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Bike Insurance by Acko 

Being a cost-effective and convenient mode of transport, a two-wheeler is almost everyone’s favorite. However, bike rides can be risky, and to keep yourself secure against these risks, insurance is a must. Moreover, as per the Motor Vehicles Act, a third-party two-wheeler insurance is mandatory for driving on Indian roads. This is why Finserv MARKETS, your very own financial marketplace, brings you ACKO Bike Insurance plans. Now you can browse through the plan details, get a glimpse of the coverage and buy your plan instantly, in just a matter of minutes! Now secure your rides and avoid paying traffic penalties by spending just a few minutes online. And in case you wish to get all-round protection, there’s nothing better than the comprehensive bike insurance policy by ACKO General Insurance Ltd. that also allows you to customize your plan with add-on covers.

Features of ACKO Bike Insurance

Benefits of Acko Bike Insurance
  • Cashless Claims

    ACKO Bike Insurance lets you enjoy a cashless facility at your nearest workshop

  • Zero Paperwork

    As no paperwork is required, you don’t have to worry about gathering documents for getting your bike insured through Finserv MARKETS.

  • Affordable Premium

    Offering incredibly low premiums, ACKO Bike Insurance is designed to fit your requirements and your budget too!

  • Instant Policy Issuance

    Your ACKO Bike Insurance policy is issued once your online process is complete, within no time!

  • Stress-free Claim Settlement

    ACKO’s dedicated claims team ensures that you enjoy zero-hassle claims, and don’t face any issues during times of trouble.

Benefits of ACKO Bike Insurance

  • Easy & Convenient 

Finserv MARKETS along with ACKO, understand that bike insurance need not be troublesome. You can buy your policy at your convenience, with the completely digital hassle-free process.

  • Hassle-free Repair 

Repairs with ACKO are both easy and quick. Just give them a call or file a claim online and experience speedy cashless claim settlements.

Types of Plans Offered by ACKO

ACKO General Insurance offers two types of two-wheeler insurance plans: Third-Party Bike Insurance & Comprehensive Bike Insurance. Both the plans are designed to meet your specific needs and you can pick the plan of your choice.

1. Third Party Bike Insurance

ACKO Third Party Bike Insurance is one of the most basic financial covers for a bike. This plan is designed to cover the damages caused by your two-wheeler to a third-party vehicle or property. For example, if you were to crash into someone’s wall while riding your bike, the expenses incurred for the repairs are covered under the ACKO Third-Party Bike Insurance plan. Moreover, having a Third-Party Bike Insurance is mandatory for riding on Indian roads as per the Motor Vehicles Act, failing which you are liable to pay a penalty of Rs. 2000 or even face imprisonment. This makes the ACKO Third-Party Bike Insurance your bike’s true on-road companion.

Product Name: Liability Only Policy - Two-Wheeler, UIN: IRDAN157P0002V01201718

2. Comprehensive Bike Insurance

Although third-party bike insurance cover is important, it may not be enough as the damage caused to your own vehicle cannot be neglected. In case of an unfortunate accident, which causes damage for both the parties, it is important to have a plan that offers all-round protection. ACKO’s comprehensive plan helps you get just that! Apart from third-party liabilities, this plan offers Own Damage cover that takes care of bike theft, damage caused by collisions, fire etc. to your bike. Although not mandated by law, it is recommended to go for a comprehensive bike insurance plan for its extensive protection.

Product Name: Two-Wheeler Package Policy, UIN: IRDAN157P0002V01201819

Why Choose ACKO Bike Insurance on Finserv MARKETS

Here's what makes it an ideal choice for your bike, when it comes to financial security.

Reliable Insurer

ACKO is one of the most trusted insurers in the market. It’s time to make the most of the extensive benefits of ACKO Bike Insurance plans on Finserv MARKETS

Zero Paperwork

The buying journey for ACKO Bike Insurance on Finserv MARKETS requires no paperwork, so you don’t have to get involved in complex documentation.

100% Online Process

Getting your ACKO Bike Insurance on Finserv MARKETS hardly takes any time. Just a few minutes and you’re done.

How to Buy ACKO Bike Insurance Online

With Finserv MARKETS, buying ACKO Bike Insurance is no rocket science! All it takes is a few minutes on the platform, and you are done.

  • Visit us online

    Visit us online and provide your bike number and mobile number.

  • Help us with some details

    Fill the application form with some important details of your bike.

  • Pick Your Plan

    Pick the Bike Insurance plan as per your requirements.

  • Quick Payment

    Make an instant online payment.

  • And that’s it!

    Your policy will be issued to you in a few minutes.

What's Covered in ACKO Bike Insurance

  • Accidental Damage

    Accidents come unannounced. You may not be able to avoid accidents, but you can stay covered. With ACKO Bike Insurance by your side, you are covered for the damages to your bike due to these accidents.

  • Theft

    Your bike is your valued possession, and it being stolen can be a nightmare. But with ACKO Bike Insurance, your bike’s insured value is compensated in case your bike gets stolen.

  • Damage due to Fire

    ACKO Bike Insurance covers any damage caused to your bike due to any explosion, lightning and even self-ignition.

  • Bike Owner Cover

    With death and disability cover for the bike owner, you can rest assured that you’re covered*against mishaps. *Subject to PA cover premium payment

  • Damage due to Calamities

    ACKO Bike Insurance helps you cope with the unwanted damages caused to your bike due to natural and man-made calamities like riots, flood, earthquake, etc.

  • Third-party liability

    With third-party losses like injury or death of the person or damage to third-party property covered, you can have peace of mind.

What's not Covered in ACKO Bike Insurance

  • Non-accidental Damage

    ACKO Bike Insurance does not offer financial protection for damages that may be incurred due to non-accidental incidents like breakdowns, failures, wear and tear of a bike, and deductibles. The cover also excludes the consequential damages that arise out of bike accidents

  • Illegal Riding

    If you ride under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substance, or without valid documents like a valid driving licence, you are not covered under the ACKO Bike Insurance plan.

  • Damage to Bike Parts

    Damages to the tyres, engine or tube, unless due to an accident are not covered under the policy.

  • Outside Geographical Boundaries

    ACKO Bike Insurance does not cover the damages caused outside the geographical boundaries of India.

  • Inactive Policy

    In case your policy has lapsed or is inactive during the damage, ACKO Bike Insurance does not cover the expenses.

Enhance your Plan with Customized Add-on Covers

Accidents can never be predicted! And, unfortunate events like these could attract unwanted financial burdens. While a bike insurance plan covers you for such accidental damages, sometimes a basic cover may not be enough to cushion the blow. Even a comprehensive plan may fall short to cover specific financial liabilities. Here’s where the add-on covers available with the ACKO Bike Insurance plan come into picture. These covers act as an additional protection to enhance your financial coverage, so you are prepared for any uncertainty.

  • Zero Depreciation

A bike’s value decreases with time due to typical wear and tear, owing to which insurers deduct a depreciation charge on the complete claim amount, during claim settlement. Zero depreciation cover offered along with ACKO Bike Insurance’s comprehensive plan, prevents this deduction, so you can avail maximum coverage. It not only helps you avoid the depreciation cost, but also takes care of replacing the parts and repair of your insured bike.

Two-Wheeler Package Policy - Add-ons: Zero Depreciation, UIN: IRDAN157RP0002V01201819/A0010V01201920

  • Roadside Assistance

The Roadside Assistance add-on cover offered with ACKO Bike Insurance proves highly beneficial if you get stuck on the road: be it a breakdown, flat tyre, empty fuel tanks or dead battery. With this cover in place, you need not worry about on-road emergencies.

Two-Wheeler Package Policy - Add-ons: Roadside Assistance, UIN: IRDAN157RP0002V01201819/A0011V01201920

  • Engine Protect

ACKO understands the importance of a well-functioning engine. And, with its Bike Engine Protection add-on, it ensures that you are covered in case of any damage to the engine of your bike. This way, you don’t have to bear the cost of repair/replacement of an engine while your bike's damages are taken care of by the insurance plan.

Two-Wheeler Package Policy - Add-ons: Engine Protect, UIN: IRDAN157RP0002V01201819/A0017V01201920

How to Claim ACKO Bike Insurance

The customer-friendly approach followed by ACKO General Insurance Ltd. makes the claim process convenient, hassle-free and seamless. And, with Finserv MARKETS at your assistance, you can get in touch with the insurer quickly for your ACKO bike insurance claim process! All you need to do is follow a few steps.

ACKO Bike Insurance Claim Process

Just follow these steps and you’re done!

  • 1

    Visit Finserv MARKETS

  • 2

    Head to the ACKO Bike Insurance Page

  • 3

    Click on ‘Register a Claim’

  • 4

    Upload a picture of your damaged bike

  • 5

    ACKO evaluates the damage

  • 6

    Estimated compensation is transferred to your bank account

  • 7

    Get your bike repaired at your convenience

We are Here to Help You

  • At Finserv MARKETS, we are committed to serve you better. Here’s how you can connect with us, should you need any help with ACKO Bike Insurance.
  • You can call us at: 020-66399444 (Mon to Sat from 10 am to 6 pm)

  • Feel free to write to us at: insuranceconnect@bajajfinservmarkets.in

  • You can also log in to our Customer Portal - https://www.bajajfinservmarkets.in/cust/#/ to view your policy details

  • Download our bike insurance app, where you can manage your account and view your policy details

You can reach out to the team at ACKO General Insurance Ltd., should you have any queries or if you require any assistance.

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  • ✔️Why do I need to insure my two-wheeler?

    As per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 it is mandatory to insure your two-wheeler with a Third-Party insurance policy. It covers any financial losses that may arise from accidents, damage to your bike or theft. While the Third-Party bike insurance covers damages to the property, injury or death of the third party, the Comprehensive bike insurance covers both Third-Party damages and Own Damage (OD).

  • ✔️What are the types of two-wheeler insurance plans offered?

    You can select from two types of bike insurance policies - Comprehensive and Third-Party two-wheeler insurance policies. While the Third-Party insurance is mandatory as per law, Comprehensive insurance is not compulsory but offers cover to both the third party as well as own damage.

  • ✔️What is covered under bike insurance?

    Under the Comprehensive insurance, damage or loss to the insured vehicle, financial liabilities to third party and accident cover for the policyholder is covered. However, under the Third-Party insurance coverage, only the damages caused to the third party are covered.

  • ✔️What are the benefits of buying a two-wheeler insurance policy online?

    Purchasing bike insurance online is quicker and faster due to its technology-driven customer experience. Here are some of the benefits of buying bike insurance: 

    1. Buy / Renew insurance instantly

    2. Cashless claims process

    3. Paperless transactions

    4. Receive your policy document within minutes in your email account

  • ✔️What is IDV in two-wheeler insurance?

    IDV or Insured Declared Value is the value of your bike fixed by the insurance company. This is also referred to as the current market value. This is the maximum amount you get paid in case of a claim. It’s important to check the IDV before you buy bike insurance as this will help you while raising any claim during the policy period.

  • ✔️How to find my bike insurance policy number?

    For the administrative and claim-related purposes, the bike insurance policy number is referred by the insurance provider.

    • The policy document contains the policy number.

    • You can log on to your account through the insurer’s website or mobile app and view the information.

    • You can also search your email account for the policy document.

    • Or, you can call the customer care team to get your policy details.

  • ✔️How do I check the status of the bike insurance?

    Log on to your account through the website or the mobile app to view the policy period and the due date for renewal. You can also check the policy document available in your email account. Or, you can call the customer service team for further details.

  • ✔️What does two-wheeler insurance cover in India?

    Two-wheeler insurance policies are of two types — Third-Party and Comprehensive. Depending upon the type of insurance, the coverage differs.

    Third-Party Insurance

    • Damage to third party vehicles or property due to accidents caused by your vehicle.

    Comprehensive Insurance

    • Damage to the third party or their property

    • Damage to your vehicle, otherwise known as Own Damage (OD)

    • Theft

    • Damage due to natural calamities or fire

  • ✔️How should I select two-wheeler insurance?

    Insurance companies which offer better after-sales service apart from higher Insured Declared Value (IDV) at a competitive yearly premium are usually considered one of the effective insurance companies. Also, the ease of settling claims are an important indicator of a good insurance company.