Know What your Bike Insurance doesn't cover

A two-wheeler is a great form of transport in cities, allowing you to cover long distances quickly while avoiding traffic snarls. When you purchase a bike, you must necessarily also opt for bike insurance, to protect your vehicle from damage. However, bike insurance does come with its own set of exclusions, which include riding without a license, riding under the influence of alcohol or drugs, speeding, staging an accident, losing your keys, riding outside the geographical jurisdiction of your insurer, riding without a helmet, and a lapsed insurance policy, to name a few.

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What Isn’t Covered by Your Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy?

A two-wheeler has become a crucial mode of transport in urban as well as rural areas. In recent years, the two-wheeler industry in India has witnessed a massive expansion owing to its increasing demand amongst the middle-class population. This rising demand for bikes and other such vehicles has led to a significant increase in insurance providers and the types of plans they offer.


In today’s day and age, two-wheeler insurance is crucial for coverage against a variety of expenses that you may have to bear in the event of an accident. However, there are some aspects that are not covered under the bike insurance plan. So, let’s understand some key exclusions of two-wheeler insurance policies.


  • Riding Without Licence

In case you raise a bike insurance claim for damage incurred by your vehicle, the insurer will not cover it in the absence of a driving licence. If the loss was incurred while you were riding the two-wheeler without a valid licence, you may have to pay from your own pocket.


  • Damage Incurred Under Influence

Insurance providers will not compensate you for the damage incurred by your bike while riding under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Furthermore, to avoid unfortunate mishaps, it is advised to not drink and drive. Besides putting your life at risk, your insurance plan also won’t cover the expenses in such cases.


  • Speeding

Your bike insurance policy does not include coverage for damage caused due to overspeeding. Thus, it is recommended to drive within the speed limit specified on the road.


  • Staged Accidents

In case you stage an accident or if the insurer finds the claim fishy, the insurance provider will not cover any losses caused to the vehicle.


  • Loss of Vehicle Keys

Another bike insurance claim that will be denied by the insurance provider is theft due to misplacement of keys. In case you lose the keys of your vehicle or you accidentally leave them on the bike and it gets stolen, your claim will mostly be rejected.


  • Breakdown of Your Two-Wheeler

Any mechanical or electrical breakdown will not be covered by the insurance company. Thus, you must regularly check your two-wheeler for safety purposes. Moreover, ensure you go through the policy documents to understand the terms and conditions of the plan.


  • Damage due to Mutiny or War

If your bike gets damaged due to an uprising in your country, the insurer will not cover the expenses. This also includes loss resulting from war, mutiny, terrorism, riots or any other political instability.


  • Riding Outside Geographical Limits

Any loss or damage to your two-wheeler that occurs while driving outside the geographical area mentioned in the policy will not be covered. Thus, ensure to read the fine print and ride within the specified limits.


  • Lapsed Policy

Every two-wheeler insurance plan has a fixed tenure during which your vehicle is secured. Once your policy expires, you must renew the bike insurance to gain coverage against unfortunate incidents. In case you do not renew the plan and it lapses, you lose the bike coverage as well. After policy expiry, the insurer will not cover any damage incurred by your vehicle.


  • Unauthorised Rider

When purchasing two-wheeler insurance, you need to mention the names of all the individuals who might ride your bike. This is because loss caused to your vehicle by an unauthorised driver will not entitle you to file a claim.


  • Using Vehicle for Commercial Purposes

Make sure you do not use your two-wheeler for commercial purposes without informing your insurer as it might lead to rejection of your claim. Any damage caused due to such activities will not be covered.


  • Riding Without a Helmet

It is vital to wear your helmet while riding your bike to safeguard yourself from unforeseen incidents. Moreover, loss resulting from not wearing your helmet can enable the insurer to deny your insurance claim.

Over to You!

Now that you are aware of the various aspects that aren’t covered under your bike insurance policy, you can steer clear of such mishaps. However, it is recommended to read your policy document thoroughly and understand the terms and conditions before purchasing it. Check out the online bike insurance buying tips now!


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FAQs on Bike Insurance Exclusions

  • ✔️Will the insurance provider accept any claims for scratches or dents to the bike?

    Yes. If you have a comprehensive bike insurance policy, you can raise claims for scratches or dents incurred by your two-wheeler. However, you cannot claim it for third-party insurance.

  • ✔️What isn’t covered under third-party bike insurance?

    The following aspects are not covered under third-party bike insurance:

    • Own damage

    • Theft

    • Natural calamities

    • Man-made disasters

  • ✔️Do the exclusions remain similar across all bike insurance plans?

    Yes. The exclusions of bike insurance plans remain constant across policies. However, you should go through your policy documents beforehand.

  • ✔️Which type of insurance policy is mandatory for two-wheelers?

    Third-party bike insurance is mandated by law under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. If you are caught without insurance, you could be penalised or might face imprisonment. However, comprehensive bike insurance is optional and you can purchase it for additional coverage.

  • ✔️How many times can I file claims under my bike insurance plan?

    You can file as many claims as you want up to the sum insured that is the Insured Declared Value of your bike insurance plan. However, by filing an insurance claim, you will end up losing the No Claim Bonus discount.