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Two Wheeler Insurance in Hyderabad

As per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is mandatory to have at least third-party vehicle insurance to drive on Indian roads. Since two-wheelers are more susceptible to risks, it is even more necessary to have two-wheeler insurance in densely populated cities like Hyderabad. The right bike insurance in Hyderabad will safeguard you from financial liabilities that may incur due to unexpected accidents and damages. In case of any mishap, a bike insurance policy will cover the cost of your vehicle repairs along with the third-party damages. Here we will discuss the details of having bike insurance in Hyderabad. 


Bike Insurance in Hyderabad

Two-wheeler insurance is a financial tool to keep yourself and your vehicle safe against unexpected accidents and damages. A two-wheeler vehicle insurance policy also ensures that the cost of repairs for your vehicle and the third-party damages is also covered. While third-party insurance is mandatory by law, two-wheeler insurance becomes even more necessary in densely populated cities such as Hyderabad. In this article, we’ll take a look at the benefits of having bike insurance in Hyderabad and how you can get the best bike insurance in Hyderabad.

Two-Wheeler Insurance Plans on Bajaj MARKETS

Bajaj MARKETS has partnered with Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co., Acko General Insurance Ltd. and HDFC ERGO General Insurance to offer some of the best two-wheeler insurance plans for you. Let’s take a look at some of the features of the two-wheeler insurance plans offered by both insurance providers.

Key Feature

Bajaj Allianz Two-Wheeler Insurance

ACKO Bike Insurance

HDFC ERGO Bike Insurance

Cashless Claim Facility

Provides hassle-free cashless claim facility at any network garage across India.

Provides quick claim settlement in an easy cashless manner.

Comes with a quick and hassle-free cashless claim facility at network garages.

Claim Settlement Ratio




Type of Insurance Coverage

Offers both third-party and comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plans.

Offers third-party and comprehensive bike insurance plans.

Offers comprehensive and third-party bike insurance plans.

Premium Amount

Starting from 538 + GST (effective 1st April 2022)

Starting from 538 + GST (effective 1st April 2022)

Starting from 538 + GST (effective 1st April 2022)

No. of Network Garages

Over 4,000

100% cashless garages

Over 8,000

Add-On Covers

Offers customised add-on covers to enhance your two-wheeler insurance plan.

Gives you the option to opt for add-on covers to enhance your insurance cover.

Offers multiple add-on covers to customise your bike insurance plan.

Claim Assistance

Offers 24x7 claim assistance to resolve queries related to your two-wheeler insurance policy

Offers claim assistance through Acko customer care.

The HDFC customer care is always available to provide you with the necessary support.

Benefits of Bike Insurance in Hyderabad

Besides the fact that it's mandatory, having two-wheeler insurance in Hyderabad has many benefits alongside giving you peace of mind. The most important is the fact that it protects you and your two-wheeler financially in case of a mishap. The two types of two-wheeler insurance and their benefits are:

  • Third-Party Two-Wheeler Insurance Plan

A third-party liability insurance plan, which is mandatory, protects you from financial damages incurred by a third party due to your two-wheeler.

  • Comprehensive Two-Wheeler Insurance Plan

A better alternative to third-party plans, a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan provides complete financial protection for you, your pillion rider, and your vehicle from theft, road accidents, natural and man-made calamities, and also protects you from third-party liability.

Network Garages in Hyderabad

Regardless of which two-wheeler insurer you choose through Bajaj MARKETS, you can have access to a wide network of bike insurance partner garages.


  1. Bajaj Allianz: You can see the list of the Bajaj Allianz Bike Insurance network garages in Hyderabad on this page.


2. Acko: You can check the list of the Acko Bike Insurance network garages in Hyderabad on this page.


3. HDFC ERGO: You can check the list of the HDFC ERGO Bike Insurance network garages in Hyderabad on this page.

Wrapping Up!

Accounting for approximately 72% of the traffic, two-wheelers are the popular choice of transport in Hyderabad. With such a high proportion of two-wheelers, bike insurance in Hyderabad is necessary. Moreover, the cost of 2 wheeler insurance in Hyderabad is also competitive, so you don’t have to spend too much money to get a good insurance plan.

If you are looking for the best bike insurance in Hyderabad, seeking assistance from Bajaj MARKETS can prove to be a great option. Bajaj MARKETS provides a wide range of two-wheeler insurance policies for your bike with comprehensive coverage at lucrative costs. We also have add-on covers such as bike roadside assistance cover to ensure you travel worry-free.

So, wait no more! Check out the bike insurance premiums for the plans available on Bajaj MARKETS. Just use the bike insurance premium calculator to check out bike insurance costs in Hyderabad for your chosen insurance policy. That way, you will be able to select two-wheeler insurance coverage that fulfils your needs and at the same, is quite affordable as well.

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FAQs on Bike Insurance in Hyderabad

✔️Is it beneficial to choose a long-term two-wheeler insurance plan?

Having a long-term policy ensures that you and your two-wheeler are completely protected for a number of years without the hassle and worry of renewing your policy each year.

✔️Who decides the two-wheeler insurance premium?

The IRDAI decides the premium for the mandatory third-party insurance. Premiums for comprehensive plans are decided by the insurance companies from whom you are buying the policy.

✔️Can you renew two-wheeler insurance online without inspection?

Yes, bike insurance online renewal in Hyderabad can be done without inspection.

✔️When to transfer two-wheeler insurance?

You must transfer the two-wheeler insurance to the buyer's name when you sell your two-wheeler vehicle.

✔️Is No Claim Bonus (NCB) transferable?

The NCB belongs to the owner of the two-wheeler and can be applied on any renewal or purchase of insurance.

✔️What is the bike insurance cost in Hyderabad?

You can calculate the bike insurance cost in Hyderabad by using the bike insurance calculator online.  

✔️Which is the cheapest bike insurance in Hyderabad?

You can visit different insurance websites and compare the two-wheeler insurance prices to find out the cheapest bike insurance plan in Hyderabad.

✔️Is online bike insurance valid in Hyderabad?

Yes, a two-wheeler insurance bought online in Hyderabad is as valid as one that is purchased offline. In fact, purchasing bike insurance online might even be cheaper as there is no commission fee involved.

✔️Is it compulsory to have bike insurance for my bike in Hyderabad?

Yes, as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is mandatory for all bike owners to buy a third-party bike insurance in Hyderabad.