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Two-wheelers are extremely popular across India, offering freedom and independence to hundreds of thousands of citizens nation-wide. Unfortunately, this freedom comes at a cost, with road accidents involving two wheelers accounting for 25% of road deaths.

So here are a few ways you can ride safer, lower the risk of injury, and protect yourself financially with two-wheeler insurance.

1. Don’t over-speed

It is always tempting to overtake excessively while rushing to and from work for example, but this is ill-advised. Stay well within the speed limit and overtake only when you are sure it is safe.

2. Keep safe distance

It is common for commuters to stop suddenly for various reasons. This creates a high risk of collisions as commuters behind them will not be able to break in time. Keeping a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of you helps prevent this.

3. Brake gently

If you do need to brake, try to break gently. This allows the drivers behind you time to react and brake as well. This is especially important during peak traffic hours when everyone is trying to rush to work and roads are packed.

4. Wear a helmet

Two-wheelers do not offer the protection of a car, so it is extremely important to wear a helmet while riding.

5. Choose the right insurance plan

Protecting yourself financially is of utmost importance, as road accidents can be very expensive with rising medical costs. Not only that, but the fines for not having insurance have just been increased dramatically. This is where two-wheeler insurance comes in.

There are two kinds of bike insurance, namely third-party liability and comprehensive covers.

A third-party liability cover is mandatory under the Motor Vehicle Act, 1998 and without it you can incur a fine of up to Rs. 4000 and even face imprisonment without it. It covers you against third-party damages or loss.

A comprehensive insurance cover is not mandatory by law. It includes third-party liability cover but also covers any damages that you or your bike suffer during an accident, theft, and loss during human-made or natural disasters.

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