Do you passionately participate in adventure sports and love the adrenaline rush they give you? Then it’s time you get yourself an adventure sports insurance. The Avid Adventurer cover compensates you with a sum insured in case you suffer a bodily injury while engaging in adventure sports (provided you do so under the supervision of a trained professional). The costs of air ambulance and accidental hospitalization are covered too. The Avid Adventurer insurance is valid across India.


  • This insurance only covers accidental bodily injury sustained while an insured engages in any adventure sport, in a non-professional capacity, and under supervision.
  • No benefit shall be payable under this optional cover in the event of an accidental bodily injury sustained whilst engaged in adventure sports activity resulting in Permanent Partial Disability or Temporary Total Disability.
  • Any Hospitalization for an existing disability from a previous Accident which has occurred prior to the first inception of this Policy.  
  • Any stay in Hospital for an Injury due to Accident without undertaking any treatment.  
  • Return transportation to your home by air ambulance is excluded. 
  • The expenses for Air ambulance transportation are restricted within India only.
  • Refer to the download section for the PDF mentioning more exclusions. 
  • Process
  • Claim Reimbursement
  • Cancellation Process

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This is a unique adventure sports insurance which provides you peace of mind while you pursue your passion of participating in adventure sports. It covers you for sudden death or permanent total disability, providing a lumpsum benefit of Rs. 5 Lakh, for such loss being triggered during participation in adventure sports (non-professional capacity), provided you are under supervision of a trained professional. What’s more, it even covers cost (up to Rs. 5 Lakh) of air ambulance from the accident spot to the nearest hospital along with cost of accidental hospitalization (under coverage option 2, with sum insured of Rs. 2 Lakh).

This adventure insurance covers adventure sports enthusiasts in case they meet with an accident, while engaging in any adventure sports activity in a non-professional capacity. Provides Sum Insured of Rs. 5 Lakh in case of Accidental Death or Permanent Total Disability and covers the costs of Air Ambulance & Accidental Hospitalization. This sachet insurance lets you choose between two coverage variants.hen the responsibility of the nominee to disburse the proceeds as instructed amongst all legal heirs. The term ‘beneficiary’ refers to an individual who displays financial interest towards the policy holder. This could either be a legal heir of the policy holder or a bank/financial institution that has earlier provided loans/financial assistance to the policy holder.

No, the expenses for Air Ambulance will not be covered under such a scenario.

Unfortunately, pre-existing diseases are a permanent/lifelong exclusion under the policy and will hence not be covered.

Yes, there is an entry age limit. The insured’s entry age should be between 18 years to 70 years.s up the responsibility of all the future premiums of the child investment policy.

Avid Adventure Cover Reviews

A perfect plan for my adventurous lifestyle
My passion for travelling and adventure got me often got me prone to injuries. That's when a friend suggested Avid Adventure Cover. This plan covered my emergency injury treatment costs, letting me explore new places without worrying about unwanted expenses.
Seema Das
Great Experience on Finserv MARKETS
With the super-fast buying process on Finserv MARKETS, getting the Avid Adventure Cover was so simple! I could plan my treks and sports activities without worrying about the unwanted expenses of injuries. Big relief!
Aman Ghosh
Affordable Alternative
Avid Adventure cover was a must for me as it helped stay ready for sky diving without worrying about the cost of treating any unfortunate injuries. And, with this pocket-size plan, I did not have to worry about paying higher premiums too.
Neel Deo
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