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Travel Health Insurance

Taking a trip is always fun. You get to relax and untangle from the daily routine and stress. But sometimes, certain incidents during the trips can stress you out. It could be anything between delayed luggage to sudden injuries while on the trip. It not only can be stressful but can also be financially draining.

When it comes to medical emergencies in a foreign country, the cost can be quite hefty on your pocket. In such situations, it is ideal to have a travel health insurance plan that covers yours and your family’s medical expenses during international travels. Let us understand in detail what travel health insurance is.

What is Travel Health Insurance?

Medical emergencies can arise anytime and anywhere. We all know that international healthcare costs are quite expensive. So, getting hospitalised for any minor illness or injury while you are on your trip can burn a hole in your pocket. Hence, a travel health insurance plan is a must!

A travel health insurance is just a part of a basic travel insurance plan that extends coverage to any medical contingencies arising when travelling abroad. Basically, it will protect you in case of any unforeseen health issues that could create a financial burden on you and your loved ones during a trip. Moreover, it provides you easy access to global healthcare services for better recovery and care.

Overall, a travel health insurance plan ensures that you have worry-free international travels – whether you are travelling for business or leisure.

Key Features of Travel Health Insurance

The following are some of the key features of travel health insurance plans in India.

  • Most insurers in India offer cashless claim settlements. This means you can avail healthcare services anytime and anywhere, and the insurer will pay directly to the hospital for the expenses incurred in your treatment.

  • The travel health insurance plan is available for both occasional travellers as well as people who fly frequently.

  • The insurer will also provide 27x7 on-call support to resolve your queries and doubts at any given time.

Types of Travel Health Insurance

Generally, the travel health insurance in India is of two types –

  1. Single trip travel health insurance

  2. Multi-trip travel health insurance

Single Trip Travel Health Insurance

As the name suggests, single trip health insurance will cover for a single trip. The coverage of the policy commences as your journey begins and ends as soon as you are back home.

Multi-Trip Travel Health Insurance

A multi-trip travel health insurance plan will cover you for multiple trips. The policy is taken for a period of one year, and the duration of the trip is limited to 30, 45, or 60 days depending on your insurer.

Travel Health Insurance Coverage

A travel health insurance available in the market offers coverage for the following –

  • The policy covers any expenses arising due to sudden medical emergencies when you are in a foreign country. It includes both daycare and hospitalisation expenses.

  • In case you meet with an accident when on the trip, the policy will cover the expenses incurred for the treatment. Also, it will offer compensation if you suffer from a partial or permanent disability due to the accident.

  • The policy covers the expenses arising in case of emergency evacuation to the nearest hospital and the transportation costs as well.

  • If you need immediate dental relief during your international trip, the policy will have you covered for the same.

  • In case you are hospitalised for a long time, the policy offers cash to cover the daily hospitalisation expenses for a specific period.

  • If your luggage is misplaced or lost when flying, the policy reimburses the expenses incurred and provides satisfactory compensation for the loss.

About Bajaj Allianz Travel Health Insurance

Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance plans at Finserv MARKETS offers similar kind of coverage like that of travel health insurance in India. The policy takes care of any unexpected expenses which may come your way when travelling internationally. It covers anything from hospitalisation expenses in foreign lands to loss of luggage when flying.

Let us take a brief look at the travel insurance benefits.

Benefits of Bajaj Allianz Travel Health Insurance

The following are the benefits of Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance available on Finserv MARKETS –

  • Trip Cancellation – The policy covers cancellation of flight/train when travelling.

  • Emergency Medical Expenses – If you need any medical guidance when abroad, the policy will cover the expenses for hospitalisation and care. It will also arrange for transportation and cover the cost as well.

  • Loss of Travel Documents – A trip can get stressful if you were to lose any important travel documents like your passport. With Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance at Finserv MARKETS, all these issues are taken care of.

  • Home Burglary Cover – When you and your loved ones are on a leisure trip abroad, your essential back at home are well protected. The policy covers for unexpected events such as house break-in or a home burglary.

  • Loss/Delay of Luggage – In case the airlines you are flying with loses or misplaces your luggage, the policy will cover the expenses of it and provide compensation for the loss incurred. Also, it offers emergency cash benefits to manage your daily expenses in case of accidents or loss of luggage.

To Conclude

It is necessary to choose a travel health plan wisely. Whenever you are planning a trip abroad – be it for business or family vacation – ensure that you are buying the best travel health insurance plan available in the market. You can browse Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance Plans at Finserv MARKETS as it offers the same kind of coverage as that of any other travel health insurance plan in India.


  • ✔️Do I have to undergo a medical examination when buying travel health insurance?

    No. A travel health insurance plan does not require you to take a medical examination if you are below the age of 65. Know that this age limit may differ from insurer to insurer.
  • ✔️Is it possible to buy travel health insurance if I have a pre-existing health condition?

    Generally, pre-existing health conditions are not covered under a travel health insurance plan. But it does not mean that you cannot buy the policy. Just know that you cannot claim for pre-existing illnesses on the policy.
  • ✔️I have booked my flight tickets. Can I still buy travel health insurance?

    Yes. You can buy a travel health insurance plan in India even after booking your flight tickets.
  • ✔️Is travel insurance and health insurance the same thing?

    No. Travel and health insurance are two different kinds of insurance plans. A travel insurance plan will cover for unforeseen travel/medical emergencies when you are in a foreign country. A health insurance plan, on the other hand, covers the expenses of medical emergencies when in India and has nothing to do with international travels.

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