digital instrument that can be carried anywhere seamlessly. Furthermore, it does not get worn out with age and time.

Eligibility Criteria for Smart Card Driving Licence

The eligibility criteria for a driving licence smart card is no different from eligibility criteria for any driving licence in general. Here are the criteria:

  • You should be the age of 18 to apply for a driving licence.

  • If you wish to have a driving smart card for riding a motorcycle with gears with a 50cc engine capacity, or less, you should be 16 years at the minimum.

  • You must hold a valid learning licence.

How to Apply for a Smart Card Driving Licence Online

Applying to get a driving licence online is an easy process, with you getting your smart card DL in no time. You can follow the following steps to get a new driving licence in the format of a smart card:

  1. Go to the government website of Parivahan at

  2. Click the option of ‘Driving Licence Services’ on the menu of ‘Online Services’.

  3. Select your given state and the RTO that is nearest to you.

  4. You will see a menu that says, ‘Apply Online’, and you have to choose the option ‘New Driving Licence’. This is all done, assuming you already hold a learning licence which is a prerequisite.

  5. Provide the information on the smart card driving licence online application and upload this with your supporting documentation.

  6. Book a driving exam slot and visit the concerned RTO and give your exam.

  7. After you have passed your exam and given your biometrics at a centre, your smart card licence will be granted to you.

How to Apply for a Smart Card Driving Licence Offline

You can make an application for a driving licence smart card offline too. You need to visit your local RTO for this process and go through these steps:

  1. Request an application form, along with a fitness certificate form.

  2. Fill in these forms and submit them with your supporting documentation.

  3. Choose a time for your driving exam.

  4. Once you clear your exam, you have to go to a biometric centre to give your information, after which you will receive your driving licence smart card.

Documents Required for Smart Card Driving Licence

A smart card online download is possible after you provide your application and your supporting documents. The supporting documentation you must provide is listed below:

  • Address Proof - You can provide your Aadhaar Card, a ration card, a passport, a home/rent agreement, or a recent utility bill, etc.

  • Age Proof - An Aadhaar/PAN Card, a passport, a birth certificate, or any other official document stating your age can be provided.

  • Other Documentation - Forms 1, 1A and 4, passport photos, the smart card DL form.

Smart Card Driving Licence Fee

The fee that you have to pay for a driving licence smart card is Rs. 200.

Steps to Transfer Old Book Driving Licence to New Smart Card Driving Licence Online

If you have a driving licence booklet and wish to change it to a smart card, you should follow these steps:

  1. Pay your local RTO a visit and request the smart card DL application form.

  2. Fill out the application and go ahead and get your biometrics assessed and placed in the system.

  3. Your biometrics will be fed into your new smart card, and this will be combined with information in your booklet licence.

  4. Your information will be linked to the digital database of the RTO, and your new smart card will be issued.

It is important to note that your DL smart card status can be checked online anytime after you have passed your driving exam and are due to get the smart card licence.

Documents Needed for Transferring Old Book DL to SCDL

When you apply for a new driving licence smart card from an old booklet, you must provide the RTO with some documentation. It follows here:

  • Age Proof

  • Address Proof

  • Your original old licence booklet


With seamless online and offline procedures, the RTO has made processes simple, and you hardly have to wait for your new smart card DL to arrive. Moreover, while it's great to get a smart card driving licence with all the digital benefits attached, you need to have another document that is mandated by law if you want to drive in India. This is insurance for your vehicle. A vehicle insurance policy gives you protection from a law standpoint and a personal view in light of any road emergencies that may occur. You can feel free to explore vehicle insurance plans at Finserv MARKETS, the place for all your insurance products.

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FAQs on Driving Licence Smart Card

✔️What is a driving licence smart card?

A driving licence smart card is a digital card that represents your driving permit to drive in India.

✔️What are some of the key benefits of a smart card?

A driving licence smart card has a number of benefits, and the key ones are portability and durability.

✔️Can you apply for a smart card driving licence online?

It is possible to apply for a smart card driving licence online or offline.

✔️Which body issues a smart card driving licence?

The RTO is the body that grants a smart card driving licence and any driving permit in India. 

✔️How much is the DL smart card fee?

The DL smart card fee is Rs. 200. 

✔️What are the fees for obtaining a smart card driving licence?

The fees for availing a smart card driving licence need to be paid at the time of application. The fees are only Rs. 200.

✔️How can I check if my state offers smart card driving licences?

Visit your state transport department’s website to verify if your state is offering smart card driving licences.

✔️What does a smart card driving licence form contain?

The smart card driving licence online application or even offline application form contains three sections which must be filled out by the applicant to avail the smart card driving license. These include:

  • Visual Inspection Zone: these include the basic applicant details including their name, address, date of birth, and signature along with details of the vehicle including type and vehicle class

  • Machine-Readable Zone: these include more details regarding the smart card driving licence such as the date the driving licence was issued, the smart card chip’s serial number, details of the issuing authority and the licence validity

  • Central Motor Vehicles Rule: these include the legal details including qualification, fines, endorsements and all other information. If the owner of the driving licence has penalties to their name, this section will also include details of when they were fined and when those fines were settled. A smart card driving licence brings in a lot of convenience over traditional driving licences, which typically can get damaged in a multitude of ways. Increased digitalisation in all segments of life has seen convenience increase for a variety of processes.


While in the process of upgrading to a smart card driving licence, check if your motor insurance is similarly updated. Head to Finserv MARKETS and get comprehensive motor insurance, with benefits including, 24x7 roadside assistance and cashless servicing at more than 4,000 garages across the country with car insurance and more such benefits available for two-wheeler insurance.

✔️Is the old book driving licence still valid in India?

Yes. The old book driving licence is valid across the country. The validity will be mentioned in the book. You can apply for a transfer to the new SCDL if your state provides it.

✔️Can I change my name on the smart card driving licence?

Yes. Reach out to the concerned RTO and make the necessary changes to the errors on your SCDL.

✔️Is the smart card driving licence available in all states?

 The SCDL is available in most states across the country.

✔️What is the validity of the smart card driving licence?

The SCDL is valid for 20 years from the date of issuance or until the licence owner turns 50 years old (whichever is earlier).