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Latest E- Challan News

Telangana: Deadline for clearing pending traffic challans at discounted rates extended till April 14, 2022

On March 30, 2022, Mohammed Mahmood Ali, the Home Minister of Telangana, announced that the deadline for paying pending traffic challans at a discounted rate will be extended till April 14, 2022. The earlier deadline for the same was March 31, 2022. He added that so far, challan payments worth ₹250 crore have been made out of the pending challans worth ₹840 crore. The minister said that this decision to extend the deadline was made keeping in mind the financial difficulties faced by the citizens of Telangana over the past two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

- Mar 31, 2022

215 e-challans issued in Chandigarh after launch of ICCC

As per the figures recorded till March 29, 2022, the Chandigarh traffic police have issued 215 e-challans remotely after the launch of the Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC) on March 27, 2022. Out of these, 200 e-challans were issued for speeding and 15 e-challans were issued for jumping the red light. The Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS) at ICCC, which was launched under the Union Territory’s Smart City project, will help in generating automatic challans by capturing traffic violations like speeding and jumping the red signal. The system can also detect wrong side driving, zebra crossing violations, and driving without a helmet. However, the system is still being fine-tuned, and the challans for such violations will also start soon.

- Mar 29, 2022

Hyderabad: Discount offer on e-challans to end on March 31

The massive discount announced to clear the pending e-challans has been receiving a good response. Yet, the offer won’t be extended beyond March 31, 2022, said AV Ranganath, the Hyderabad Traffic Joint Commissioner of Police. Issues such as filing chargesheets of top defaulters (over 50 violations) separately from other violators were also discussed in a meeting. The officials have been asked to mention the challan history of all violators while filing chargesheets. They have also been instructed to enforce the removal of stickers on vehicles, clearing abandoned vehicles on roads, irregular number plates, and silencers. 

Hyderabad traffic police receive pending traffic challans worth ₹135 crore

With the state traffic police in Hyderabad offering discounts on pending traffic challans between March 1-31, 2022, the motorists have paid up pending fines worth ₹135 crore so far. The Hyderabad traffic police had announced a 75% discount on two-wheeler and three-wheeler vehicles, making them liable to pay only 25% of the fine. As per data shared by the state traffic police, a total of 6 crore pending challans worth ₹1,750 crore are to be paid. However, they are expecting to collect challans worth ₹500 crore by the end of the month.

- Mar 17, 2022

Maharashtra: HSP recovers e-challan dues worth ₹70.17 crore with the help of Lok Adalat

The Highway Safety Patrol (HSP) in Maharashtra has recovered the dues for 14.28 lakh pending e-challans worth ₹70.17 crore. This collection has been achieved in a month’s time with the help of the Lok Adalat that took place on March 12.  On February 12, the HSP served pre-litigation notices via SMS to 80.66 lakh motorists who had defaulted on their e-challan payments, asking them to be present before the Lok Adalat. The motorists had a total of 2.36 crore pending e-challans collectively worth ₹996.85 crore. An HSP official said that the motorists who have failed to appear before the Lok Adalat and continue to default their e-challan dues will now have to face a case in a regular court.

- Mar 15, 2022

Maharashtra: Motorists clear e-challan dues worth 57.15 crore

The Maharashtra Highway Safety Patrol (HSP) has collected e-challan dues worth ₹57.15 crore from 11.60 lakh motorists since February 2022. These motorists, who had defaulted on paying their e-challan fines, were served a notice to appear before the Lok Adalat on March 12, 2022. Since February 12, 2022, the HSP has served notices to over 80.66 lakh vehicle owners who had violated traffic rules and defaulted on their e-challan payment. The collective cost of these e-challans is ₹996.85 crore. An HSP official said that a case will be filed in a regular court against the motorists who fail to appear before the Lok Adalat and continue to default their e-challan dues.

- March 11, 2022

Noida: E-fines to be issued on traffic violators from April 15

From April 15, 2022, traffic defaulters in Noida shall receive e-challans or e-fines as a part of the district authority’s Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS). With the integration of traffic surveillance and management, this project aims at managing the ever-increasing traffic load on the streets. Around 1,065 cameras are to be installed across the region to monitor traffic. The ITMS will be supported with auxiliary systems such as speed detection units, adaptive traffic lights, and automatic number plate readers. With e-surveillance, the traffic police will have the live footage of all pockets of the city, enabling them to issue traffic alerts to commuters during peak hours.

- Mar 7, 2022

Maharashtra: 77.17 lakh vehicle owners asked to appear before Lok Adalat for challan dues

77.17 lakh vehicle owners in Maharashtra have defaulted their e-challan on traffic violations. Hence, they have been asked to be present before the Lok Adalat on March 12. Since the e-challan system started in 2019, the Highway Traffic Police has issued 5.24 crore of e-challans, out of which 3.18 crore e-challans remained unpaid, (amounting to ₹1,332 crore). On December 12, the total unpaid traffic e-challans stood at ₹1,175 crore and since then, the total amount of unpaid e-challans has increased by ₹157 crore till date. The 77.17 lakh vehicle owners need to pay their fines by March 12 or be present before the Lok Adalat. Those who neither pay their fines or appear before the Lok Adalat on the said date will have to face prosecution before regular court and pay a higher fine.

- February 25, 2022

Telangana: Vehicle owners get huge discounts on pending traffic challans

Here is a piece of good news for vehicle users in Telangana. The Police Commissioners of Hyderabad, Cyberabad and Rachokonda have offered discounts on pending traffic challans. Vehicle users can avail this discount between March 1 - March 31 (2022). The police have offered a discount of up to 75% for the owners of autos and two-wheelers, up to 80% for those of petty vendors and pushcarts, 70% for RTC buses, and 50% for jeeps, LMVs and heavy vehicles. This discount facility will be available only to those who have been fined by the Hyderabad, Cyberabad or Rachokonda commissioners. The vehicle owners can avail this facility on the official Telangana e-challan website.

- February 24, 2022

Maharashtra: E-challan issued to 150 motorists for traffic violations in Kalyan-Dombivli

On February 22, 2022, which was the first day of implementing the e-challan system in Kalyan-Dombivli, around 150 motorists were fined for traffic violations. Most of these violators jumped the signals or did not stop before the zebra crossing. The e-challan system, which is integrated with the signal system in the city, was inaugurated on February 22 under the Smart Kalyan Dombivli Development Corporation Limited (SKDCL), along with an integrated control and command centre at the Kalyan-Dombivli Municipal Corporation headquarters for monitoring the traffic movement. Vijay Suryavanshi, Commissioner of KDMC, said that this system will help in disciplining the traffic movement and in turn provide an easy commute to the citizens in the KDMC limits.

- February 22, 2022

Mumbai: Incorrect traffic challans and Lok Adalat summons annoy vehicle owners

As per a new report, many vehicle owners in Mumbai are being fined with traffic challans incorrectly and being summoned by Lok Adalat to pay these fines. The vehicle owners have been posting online on social media sites to seek redressal for their incorrect fines. The report adds that the wrong e challans include the ones addressed to the wrong vehicle numbers, fines to owners for vehicle models they do not own and fines issued to vehicle owners who did not commit any traffic violations. DCP (traffic-HQ) DPC Raj Tilak Roshan announced that a special desk at the traffic headquarters is being set up where vehicle owners can submit their grievances.

- February 20, 2022

Hyderabad traffic police considering 1-time relief on e challan dues

As per a report, the Hyderabad traffic police is considering giving a 1-time relief to traffic offenders by giving a concession on the e challan fines that are yet to be paid. According to the report, around ₹600 crore worth of e challans are pending in Hyderabad, with more than ₹1.7 crore unpaid e challans pending over the last 7 years. The decision to offer a 1-time relief is being considered due to the financial losses faced by people during the COVID-19 pandemic. The officials also said that they will finalise the details of the 1-time concession after approval from the government. 

- February 18, 2022

Delhi: Maximum e-challans on Delhi-Meerut Expressway issued for speeding

According to the Road Transport Ministry, since July 2019, maximum challans on the Delhi-Meerut Expressway were issued for speeding. These numbers decreased by one-third during 2021 in comparison to the challans issued in 2020. The data shared by the Union Minister, Nitin Gadkari, reported a total of 1.29 lakh challans issued in August 2019 alone where 1 lakh challans were issued to cab owners and cars. Furthermore, the data showed the numbers have come down since September 2019 and have been stable for the past 2 years.

- February 13, 2022

Mumbai: E-challans worth ₹104 crore issued in a month of amended MV Act coming into force

The Maharashtra Traffic Police have issued e-challans for a whopping ₹104 crore in just the first month after the amended Motor Vehicle Act came into force. This amended MV Act has increased various traffic fines. The new amended MV Act came into force on December 11, 2021, and till January 11, 2022, a total of 14,27,515 e-challans were issued for various violations like riding without a helmet, signal jumping, dangerous parking, etc. However, this amended act does not seem to be a deterrent as only 2.15 lakh challans worth ₹11 crore have been paid out of the total ₹104 crore.

- January 18, 2022

Telangana: Traffic violators to pay ₹35 extra as user charge on e-challan

The Telangana traffic police are making violators pay ₹35 extra on their e-challan as user charge. The collection of such a fee has been in force since 2007, although not many citizens are aware of this additional charge. According to a police official, levying such a fee will help deter violators from breaking traffic regulations in the future. From the user charge of ₹35, ₹5 goes towards the eSeva centre and payment gateways that process the payments. A total of ₹15 goes to the Postal department, ₹10 to the police department and ₹5 to the Telangana State Technology Services.

- January 5, 2022

Rajkot: E-challans of 25 crore issued, but only 12% recovered

Thanks to over 500 cameras installed across the city, the Rajkot Traffic Police managed to identify traffic-rules violators seamlessly. In 2021, the Rajkot Traffic Police Department issued e-challans worth ₹25.10 crore, however, only 12% of this amount was recovered. During this period, the cops also collected spot fines worth ₹7 crore. Additionally, 80,000 challans were issued using mobile phone apps. The Rajkot Traffic Police Department has claimed that the incidents of road accidents were reduced by 17% in 2021 as compared to the previous year.

- January 02, 2022

Maharashtra Hikes Fines for Traffic Violations

The Maharashtra traffic police has increased fines for various offences. According to the Highway Safety Patrol, the traffic police issued 57,977 e-challans collectively worth ₹4.51 crore within 2 days (December 12 and December 13). On the other hand, before the fines were hiked, the traffic police issued 1.09 lakh e-challans worth ₹4.32 crore on December 10 and December 11. The fine amount has been revised and increased for 150+ road-safety violations. For repeat offenders, the fines will be higher.

- December 14, 2021

Maharashtra traffic departments recover e-challan dues worth ₹16 crore in 4 days

Since December 9, the traffic police departments across Maharashtra have recovered e-challan fines that are collectively worth ₹16.19 crore. The Maharashtra Highway Safety Patrol (HSP) coordinated with the traffic departments and had served notices to errant motorists, summoning them to be present before the Lok Adalat on December 11 for clearing their pending e-challan dues. This resulted in many paying their dues between December 9 and 12. A police inspector from the Highway Safety Patrol said, “We will continue this exercise in future too. Those motorists, who failed to appear before the Lok Adalat and have not paid their dues will have to face prosecution before a regular court and may have to pay a higher fine”.

- December 13, 2021

Maharashtra: Over 36 lakh motorists served notice over pending e-challan fines worth ₹586.89 crore

As per a new report, Deed writers, E mitra operators and some staff posted at sub-registrars in Jaipur are under investigation. The police had set up a special investigation team (SIT) to look into the alleged misuse of the government receipt accounting system (e-GRAS) or money laundering and embezzlement worth crores. An FIR was filed at the Bani Park police station on October 1 about fraudulent e challans, which led to the formation of the special investigation team (SIT.) Police suspect that the individuals involved had been embezzling funds by exploiting technical glitches in the e-GRAS system.On December 11, over 36 lakh motorists in Maharashtra were summoned through the local traffic police to appear before the Lok Adalat regarding the 1.45 crore e-challan issued to them. The total amount of fines for these e-challans is collectively worth ₹586.89 crore. Those motorists who fail to appear before the Lok Adalat will face prosecution in court. Overall, since January 2019, the pending e-challan fines stand at ₹1,191.76 crore. In September 2021, the local traffic police in Maharashtra started serving pre-litigation notices to 10 lakh motorists, summoning them to appear before the Lok Adalat to pay the e-challan fines. They started serving the second round of these notices on November 19. Due to these notices, several motorists have paid fines worth ₹34.81 crore to date, while the remaining will have to be present before the court on December 11.

- December 11, 2021

Mumbai man loses ₹60,000 to cyber fraud while paying e-challan

A ₹400 traffic challan ended up costing ₹60,000 to a Mumbai citizen. How this man landed on the wrong website is still unknown. SB Wakase, a BEST driver, tried to make his traffic challan payment online using an e-wallet. Since his e-wallet app didn’t show any transaction, SB Wakase got in touch with the customer care number provided to him. A fraudster claimed to be a customer care executive and asked the victim to share bank details and download a remote access control application. Consequently, Wakase lost ₹60,000 with 4 different transactions. A case has been filed with the Trombay police. The unfortunate incident expounds on the consequences of sharing your bank details and other credentials.

- December 7, 2021

Jaipur: SIT arrests 2 main suspects of e challan fraud case

A Special Investigations Team (SIT) of Jaipur that had been investigating a massive e challan scam in the city has arrested 2 prime suspects for their involvement in the said case. As per a report, both the accused worked in the sub-registrar and registry works office and helped to forge documents in order to embezzle money. The police have further revealed that a total of 5 suspects have been arrested till now and they are looking at the staff working at the sub-registrar office 2 and 5 for their involvement in this fraud case.

- November 28, 2021

Kolkata to have virtual traffic court for e     challan cases

A new virtual traffic court, which will be hearing all e challan cases, is set to launch in Kolkata, as per a news report. According to the report, the local high court has already begun the process of establishing this new court and a final decision regarding the same will be announced within the coming weeks. The court will help solve e challan cases over the internet and people will also be able to make the e challan payment online. The Kolkata traffic police had already begun trials for this court in two locations with successful results and are now planning to introduce it to the public.

- September 24, 2021

Haryana: Over 15000 e challans issued in Panchkula using 454 CCTV cameras

The traffic police in Panchkula has issued a total of 15,979 e challans using 454 CCTV cameras located across the city in 2021 till now. The police said that these CCTV cameras have been placed at each intersection to locate traffic rule offenders and identify their vehicles. These e challans were issued to the drivers for offences such as driving without a seat belt, driving without helmets, using mobile when driving, driving on the wrong side, etc. The police also added that those fined with e challans should pay them off as soon as possible to avoid further legal action. Any pending e challans can be paid online on the Parivahan website.

- November 22, 2021

Navi Mumbai: 12,090 two-wheeler riders fined for riding without a helmet

The Navi Mumbai traffic police fined 12,090 two-wheeler riders in the past 12 days for riding without a helmet. The intensified drive against penalising helmetless riders is intended to raise awareness on the importance of wearing helmets for riders and pillion riders, said DCP (traffic) Purushottam Karad. The highest number of cases of two-wheeler riders without a helmet was reported on October 30, 2021, with 2,100 cases. The DCP further added that bikes top the list for deaths caused due to an accident where 580 accidents have been reported so far. The traffic department has also planned to cancel driving licences for repeated offences instead of charging a challan to offenders.

- November 12, 2021

19500 challans issued to e rickshaws by Delhi Traffic Police 

As part of a special drive, the Delhi Traffic Police took action against approximately 19500 rickshaws over traffic violations such as improper parking, driving through a no-entry zone, driving without a licence, carrying excessive passengers and other offences. These challans were issued from January 1 to October 31 in 2021. Out of them, 11,983 challans were issued for improper parking, 5546 challans for driving through a no-entry zone and 2,062 challans for other offences. 

- November 1, 2021

E challan scam worth crores: Special team formed to investigate

As per a new report, Deed writers, E mitra operators and some staff posted at sub-registrars in Jaipur are under investigation. The police had set up a special investigation team (SIT) to look into the alleged misuse of the government receipt accounting system (e-GRAS) or money laundering and embezzlement worth crores. An FIR was filed at the Bani Park police station on October 1 about fraudulent e challans, which led to the formation of the special investigation team (SIT.) Police suspect that the individuals involved had been embezzling funds by exploiting technical glitches in the e-GRAS system.

- Oct 20, 2021

Pune: E challan app for Covid violations to be ready ahead of Diwali

As per a report, the state disaster management agencies are planning to come up with an online e challan app to transparently collect Covid violation fines. The e challan app for Covid violations will be ready before Diwali, government officials revealed. 5 agencies have been approached till now for the development of the app and the final decision on one agency would be made within this week. The fines collected through the app will be used to set up Covid related infrastructure.

- Oct 20, 2021

77% of 21 lakh traffic offenders in Maharashtra yet to pay fines

Out of the 21,00,983 traffic violators who were issued challans between the period of March 1, 2021, to August 31, 2021, only around 23% have paid their fines as per data compiled by the office of the director-general of police in Mumbai. The data also reveals that the total amount of money of all unpaid fines comes to around ₹102 crore. Mumbai and Pune were the cities with the highest number of unpaid offenders followed by Nagpur. The traffic violators who are yet to pay off their challans are likely to be summoned to court. If you have any unpaid challans against you or your vehicle, you can pay them off online at the Parivahan website.

- Oct 04, 2021

Maharashtra: Traffic department recovers ₹5.5 cr in fine after Lok Adalat scare

The state traffic department of Maharashtra was able to recover ₹5.5 crore within 10 days due to concerns over appearing before the Lok Adalat for unpaid e-challans. An amount of ₹3.6 crore was recovered from the city of Mumbai itself from the total amount of ₹5.5 crore in fines. The department compiled a list of defaulters owing more than ₹1000 in fines and sent out pre-litigation notices via SMS to clear pending e-challans before September 24, 2021. This had led many defaulters to clear their penalties and hence, the significant increase in the recovery of fines.

- September 24, 2021

Outstanding e-challan dues to be collected at toll plaza

Due to the obstacles associated with collecting challan dues on highways and routine raids, the police have proposed the collection of fines at the toll plaza. With this, the police will be able to recover fines by connecting the vehicle details and pending e-challans via the bank account-linked FASTag. Currently, there are 10 agencies available that are maintaining such toll plazas.

- August 7, 2021

Ludhiana: Traffic police to issue e-challans for speeding, using LiDAR sensor

The traffic police in Ludhiana are installing LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensors to capture traffic violations, especially speeding. The new e-challan system was proposed due to the tragic death of three youths after their car plunged into the Sidhwan Canal on July 25. The LiDAR sensor machine has been installed on a trial basis in the city where the device will capture the vehicle number and an e-challan will be generated.

- July 30, 2021

Gurugram Police places special cameras at 25 locations to detect traffic signal violators

The Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) and the Gurugram Traffic Police have installed red light violation detection cameras (RLVD) at 25 points across Gurugram. These new cameras will be monitoring these 25 locations 24x7 for red-light violations. While the e challan system has already been introduced by the Gurugram Traffic Police, this is a big step in further automating the system. These cameras can successfully detect vehicles that cross the road before the red light switches off and transmit their vehicle number to the system, which in turn generates an automatic e-challan that is sent to the offenders through SMS.

- August 27, 2021

Maharashtra: Highway Police to approach Lok Adalat as 81% traffic offenders yet to pay e-challan dues

The Highway Traffic Police in Maharashtra had issued more than 12.77 lakh traffic challans to offenders between 2019 and July 2021 for violating traffic rules. Out of the 12.77 lakh offenders, only about 2.46 lakh, which is 19 % of them, have paid their e-challan dues. The remaining 10.31 lakh offenders are yet to pay their fines, worth around ₹98.52 Crore. The traffic officials have now decided to approach the Lok Adalat to recover the pending dues. They are also sending messages to the offenders and visiting their residences to recover the fines.

-  August 2, 2021

Kolkata Police to introduce E-Challan software for more transparent prosecutions

Kolkata Traffic Police is going to introduce new e-challan software that will be integrated with the national database for vehicle registration. This new e-challan software will ensure more transparent prosecutions not only in Kolkata, but all over the country. As the software is linked to the national database, traffic police from all over the country will have access to the Kolkata traffic offenders’ list.

- Jul 20, 2021

Chennai: E-challans will now be sent to violators’ phone numbers

People found breaking the traffic rules in Anna Nagar and Thirumangalam areas of Chennai will have an e-challan sent to their mobile phones now. Traffic offenders will be identified using surveillance cameras that capture the vehicle number plates. The system will automatically generate e-challans for offenders and send it to them on their phone numbers by cross-referencing the number plates against the National Informatics Centre (NIC).

- Jul 02, 2021

E-challan system now active in all districts of Kerala

Kerala State Police Chief Loknath Behera inaugurated the second and third phase of the e-challan system on June 27, 2021 , expanding it to cover all districts of the state. The e-challan system was introduced by the Kerala government back in September 2020 to modernise the traffic department. It has collected over ₹17 Crore in fines across Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Ernakulam, Thrissur, and Kozhikode over 11 months, the Kerala state police department said in a statement to The New Indian Express.

- Jun 27, 2021

Mumbaikars: Maharashtra Govt. plans to refund fines for wrong E Challans

For those who were wrongly issued e-challans against their vehicles, the State Government has decided to refund the imposed penalty. A separate account has been put in place to ensure that the refund process is initiated smoothly. As of now, the authorities intend to refund ₹1.10 lakh to the motorists who were wrongly charged across the state. The money will be refunded into the account within three months.

- May 21, 2021

Ernakulam rural police to introduce e-challan system

With the e-challan system in place, vehicle owners/drivers can pay traffic fines/penalties using their debit/credit cards or via online payment apps at the toll plazas and traffic checkpoints. The system will allow traffic police authorities to gather necessary vehicle-related information without any hassle.

- April 16, 2021

Gurugram: Traffic violators to receive real-time challans w.e.f. April 9, 2021

Gurugram traffic authorities, on April 9, 2021, issued 30 e-challans from three locations in the city (Galleria Market, Bakhtawar Chowk, and Iffco Chowk Metro station). By May, the authorities are set to expand this process to 10 other locations within the town. Traffic violators in Gurugram will receive a traffic challan text message instantly for any traffic-related offences.

- April 10, 2021

New traffic rules introduced for riding with children

As per the new Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, if your child is four years old or above, it will be counted as a third person. That means when riding a two-wheeler with your spouse and a child that’s above four years of age, you will have to pay an e-challan of ₹1,000 under Section 194A. Furthermore, if your child is a pillion rider with you and not wearing a helmet, you will receive a challan of ₹1,000.

- April 9, 2021

New Delhi Traffic Police appoints staff to collect fines after e-challan portal glitches

The online traffic challan payment portal in New Delhi recently experienced some glitches because of which the challan dues have piled up. To combat this, the city’s traffic authorities are set to appoint their staff members on Saturdays and Sundays between 10 am and 6 pm to seek challan payments offline. The plan is still in discussion, considering the country’s battle with the pandemic, and a definite date that is yet to be decided.

- April 7, 2021

E-challan not paid? Sorry, but you cannot sell your car

E-challan not paid? Sorry, but you cannot sell your car You read it right! Maharashtra traffic police has urged RTOs in the state to not issue transfer certificates to motor vehicles with pending challans. This initiative has been incorporated to keep a tab on unpaid traffic e-challans.

- March 21, 2021

Food delivery companies pay ₹36 cr for traffic violations

Reports suggest that food delivery companies have lost a total of ₹36 crore in e-challan penalties to date as their drivers regularly flout traffic norms. It is reported that the Mumbai traffic police is awaiting e-challan payments worth ₹319 crore from these companies.

- March 5, 2021

Cash payments would be accepted for road offence fine

Following the demands for paying traffic violation fines in cash, Pune's traffic police department has finally given an agreement. This knocks off the department's prior decision of accepting only online or card payments for road traffic violation, especially post the demonetisation announced in 2016. This change would also help negate the fine collection delays that arise due to various reasons like not carrying cards on the violation spot, facing network issues, etc. Following this change, commuters have the flexibility to pay traffic challan by means as per their convenience.

- Feb 16, 2021

Telangana police beats other states in collecting e-challan fines

In the implementation of traffic e-challans, the Telangana police have topped the list among other states. They found that over 70% of the e-challans produced against vehicle owners were in breach of the Motor Vehicle (MV) Act rules.

Most e-challans were provided with photographs as proof against motorists in Hyderabad, Cyberabad and Rachakonda Police Commissionerates. Mumbai and New Delhi reflected a different picture where the implementation of e-challans was less than 50 per cent.

- Jan 24, 2021

More than two hundred errant motorists fined under Operation Screen

A total of around two hundred motorists were fined with traffic challans in various parts of Kochi on the violation of using black films or clothes on glass windows and windshields of cars, under Operation Screen, a special drive initiated by the Motor Vehicles Department (MVD).

Concerned authorities have taken strict action against all erring vehicles and vans. The special drive was conducted as there was an increase in violations of the law and they were closely supervised by the High Court. This MVD initiative is against using dark sheets as in the event of an accident, the glass has to shatter into granules. This would be hindered by sticking tinted boards, posing a danger to life. The rule should be observed by all vehicles, including ambulances, as ambulances are often nabbed for illegally ferrying people and freight.

- Jan 19, 2021

Not paid e-challan ? Your car may be seized

Starting December 1, your vehicle could get impounded if you're in Thane and haven't made your pending e-challan payments.

The Thane police reportedly issues 25,000 e-challans everyday, and half of them remain pending. This has happened despite the department’s efforts of providing multiple payment options such as through Maharashtra traffic website, the app, Paytm, apart from the 18 police traffic stations armed with 300 constables possessing machines.Balasaheb Patil, DCP, Thane Traffic Police, said that offenders will first be given a 10-day notice period. If they don’t pay up within this period, their vehicles might be seized as per the Motor Vehicles Act.

- Nov 12, 2020

Pending e-challan? Cops to now pay a visit to recover due payments

As per the Mumbai traffic police, there are 29 lakh unpaid challans as of December 2020. It is of no surprise that the department has a backlog of close to Rs.317 Crores. To clear the same, the department has come up with 11 teams consisting of 2 police officers each.

These teams will conduct door-to-door visits and recover payments for due challans. Motorists will be informed beforehand via a phone call and in case they don’t have funds, they will be asked to pay up the same at the earliest.

This move follows the incident where the e-challan system failed to produce expected results. Besides, the department believes that motorists would be more agreeable at their homes than on the streets.

- Dec 10, 2020

Traffic e-challan settlement pending? Mumbai Police to now accept cash payments

With the failure of the e-challan method, the Mumbai police has now taken measures for alternate means of collecting fines such as cash payments. Though the e-challan option is still available, cash or card payment for your traffic challan is now possible, be it on the spot or at a police station.

For the past four years, cash payment for challans was not allowed. Now, although permitted, the move has come with a condition that you are to pay your traffic challan dues only to an officer of sub-inspector or higher rank. The first department to adopt the e-challan system has now gone back to cash methods in a bid to improve the system.

- Dec 9, 2020

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