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E Challan Gujarat

Gujarat is one of the states which has a significant population. And as a result of its unsustainable population growth, the number of vehicles is also increasing. With such a population, state road traffic is likewise a significant issue. Therefore, the state government has implemented the e-challan Gujarat system to promote effective traffic control. This new method has been put in place to lessen instances of rule breakers and to simplify the work of traffic authorities. The latest traffic rule violations and penalties in Gujarat have contributed to a decrease in occurrences of rule-breaking. 

In this article, we talk about the latest rules and regulations, as well as steps to make payment for e-challan.


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Latest Traffic Rule Violation Penalties in Gujarat

Traffic Violations

Fines imposed by Gujarat Government

Riding two-wheeler without helmet


Driving a four-wheeler without seatbelt


Overloading on two-wheelers


Talking on phone while driving

 ₹500 for the first offence and  ₹100 for the subsequent offence

Driving without license

 ₹2,000 for two-wheelers and  ₹3,000 for four-wheelers

Driving unregistered vehicles

 ₹1,000 for two-wheelers,  ₹3,000 for four-wheelers and  ₹5,000 for bigger vehicles

Obstructing emergency vehicles


Not having PUC certificates

 ₹1,000 for two-wheelers, and  ₹3,000 for other vehicles

Driving on the wrong side

 ₹3,000 for light motor vehicles, and  ₹5,000 for heavy vehicles

Drunk driving

 ₹10,000 and/or 6 months imprisonment which can be extended to  ₹15,000 and/0r 2 years imprisonment for subsequent offence

Minor driving a registered vehicle

 ₹25,000 along with imprisonment of up to 3 years

Not obeying traffic lights

Fines between  ₹1,000 and  ₹5,000 and/or imprisonment from 6 months to 1 year


Gujarat traffic police challan - e-challan payment

With state governments’ constant efforts to align citizens with the Motor Vehicles Act to ensure lesser accidents, imposing traffic fines through electronic challans has become the norm. And hence, the Gujarat government has also started the Gujarat police e-challan. The foremost benefit of Gujarat e-challan is that it has obliterated the nuisance of standing in a long queue to pay the fines. You can now pay the fines online through e-challan payment in Gujarat, from the comfort of your home. Other benefits of e-challan payment Gujarat include:

  • They reduce the time taken and efforts made. The traffic authorities monitor the live feed of traffic through CCTV cameras and identify the offending riders/drivers.

  • The details of the offence are clearly visible due to the transparency of the site.

  • Provides factual data.

 How to Pay E-Challan Gujarat Through Parivahan?

Step 1: Go to the following website:

Step 2: You will have the option to enter the Gujarat RTO Challan Number, or your Vehicle Number, or your DL Number.

Step 3: Now enter the Captcha code and click on ‘Get Details’.

Step 4: Now, check the details of the offence and the echallan status, and then proceed with the Gujarat traffic fine online payment through e-challan Gujarat.

 How to Pay E-Challan Gujarat Online Through the State Government Website?

Step 1: Go to the following website for e-challan Gujarat payment:

Step 2: You will have to enter the vehicle number as well as the captcha code displayed on the homepage and click on ‘Submit’.

Step 3: On the new page, you will see the details about your e-challan. Check its status there.

Step 4: You can now proceed further to pay the e-challan online through the desired method.

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How to Check the Status of the Traffic Challan Using Gujarat E-challan App?

Step 1: To check the status of your e-challan, simply visit the Parivahan website and provide your Gujarat RTO challan number.

Step 2: If there are no e-challans issued against your vehicle, you will receive the message ‘Challan not found’.

How to Check the Status of the Traffic Challan Using Gujarat E-challan App?

Here are the steps required to check the traffic challan using the e-challan app:

Step 1: Install the app.

Step 2: Now enter your vehicle number and click on ‘Get details’.

Step 3: You will now see the list of your paid and unpaid bills.


If you simply follow all the traffic rules and regulations, you will have a safe drive without having to pay any challans. Apart from safe driving, it is also mandatory to have a valid car insurance or bike insurance to drive/ride on Indian roads. To avoid unnecessary hassles that may be caused due to an accident, it is always a good idea to get a comprehensive motor insurance plan. You may choose the car insurance and two-wheeler insurance plans available on Finserv MARKETS and receive manifold benefits such as 24x7 roadside assistance, minimal documentation, quick claim settlement, and so on.

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FAQs on E-Challan Gujarat

✔️What will happen if I do not pay my Gujarat RTO challan?

The e-challan Gujarat will be sent to court where you will be required to go and complete the payment procedure. E-governing bodies can also block your driving licence if you have not completed the payment against your e-challan.

✔️For which traffic offenses can Gujarat RTO challan be issued?

Breaking any of the traffic rules and regulations as stated in the Motor Vehicles Act can lead to issuing of an e-challan. Most common instances include speeding, not wearing helmets, wrong parking on the roadside, violating traffic lights, etc.

✔️Is there a deadline for paying Gujarat RTO challan?

You have to pay your e-challan Gujarat within 60 days. Otherwise, your challan would be sent to the court.

✔️What is the fine for riding a two-wheeler without a helmet in Gujarat?

You will be levied a fine of ₹500 for driving without a helmet in Gujarat.

✔️Is there a fine for overloading two-wheelers in Gujarat?

Yes, a fine of ₹100 will be levied if you are caught riding an overloaded two-wheeler in Gujarat.