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Purchasing a new electric bike can be a rewarding experience, provided you know your way around the relevant charging principle. An electric bike, unlike a scooter with a traditional gas propulsion system, has a smaller engine or rather an enclosed battery setup. As a rule of thumb, electric bike charging requires you to periodically replenish the battery setup, which then propels the motor and subsequently, the wheels.

In the subsequent sections, we shall take a closer look at the question of ‘how to charge an electric bike’ without reducing the efficacy of the battery. In the process, we would also discuss a fair bit about keeping the riding range or mileage within the preferred limits.

How to Charge Your New Electric Bike?

Firstly, charging a scooty, that too an electric one, varies depending on what the manufacturer intends on providing as accessories and ports. However, the initial charging remains constant where you need to slot the existing charger into the battery bay. For those who do not have experience with charging an e-Bike, it is important to look for a charger that is always supplied with the bike or scooter, featuring a power supply, two-cable slot, and also an extension for connecting to eBike charging stations.

At home, the cable fits with any given power source but things might get trickier if you move outside. In most cases, it takes around 2 to even 6 hours at times for an electric bike to get fully charged. Also, you need to be mindful of the electric bike charging cost, which might set you back by close to 20 Rs. for a full charging session.

Things to Consider while Charging an E-Bike

  • Start with a 12-hour session

If you are charging the eBike for the first time, a 12-hour sprint is recommended at the beginning. This approach helps keep the electric bike battery life in top-notch condition as the full cycle is achieved right at the beginning.

  • Regular charging is preferred

E-Bikes mostly house lithium-ion batteries that respond better when not allowed to discharge completely. Therefore, regular charging is one of the more important rituals to follow.

  • Avoid higher temperatures

Batteries are composed of chemicals, which do not respond particularly well to higher temperatures.

  • Refrain from overcharging

Barring the 12-hour initial sprint, it isn’t advisable to keep the eBike charger plugged in for long. If you keep connecting the charger indefinitely, charging and discharging occur simultaneously, thereby topping the battery off and resulting in poor charging performance and beaten-down battery life.

  • Empty battery storage is perilous

If you are coming back from a long trip, you might feel like leaving the empty battery as it is, thinking about charging the same, the next day.

However, electric scooter charging doesn’t work that way. If you store an empty battery, the chemical reactions slow down and make you charge the scooter longer, the next time you plug it in. Therefore, even if you are tired, charge the battery to about 40 percent and then go off to sleep.


Using an electric bike efficiently is all about charging it to perfection. While the concept might take a bit of rework initially, these bikes and scooters are expected to become regulars in the next few years. You might also be looking at easier charging mechanisms in time. Plus, regardless of the eBike you wish to purchase, it is necessary to pair the same with a comprehensive insurance plan.

Once you can get yourself an electric bike insurance plan by comparing options at the Finserv MARKETS, it becomes easier to manage the repairs, damages, and other untoward possibilities without burning a hole in the pocket.

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FAQs on Charging Your Electric Bike

  • ✔️How long does it actually take for eBike batteries to charge completely?

    The charging time varies depending on the make of the electric bike and even the charging rate. The worst-case scenario, however, is 6 hours, which more or less translates into a riding range of almost 120 miles.

  • ✔️Should I drain the e-Bike battery completely?

    No, draining the battery to the rock face isn’t recommended as it might interfere with the charging cycles. As a rule, you must try and maintain a 40 to 60 percent charge at all times.

  • ✔️Is it necessary to fully charge the eBike at all times?

    Yes, you can pull the charging plug early as e-Bike batteries refill in two cycles i.e. the faster one that takes the battery to around 90 percent and the slower, trickle-charging one that refills the remainder of the battery. Therefore, stopping the charge 40 to even minutes before the indicator goes off, would still offer an excellent riding range.

  • ✔️Is it possible to overcharge a battery on an electric bike?

    Overcharging ebike batteries is not recommended. This can reduce the battery's lifespan and cause it to overheat, rendering it unusable in the long run. Fortunately, most new ebike batteries have a smart charging feature that prevents them from being overcharged.

  • ✔️When you pedal an electric bike, does it charge?

    While some electric bikes charge themselves while you peddle, the majority do not. It's possible that your electric bike recharges itself while you peddle.

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