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Delhi Traffic Police Challan

Delhi is India’s capital and a historic metropolitan. The number of vehicles plying on Delhi’s roads is simply phenomenal. Delhi Traffic Police challan is an effective way to ensure that the capital’s roads stay safe for everyone. The challan can be issued against a wide range of offences. By keeping the violators under check, it helps to streamline a humongous volume of traffic. Here is a list of traffic rule violations, the penalties they incur and the various methods of paying fines. Online method of paying fines is simple and easy and it saves time and energy.


Latest Traffic Rule Violation Penalties in Delhi

According to the New Motor Vehicles Act, 2019, the following list of traffic violations will attract e-challan in Delhi as per the revised penalties:

Traffic Violation

Fine Imposed

Not having a valid driving licence


Not having a valid motor insurance plan


Violation of air pollution standards


Not following the instructions of a traffic police officer


Driving over the speed limit

  • Private Vehicles: ₹1,000

  • Commercial Vehicles: ₹2,000

Breaking a red light and driving dangerously

₹5,000 and/or suspension of licence for three months

Driving through a red light


Driving dangerously and over-speeding

₹5,000 and/or suspension of licence for three months

Rider or pillion rider not wearing a helmet

₹1,000 and/or suspension of licence for three months

Riding a two-wheeler with more than one pillion rider


Riding a two-wheeler while wearing sandals or slippers


Driving while using a mobile phone

₹5,000 and/or suspension of licence for three months

Driving and simultaneously taking selfies


Driving under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances



How to Pay Traffic E-Challan Online in Delhi?

The steps for making a successful online challan payment in Delhi are as follows:


Step 1: Visit


Step 2: You will find the ‘Notice’ tab. From there, select ‘Pending Notices’.


Step 3: Enter either your vehicle no. or the traffic police challan Delhi that has been issued to you.


Step 4: Click on ‘Search Details’ to proceed.


Step 5: Select the ‘Pay Now’ option in case any Delhi e-challan is pending.


Step 6: Check the payment ID and corresponding amount.


Step 7: Once you complete the online challan Delhi payment process, a confirmation text is sent to your mobile number.

How to Pay Delhi E-Challan Online via Tatpar App?

At the moment, you cannot make an e-challan payment using mobile wallets in Delhi. If you want to make an e-challan payment online in Delhi, you can use the Delhi Police’s Tatpar App. The app is currently available for Android users on the PlayStore, and is under development for Apple users.


Here’s what you need to do when making an e-challan payment via the Tatpar mobile app:


Step 1: Download and install the Tatpar app on your Android phone.


Step 2: Launch the app and register with your mobile number.


Step 3: Enter the OTP sent on your number to complete the verification process.


Step 4: Select the ‘Traffic Notice Payment’ option on the homepage.


Step 5: Choose ‘E-Challan’ and enter your vehicle number or notice number.


Step 6: If your vehicle is issued any notice, proceed to make payment for the same.


How to Pay Delhi Traffic E-Challan through Parivahan?

If you are issued a Delhi traffic e-challan, you can use the Parivahan website to pay the fine. Follow the steps below to successfully pay your Delhi police online challan via the Parivahan website:


Step 1: Visit


Step 2: You will have the option to enter the Delhi E-Challan Number, or your Vehicle Registration Number, or driving licence (DL) Number.


Step 3: Enter the captcha code and click on ‘Get Details’.


Step 4: Now, check the details of the offence and the e-challan status.


Step 5: Proceed to process the payment for the traffic fine.


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How to Check Traffic Fine and E-Challan Status in Delhi?

Use the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways website—Parivahan—to check e-challan status online in Delhi. Here’s what you need to do to check traffic fines and the e-challan status:


  1. Visit the Parivahan website at

  2. Select the ‘Check Challan Status’ option ‘on the menu.

  3. Enter the Delhi traffic challan number, vehicle number, or your DL number to retrieve the details of your Delhi e-challan.

  4. The new page will show you any pending traffic fines and provide the e-challan status under your vehicle.

In Conclusion

A rise in Delhi’s road congestion often leads to violation of traffic safety rules. But know that these regulations are put in place to keep you and other pedestrians safe from unfortunate accidents. Thus, to avoid getting a traffic challan in Delhi, please follow the traffic safety rules at all times.

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✔️Does Delhi have any penalty point system in place for traffic rule violators?

Yes. To combat road rage across the city, authorities have implemented a penalty point system. It has different points for different traffic violations. Along with the traffic e challans in Delhi, the people will also accumulate penalty points against their vehicle. Any person who exceeds 12 points, their driving licence is to be suspended for a minimum of one year. Another 12 points will attract licence suspension of five years.

✔️Who is authorised to issue traffic e challans in Delhi?

The Delhi traffic police issues e challans in the city.

✔️Is there a deadline to pay Delhi e challans?

You are liable to pay your Delhi traffic e challans within 60 days of issuance. Otherwise, your challan is sent to the court for further processing.

✔️How is the Delhi e challan issued?

You will receive an SMS on your registered mobile number for each Delhi traffic e challan issued against your vehicle.

✔️Can I check my Delhi e-challan status online?

Yes, you can check your e-challan Delhi online on the Parivahan portal.