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No Objection Certificate (NOC) 

Planning to shift to a different State and taking your vehicle with you? It's helpful to learn that to transfer your vehicle from State to State, some legal paperwork is necessary. Every union territory and State in India has multiple local RTOs that regulate guidelines to manage the transfer of vehicles. If you are moving to a state or union territory for less than 90 days, there is no need to apply for an address change or vehicle re-registration.

However, if you move for a duration longer than this, you are legally bound to obtain a no objection certificate from a local RTO near you. This document is necessary to register your vehicle in a new State. There are certain regulations and documents required to complete this process of re-registration.

What is the No Objection Certificate (NOC)?

Hence, a legal document issued by a local RTO with the goal of registering a vehicle in a new state is known as NOC. The purpose of a NOC is to certify that there are no taxes or dues on one’s vehicle. As mentioned above, when traveling to a State for less than 3 months with your vehicle, no NOC is required. As per regulations, if you take your vehicle with you for over a year, you are mandated to apply for an address change and vehicle re-registration. To change your address and re-register your vehicle you need a no objection certificate.

Application Process for a NOC

Since NOC is an essential certificate, here's how you can apply for it. The application process has to be carried out by or on behalf of the owner of the vehicle moving from State to State.

  • The vehicle’s owner will need to go visit a local RTO in person and submit the application for the NOC.
  • To successfully apply a completed CMV 28 form is required to be submitted alongside various other documents.
  • When submitting your NOC application, you are required to make a payment of ₹100 to the RTO as an admissible application fee.
  • The RTO will obtain a report of your vehicle from the Police authority once your application is submitted. This will be done to check if your vehicle is involved in any recorded criminal cases or stolen, for that matter.
  • As long as there are no pending Direct Selling Association cases or outstanding dues against your vehicle, a receipt of clearance will be provided. After this step, you are eligible to issue a no objection certificate.
  • Three business days will be taken by the RTO to issue your NOC.

Necessary documentation to Apply for NOC

To apply for a NOC there are certain necessary documents. Keep soft copies of these documents handy so your application is a hassle-free process.

  • Certificate of registration for your vehicle (RC)
  • Certificate denoting that your vehicle has been insured
  • With respect to commercial purpose vehicles, a fitness certificate, and permit of use.
  • Your vehicle’s pollution under control certificate that tests for emission.
  • Duly obtained consent by your vehicle’s financier (if financed) on CMV Form 28. This is necessary provided the vehicle is covered by an HPA, lease agreement, or hypothecation.
  • A pencil print of the CMV Form 28’s chassis number.
  • Your KYC documents which include valid documents for identity proof and address proof.

How long is NOC Valid?

As with any important document, a no objection certificate is valid for a certain duration after which it expires and re-registration is necessary. This period is six months since you first obtained your NOC. It is not possible to produce an expired NOC for the purpose of re-registering your vehicle in a new State. You will have to reapply for a new NOC with all necessary documents at a regional RTO of the state you are moving to.

Note that NOC is not only mandated when transferring one’s vehicle from State to State but also when the same vehicle is being sold to somebody in a different State/UT. Interstate vehicle transfers from a buyer to the seller also require their own paperwork in India and NOC is among the necessary documents. If you are trying to buy or sell a vehicle to somebody who intends to use the vehicle in a different state, seek out the help of agencies and vehicle transportation firms that will help you learn more about the procedure of transferring legal ownership.

Road tax refund process

Regulations permit that you can apply for a refund of the initial road tax that is to be paid towards the registration of your vehicle. This deadline varies from State to State but it can be initiated as soon as you move with the help of your no objection certificate. Note that the first or original owner of the vehicle is the only person who can apply for a tax refund. The local RTO in your new State will explain all procedural requirements to you.


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