38 Countries with Visa on Arrival for Indians 

Increasing purchasing power, decreasing holiday costs, and prioritization of travel over a lot of other expenses have given a huge boost to foreign travel in India. A study conducted in 2018 had indicated that the number of Indians holidaying abroad will treble by 2025.

A Visa indicates official permission given by a country to a visitor from a foreign country for entering and staying in the country for a specified period, depending upon the type of visa. It is usually in the form of a stamp/sticker on your passport.

Your visa application will be as per the rules of the country you are applying for. The procedure is different from country to country. Some countries require you to apply for a visa much in advance, while some countries even provide a visa on arrival for Indians.

Visa on arrival

There are certain countries where Indians can get a visa upon landing in the country. You will need to get your passport stamped with the on-arrival visa for Indian citizens before moving to immigration. There will be a fee to be paid for visa on arrival.

Visa on arrival Indians across 38 countries


Validity of visa on arrival


One month


21 days or 120 days


60 days

Cabo Verde

60 days


30 days


1 month

Cook Islands

1 month


1 month


4 months

Guinea Bissau

90 days


30 days or 60 days (with a fee of US$ 35/-)


30 days (extendable)


90 days


30 days


3 months (extendable upto 6 months)


2 months


30 days


3 months (tourist visa)


90 days


30 days (tourist visa)


30 days (single entry)


30 days

Republic of Marshall Islands

90 days

Reunion Islands

14 days


1 month

Saint Lucia

6 weeks


90 days (single entry)


1 month

Sri Lanka

30 days (extendable upto 180 days)


90 days


30 days


3 months (single entry)


15 days


3 months


1 month


1 month


3 months


30 days

For additional information about visa on arrival for these 38 countries, you can visit the Ministry of External Affairs’ official website. https://mea.gov.in/visa-on-arrival-facilities.htm

Application process of visa for Indians

Each country has its own procedure for granting visas. In general, these are the steps to acquire a visa.

  • Select the type of visa. These, again, could be different for different countries. For example, the US has different visas for immigrants and non-immigrants, which further include multiple types.

  • The next step is to check if you are eligible for the type of visa you have selected. You can easily do it from the official visa websites of countries.

  • You will find an online form for the type of visa you have selected. Fill it with all your details.

  • You will be called for an interview at the relevant country’s embassy. Show up with all your documents.

  • You can also check for facilities of e-visa for Indians.

  • In the case of some nations, you can download the application form and submit it to the consulate. However, you have to appear for the interview in any case.

Eligibility criteria for visa

This, again, depends on the country you are choosing to visit. For a US visa, the eligibility criteria is as follows.

  • You must have a valid passport.

  • You must not have a criminal record.

  • You must pass a medical test.

  • You should have strong ties with your country of residence.

  • Your reason for going to the USA should be valid.

  • You should not be diagnosed with a communicable disease.

How to track a visa application?

  • Go to the official visa website of the relevant country.

  • You will find an option for tracking your application.

  • Fill in your passport number and birth date.

  • Fill in the captcha and submit.

  • Your visa application status will be on the next page.

  • The status of the visa application would be displayed in the following webpage.

FAQs about visa for Indians

Visa on arrival is generally charged. However, last year, Thailand, one of the visa on arrival countries, had announced an exemption of fees for on arrival visa for Indians. This scheme extends till April 2020, but is likely to be extended further as well.

Like different visa application procedures maintained by different countries, the cost involved in visa application and visa on arrival varies from country to country.

The Indian government has signed agreements with certain countries which allows us to visit them without a visa. These include a lot of great tourist destinations like Barbados, Bhutan, Maldives, Mauritius, etc.

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