Traffic rules and violation in Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the largest cities in India and a hub of information technology companies. The number of vehicles in Bangalore is increasing rapidly, which has led to an increase in the instances of traffic jams. Better traffic management and an improvement in road infrastructure can help mitigate the problem, but the active support of citizens is also necessary. If the motorists follow the traffic rules in Bangalore diligently, it could lead to discipline and safety on the roads.

List of Traffic Fines and Rules in Bangalore

Road transportation in India is controlled by the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. The government incorporated certain changes in the law through an amendment in 2019. The amended law is often called the New Motor Vehicle Act 2019. Under the amended law, the quantum of traffic fines was increased substantially, however, the Karnataka government provided some respite to motorists in the state. The fine for traffic violation Bangalore was reduced by the government. Here is a list of all the traffic fines in Bangalore.

Traffic Offence

Traffic Fine (in Rs)

Driving without licence

Two-wheeler: 1000

LMV: 2000

Others: 5000


Two-three-wheelers, LMV: 1000

Others: 2000

Using a mobile phone

Two-three-wheelers: 1500

LMV: 3000

Others: 5000

After 1st offence: 10,000

No number plate

Two-three-wheelers: 2000

LMV: 3000

Others: 5000

Driving with disqualified licence


Driving without insurance

Two-three-wheelers: 1000

LMV: 2000

Others: 4000

Not wearing helmet


Not wearing seatbelt


Blocking emergency vehicles


Honking in silent zone

Two-three-wheelers: 500

Others: 1000

Unauthorised interference with vehicle


Allowing unauthorised people to drive vehicle

Two-three-wheelers: 1000

LMV: 2000

Others: 5000

Driving when not fit mentally or physically

1st offence: 1000

Subsequent offences: 2000


1st offence: 5000

Subsequent offence: 10000

Offences Relating to Maintenance, Constructions, Sale and Alteration of Motor Vehicles


100,000 per motor vehicle

100,000 per component

5000 per alteration

Using vehicle without a permit

1st instance: 5000

Subsequent instance: 10,000

Carrying excess passengers

200 per excess passenger

Violation of safety measures for motorcycle and pillion riders


Disobedience of orders


Using a vehicle in an unsafe condition

Two-three-wheelers: 1500

Others: 3000

Violation of emission standards

Two-three-wheelers: 1500

Others: 3000

Violation of noise pollution standard

Two-three-wheelers: 1500

Others: 3000


5000+2000 for every additional ton+charges for unloading

Important, Traffic Signs and Rules in Bangalore

Traffic rules in Bangalore cover everything from driving without a licence to not wearing the seat belt while driving. However, some traffic rules are more important from others considering the impact of their violation on others.

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or banned drugs: Driving after consuming excessive alcohol can endanger the lives of other people on the road. Traffic police in Bangalore are fighting the menace of drunken driving and anyone caught driving under the influence of alcohol has to pay a hefty fine. The permissible limit for alcohol while driving in Bangalore is 30 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood.

  • Driving without a seat belt: A lot of lives are lost every year due to driver’s not using the seat belt. People driving without wearing the seat belt in Bangalore have to pay a hefty fine if caught by the traffic police.

  • Over speeding: Driving over the permissible speed limit leads to road accidents and is punishable by law in Bangalore. The fine for driving over the speed limit prescribed for a section of the road is Rs 1000 for two-wheelers, three-wheelers and light motor vehicles. Other categories of vehicles will have to pay Rs 2000.

  • Using the mobile phone while driving: Even though we live in a connected world, using the mobile phone while driving can be very dangerous. One should always park the vehicle while talking on the phone. The fine for talking on the phone while driving ranges between Rs 1500 and Rs 5000, depending on the type of vehicle.

  • Driving without a licence: Driving a motor vehicle without a valid driving licence is a serious offence in Bangalore, just like the rest of the country. It could lead to a fine of Rs 1000 for two-wheelers, Rs 2000 for light motor vehicles and Rs 5000 for heavy motor vehicles.

Traffic rules to be followed when driving a four-wheeler in Bangalore

The major traffic rules in Bangalore for four-wheelers are similar to the rest of the country.

  • Do not drink and drive in the city.

  • Do not drive without valid documents like the driving licence, registration certificate and the fitness certificate. You can be asked to show the documents by the traffic police without any notice.

  • Always wear the seat belt while driving.

  • Do not break the traffic signals as it could seriously endanger the lives of other commuters and lead to chaos on the road.

  • Do not talk on the mobile phone while driving. It leads to a division in attention and could result in a serious accident.

Traffic rules to be followed when driving a two-wheeler in Bangalore

  • Use proper safety gear while riding a two-wheeler. Wearing a helmet is compulsory by law, but it is advisable to use knee guard and elbow guards too.

  • Carry all the relevant documents like insurance papers and registration documents while riding a two-wheeler.

  • Do not overtake from the wrong side or change lanes suddenly. It could jeopardize other motorists’ lives.

  • Respect traffic signals and drive within the speed limit.


Have traffic fines been reduced in Karnataka?

The Karnataka government issued a notification on September 21, 2019, reducing the fines prescribed under the amended the New Motor Vehicle Act substantially. For instance, the fine for over-speeding has been cut to Rs 1000 from Rs 2000 for two-wheelers. Similarly, the fine for not wearing safety belts has been reduced from Rs 1000 to Rs 500 for four-wheelers.

Can traffic fines be paid online?

Yes, traffic fines in Bangalore can be paid online through the website of the Karnataka transport department. One can also use a payment app to pay traffic fines in Bangalore.

What are the mandatory documents to carry while driving?

One has to carry the driving licence, the insurance document, the pollution under control certificate and the registration certificate while driving in Bangalore.


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