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About TVS Apache RTR 200 Insurance

TVS Apache RTR 200 is a street bike available in 3 colours and 2 variants. It is a pinnacle of cutting-edge technology and race performance. The ex-showroom price of this bike starts at ₹1.29 lakh. Apache RTR 200 is powered by 197.8 cc engine capacity, generating power of 20.54 bhp @ 9,000 rpm. As an owner of a race machine like RTR 200, you would want to ensure that it remains good as new. Hence, purchasing Apache RTR 200 insurance for your new bike is one of the most fundamental steps for securing your bike’s safety and your finances. It offers financial assistance in case of an unprecedented accident or loss. This article explores the TVS Apache RTR 200 insurance price, variants, features, etc.

TVS Apache RTR 200 Variants

The TVS Apache is available in 2 variants. This table will also give you an idea of Apache RTR 200 ex-showroom prices for both the variants.



Ex-Showroom Price*

Fuel Type

Estimated Third-Party Premium*

FY 2022-23

(effective 1 April, 2022)

Apache RTR 200 4V Single Channel ABS BS6

₹ 1.29 Lakh



Apache RTR 200 4V Dual-Channel ABS BS6

₹ 1.33 Lakh



*The ex-showroom prices are for Delhi and are subject to change on the basis of the city.


**Third-party premium rates are indicative. The actual premium that you might have to pay may change depending on various factors. Please check the prevailing premium prices before purchasing your bike insurance policy.

How to Apply For Apache RTR 200 Insurance Online

Purchasing TVS Apache RTR 200 bike insurance online is a simple process. The convenience of purchasing insurance online and minimal paperwork makes it a preferred mode. Here’s how you can get a policy for your bike:


  1. Fill in the details of your vehicle registration number and your registered mobile number.

  2. Enter the details needed in the application form.

  3. Take a look at the available insurance plans and choose the one you wish to buy.

  4. Make the premium payment online.

  5. Voila! You will receive your policy on your email ID right away.


How to Renew TVS Apache RTR 200 Insurance

Timely renewal of your bike insurance policy is vital to safeguard your ongoing benefits. The renewal process consists of a few simple steps.


  1. Enter the details of your previous policy.

  2. Submit details about yourself and your bike.

  3. Check the renewal premium shown and verify the updates, if any.

  4. Pay your premium instantly.

  5. Your policy is renewed. That’s it!


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Types of TVS Apache RTR 200 insurance

In India, any bike owner must compulsorily have a basic insurance policy for their vehicle. However, it would be best if you opted for a policy that offers comprehensive coverage. Based on the extent of coverage, two types of bike insurance are available.


  • Third-party liability insurance

This insurance cover provides for the legal ramifications, bodily injuries, temporary or permanent disability, and death of the third party person due to an accident involving the insured bike.


  • Comprehensive coverage

This insurance covers damages suffered by the insured bike or the owner/driver of the bike. This includes damages it sustains due to a road accident, fire, theft, man-made disasters, natural calamities, self-ignition, explosion etc. This coverage can be further boosted by paying an additional premium to purchase add-on covers like zero depreciation, roadside assistance, consumables, etc.

Why Insure Your Apache RTR 200

The Apache RTR 200 is known for its iconic design and its combination of dynamic performance and agile handling. However, damage to your bike can be a big-ticket expense. For instance, replacing the cylinder kit of your RTR 200 alone can cost you up to ₹4,000. So, imagine the amount of money you would shell out in case of multiple damages! Hence, having your prized possession covered is essential. Additionally, according to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is mandatory to have at least a third-party insurance plan.

Inclusions in Apache RTR 200 Insurance

A third-party liability bike insurance won't cover anything other than losses caused to the third party and their property. A comprehensive bike insurance plan, on the other hand, covers own losses as well as third-party losses.

Exclusions in Apache RTR 200 Insurance

A comprehensive bike insurance plan does not cover a set of losses like damages caused while driving without a valid driving licence or under the influence of drugs/alcohol.


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Add-On Covers for TVS Apache RTR 200 Insurance

Add-on covers can be extremely useful to enhance your insurance cover. You can get specific utilities and services covered for an additional premium in any comprehensive bike insurance policy. However, you must know that the insurance price for TVS Apache RTR 200 would increase if you opt for add-on covers. Some examples of useful add-ons are as follows:


  • Bumper to bumper cover

This add-on is also popularly known as Zero-Depreciation or Nil-Depreciation cover. It helps you against the inevitability of depreciation. Here's how it works: If you file a claim for the replacement/repair of your bike’s parts and depreciation is deducted from the claim amount, the provider will reimburse the depreciation if you avail this add-on.


  • Consumables cover

If bike consumables such as screws, nuts/bolts, washers, bearings, clip, engine oil, gearbox oil, brake oil, etc., get damaged, this add-on ensures that you don't have to poke a hole in your pocket trying to repair or replace them. Your insurance provider will take care of the expenses.


  • Roadside Assistance

No one wants to be stranded in the middle of the road, at ungodly hours, because their bike broke down. Including the 24x7 Roadside Bike Assistance cover to your TVS Apache RTR 200 insurance will make sure that help is available at all times.

TVS Apache RTR 200 Insurance Claim Process

On Finserv MARKETS, you can register a claim for your bike in two simple ways. Let’s explore them:


  • Cashless Claim

You must first inform your insurance company about the incident and take your bike to a partner garage. Once your RTR 200 is repaired, your insurer will directly connect with the garage to settle your bill.


  • Claim Reimbursement

To make this type of Apache RTR 200 insurance claim, you must first inform the insurer about the incident. However, this claim method allows you to choose the garage of your choice. So, once you have repaired your bike and paid the bills, you can file a reimbursement claim.


To make the claim process smooth, keep all the required documentation ready. This can expedite the process of claim approval, repair, and processing. Here are the documents you should keep handy:


  • The details of your vehicle and your insurer

  • The details of the incident (in case of accident or theft, an FIR copy would be required)

  • In case of a reimbursement claim, the original bills and payment receipts

  • Your Apache RTR 200 insurance policy document


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Tips to Reduce the TVS Apache RTR 200 Insurance Cost

Here are some easy ways to reduce the premium cost for your Apache RTR 200 insurance:


  • Choose a Long-Term Tenor

Instead of going for a one-year tenor, you can opt for a policy period of 3 years. This will ensure your premium rate remains constant for 3 years.


  • Go for Necessary Add-Ons Only

You have to pay extra for every add-on cover you choose. Hence, go for only those add-ons that are relevant to you.


  • Don’t File Claims for Minor Repairs

Avoid raising bike insurance claims for affordable repairs. Insurance companies take note of the number of insurance claims you make throughout the year. More the number of claims, higher the amount of premium.


  • Buy Various Policies from the Same Insurance Company

If you have a health insurance policy from Insurer A, buy a bike insurance cover from the same company. You can make use of the earned loyalty points and avail good discounts.

Tips to Maintain Your Apache RTR 200

You can enjoy lower insurance premiums if your bike is as good as new. Hence, it is imperative that you treat your bike like it’s your baby. So, follow the below tips and maintain your bike to lower your TVS Apache RTR 200 insurance price in India:


  • Regularly Servicing

A bike like Apache RTR 200 must be at its mechanical best to offer a smooth riding experience. Hence, it is imperative to service your bike at regular intervals.


  • Maintain Tyre Pressure

People often ignore their tyres, however, it is crucial for fuel efficiency and efficient biking. Overinflating your bike’s tyres can lead to wear and tear, whereas under-inflated tyres can reduce mileage.


  • Fuel Check

Adulterated fuel is one of the major issues bikers face in India. It can reduce mileage and damage your engine. Hence, visiting a trusted petrol station can be the best option.


  • Keep a Check on the Weight

When you overload your bike, you basically make the engine undertake inordinate pressure, which again, reduces the mileage. Hence, avoid squeezing in the third friend, it is not only illegal but also unhealthy for your bike.

TVS Apache RTR 200 Maintenance Schedule

The Apache RTR 200 service cost is ₹6,099 for 2 years. And the good news is that you only have to pay for the sixth and seventh services. Check out the below table to understand the service schedule.

Service No.



Total Expenses

First Service




Second Service




Third Service




Fourth Service




Fifth Service




Sixth Service




Seventh Service 17500/18 Paid ₹847

 About TVS Apache RTR 200

The Apache RTR 200 has seen a number of upgrades over the years, which have ensured that this popular bike stays competitive. The recent update equips the Apache RTR 200 with 3 riding modes: rain, sport, and road. With a stylish and aggressive design, RTR 200 bike is one of the first to explore an update like this in this category of bikes. The Apache 200 BS6 price tag starts at the base price of ₹1,29,004 in India. If you’re curious about the performance quality of this bike, read on to know about the details such as Apache 200 on-road price, variants, RTR 200 mileage and so on.

TVS Apache RTR 200 Specifications

As a prospective buyer, the main goal of pre-purchase research is to assess the technical specifications of a particular bike with respect to your preferences. Here’s a quick look at specs like TVS Apache RTR200 fuel economy, transmission, fuel tank capacity, engine type, maximum power and the Apache 200 on-road price for this model.


Technical Specifications

Engine Type

SI, 4-stroke, Oil-cooled

Engine Capacity

197.75 cc




37 kmpl

Maximum Power

20.54 bhp @ 9,000 rpm

Fuel Tank Capacity

12.0 litres

TVS Apache RTR 200 Kerb Weight

152 kg

 TVS Apache RTR 200 Features

The Apache has been one of the leading bikes in its category and is one of the pioneers of the riding mode feature. The minor upgrades to its body have continued to build on its aggressive and powerful look. The features of this bike make it one of the best options in its price bracket.

Take a look at a few of the RTR 200’s key features:


  • TVS Race Tuned-Fuel Injection ‘RT-Fi’ technology

  • Selectable riding modes.: Rain, Road, Sports

  • Sporty design

  • LCD cluster with Bluetooth

  • Smart connect technology

  • Low-speed assist Glide Through technology

  • Rear radial tyre

  • Pearl White, Black and new matte blue colour option

  • GPS and navigation enabled

  • LED headlamp

  • LED DRLs

  • Complies with B6 emission norms

  • LED Taillamps

  • Single or dual-channel ABS

  • Crash alert system

  • Digital speedometer


TVS Apache RTR 200 On-Road Price Across Major Cities

While the ex-showroom prices are constant across the country, the Apache 200 on-road price differs across major cities in India. Here is the price range for a few cities at a glance: 


Technical Specifications

Engine Type

SI, 4-stroke, Oil-cooled

Engine Capacity

197.75 cc




37 kmpl

Maximum Power

20.54 bhp @ 9,000 rpm

Fuel Tank Capacity

12.0 litres

TVS Apache RTR 200 Kerb Weight

152 kg


The best way to find the right bike for you is to look at all the top options in the market, compare prices and specs and then settle on the option that works with your needs. One of the most beloved bikes in the country, the Apache RTR 200 is considered a reliable and well-performing bike. However, before you rush to buy it, make sure you have a good insurance plan in mind, and all the paperwork is in order. With an online application process as easy as Finserv MARKETS, buying bike insurance is now a piece of cake. Head over to our ‘Insurance’ page and explore TVS Apache RTR 200 insurance price.

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FAQs on TVS Apache RTR 200

  • ✔️What is the fuel tank capacity of the TVS Apache RTR 200?

    The TVS Apache RTR 200 fuel tank capacity is 12 L.

  • ✔️How much does TVS Apache RTR 200 insurance cost?

    Visit our website to discover the rate of bike insurance for TVS Apache RTR 200.

  • ✔️What are the variants of the TVS Apache RTR 200?

    The Apache RTR 200 has two variants on offer, dual as well as single-channel ABS and variants with driving modes.

  • ✔️What is the TVS Apache RTR 200 fuel economy?

    TVS Apache RTR 200 fuel economy is about 37 kmpl.

  • ✔️Where can I buy TVS Apache RTR 200 insurance?

    You can buy TVS Apache RTR 200 insurance on the Finserv MARKETS.

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