Buying a vehicle is a dream of most Indians. And with the increased headcount on vehicle owners across the country, we believe that accomplishing this dream does not seem very difficult. However, an increase in the number of vehicles has simultaneously given rise to the number of road casualties as well.

According to studies, over 5 lakh road accidents take place across India annually. Having your precious possession involved in a road accident can be a financially stressful situation for anyone. For this reason, each one of us should contribute little towards maintaining road safety. 

So, how do we improvise on road safety with increasing traffic-like situations in metropolitan cities and other areas? With each passing day, people only tend to violate the traffic safety rules more than following them. Hence, to instill fear and awareness regarding the same, Motor Vehicle Act Amendment Act 2019 came into existence.

The purpose of the Act is to make Indian roads safer to travel and promote the importance of safe driving amongst the young generation. Here, let us discuss the new Motor Vehicle Act, 2019, more in-detail. 


What Is Motor Vehicles Act 2019?

The Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill, 2019 was introduced in Lok Sabha in July 2019 to amend the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 and introduce new traffic rules for road safety. Along with stiffer penalties for traffic violations, the act provides for new rules pertaining to grants of licenses and permits and vehicle fitness standards. 

After being passed by the Lok Sabha, the Rajya Sabha has suggested three changes to the bill. These changes will be scrutinized by the Lok Sabha. The bill provides for substantive changes in the existing traffic rules.

On the other hand, the bill also provides medical assistance to citizens in case of any road mishap. Moreover, the compensation amount given in case of death/injury has increased.


New Traffic Rules In India 2019

The penalties charged for anyone violating the new traffic safety rules are hefty. It can burn a hole in your pocket. Let us take a look at all the fines charged when one is observed offending the traffic rules, applicable from September 01, 2019.




General (offences for which no penalty is defined otherwise)

INR100 for the first offence; INR300 for subsequent offence

INR500 for the first offence; INR1,500 for subsequent offence

Road regulation violation



Disobedience of orders of authorities



Unauthorized use of vehicles without license


INR1,000 - INR5,000

Driving without license


INR5,000 and/or community service

Driving despite disqualification


INR10,000 and/or community service

Oversized vehicles


INR5,000 - INR10,000 and/or community service



INR1,000 - INR2,000 for LMV

INR2,000 - INR4,000 for MPV/HPV and/or impounding of driving license

Dangerous driving (e.g. jumping a red light)


INR1,000 - INR5,000 and/or imprisonment of 6 months to 1 year for the first offence, seizure of license; INR 10,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 2 years for a subsequent offence

Drink driving


INR10,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 6 months to 1 year for the first offence; INR 15,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 2 years for a subsequent offence



INR5,000 and/or imprisonment of 1 month, community service; INR10,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 1 month for a subsequent offence

Offences relating to an accident


Up to INR5,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 6 months for the first offence; INR10,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 1 year for a subsequent offence

Driving when mentally/physically unfit to drive

INR200 for the first offence; INR500 for a subsequent offence

INR1,000 for the first offence; INR2,000 for a subsequent offence

Vehicle without permit

Up to INR5,000

INR10,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 6 months, community service

Aggregators (violations of licensing conditions)


INR25,000 to INR1 lakh


INR2,000 and INR1,000 per extra tonne

INR20,000 and INR2,000 per extra tonne

Overloading of passengers


INR1,000 per extra passenger

No Seat belt


INR1,000 and/or community service

Overloading of two wheelers


INR2,000, disqualification of license for 3 months and/or community service

Not wearing a helmet


INR1,000 and/or disqualification of license for 3 months, community service

Not providing a way for emergency vehicles like ambulance


INR10,000 and/or community service

Driving without insurance

INR1,000 and/or punishment up to 3 months

INR 2,000 and/or imprisonment up to 3 months for the first offence; INR 4000 and/or imprisonment up to 3 months for the subsequent offence

Offences by juveniles


Guardian/owner shall be deemed to be guilty. INR25,000 with 3 years imprisonment and cancellation of the registration of the vehicle for 12 months. A Juvenile will be tried under the Juvenile Justice Act.

Power of officers to impound documents


Suspension of driving license

Offences committed by enforcing authorities


Twice the penalty under the relevant section

Taking a vehicle without lawful authority/seizing motor vehicle by force



Obstructing the free flow of traffic




Safe Driving Tips

Now that you are aware of the fines charged for reckless driving, here are a few safe driving tips that will help you and your loved ones avoid breaking the traffic rules.

  • At first, make sure that you have all the vehicle-related documents handy when driving. This includes the RC book, motor insurance certificate, permits, pollution control certificate, etc.

  • In case you are missing out on any documents listed above, get it registered before you get caught

  • You can also keep a digital copy of all these documents in your smartphone so that they are accessible in case you forget them at home

  • Apart from keeping the documents handy, also ensure that you are following the basic traffic safety rules. Mistakes like not wearing a seatbelt or can cost you a fortune under the new law

  • Get your vehicle checked for irregularities before hitting the road. Ensure that all the safety equipment like brakes, headlights, taillights, indicators, and emergency lights are in working condition


To Conclude

The new Motor Vehicles Act Bill has been implemented to ensure that road casualties in India decrease. You too can help the authorities make Indian roads safe to drive by simply being a responsible citizen and adhering to the rules. 

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