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Best Tips to Maintain Electric Bike

The advent of electric vehicles has completely changed the automobile landscape. Not only are they more frugal and efficient, they’re also more environment friendly compared to fossil fuel powered vehicles.


Another major advantage that an electric vehicle has over conventional motorcycles and scooters is that of lower maintenance requirements. That said, they’re not completely maintenance-free.


Basic electric bike maintenance is important. You need to pay attention to regular upkeep and maintenance at intervals to ensure that your electric bike performs optimally. Here are a few tips that you can follow to keep your electric two-wheeler in top condition.

Basic Maintenance Tips for your Electric Two-wheeler

The electric bike maintenance tips elaborated below are quite basic and require very little technical knowledge or expensive equipment. Almost any individual can carry them out from the comfort of their own home without having to take their vehicle to an experienced mechanic.


Clean the Vehicle Frequently

Although this might sound very basic, it is something that many individuals fail to do. Keeping your electric vehicle clean and free from dust and debris is really important.


Letting dirt accumulate on the bike can lead to fading of paint, formation of rust, and unnecessary friction between parts.


However, since this is an electric two-wheeler, remember to be cautious when using water to clean the vehicle.


Try not to use a pressure washer to wash away dirt and debris since it can lead to water ingress into the electric motor, requiring you to conduct extensive electric bike motor repair.

Lubricate Moving Parts

This is another really important electric bike maintenance tip that you should follow without fail. Although an electric two-wheeler has only a fraction of the moving parts of a conventional bike, they require constant and regular lubrication.


Right from the brake levers to the belt drive mechanism, all such moving parts need proper lubrication. This will keep them in good condition, so you don’t have to spend a lot on electric bike repairing expenses later.


For more information and guidance on lubrication of moving parts, it is always a good idea to refer to the electric bike maintenance booklet that you would have received along with the bike.

Check Tire Pressure Frequently

Tires are often the most neglected parts of a two-wheeler. However, they’re also one of the most important parts too. It is absolutely crucial to ensure that the tires of your electric bike are well-inflated at all times. This will ensure that your tires are in good condition, and you can save on electric bike repairing costs.


Driving around with an underinflated tire can exert undue stress on the motor, causing it to overheat. And an overheating electric bike motor is never a good sign.


Similarly, driving with overinflated tires is also not advisable since it reduces the contact surface area between the tyres and the road. Always ensure that you check the tire pressure frequently and inflate it only up to the manufacturer specified level.

Don’t Overload the Bike

Every electric bike has a maximum load rating. Some bikes are rated to carry up to 200 kilograms, while others are less than that. Always make sure to adhere to the manufacturer specified load rating.


Overloading the bike with more weight than recommended can severely stress and overheat the electric bike motor. Check the electric bike maintenance booklet for more information on maximum load capacity if you’re unsure.

Follow E-bike Battery Maintenance Tips

The battery of an electric bike is the heart and soul of the vehicle. It is absolutely essential to take good care of it. You can find tips on e-bike battery maintenance in the information booklet given to you at the time of purchase.


Make sure to follow all of the tips recommended by the manufacturer without fail. E-bike battery maintenance usually includes charging the battery only for the recommended time, using the correct socket and charger, and not draining it completely.

Charge Your Electric Bike Every Few Days

The battery of an electric vehicle can still discharge even if you don’t use it. So, if you’re not going to be using your electric bike frequently, it is a good idea to charge the bike every few days.


Charging your bike at such regular intervals will ensure that the battery remains in good health and doesn’t discharge completely.

Keep the Brakes Clean

Using your brakes regularly creates a fine dust that can end up accumulating on brake components like the rotor disc and brake calipers. This can reduce the function and effectiveness of the brakes significantly.


Therefore, it is crucial to keep your brakes clean and free from such dust. The best way to clean out your brakes is by blowing compressed air to get rid of it.


Following the above-mentioned tips religiously can not only keep your electric bike in perfect condition, but can also extend the life of its motor, battery, and other components.


Also, remember to adhere to the e-bike Maintenance Schedule and pay your electric bike insurance. Not doing so can void your warranty and can even lead to the need for premature electric bike repairing and risk your safety.  

FAQs Tips to Maintain Electric Bike

 Yes. The upfront costs associated with an electric bike tend to be higher than a conventional fossil fuel powered bike.  

 The frequency depends on the type of electric bike you have and the manufacturer’s specifications. As a general rule of thumb, charge your vehicle as soon as it reaches 20% battery capacity.

 Of course. Two wheeler insurance provides comprehensive coverage for electric bikes as well.  

 No. Although it might be possible, it is not at all advisable to indulge in electric bike repairing all by yourself. Some models come with a sealed battery that can only be accessed by competent mechanics.  

 Yes. Since there are no oil changes, air filter changes, or other component changes involved, maintenance of electric bikes tend to be far cheaper than that of conventional two-wheelers.

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