Bike Insurance Premium Calculator Online

Bike insurance premium calculator is an effective online tool that allows you to obtain two-wheeler insurance quotes for your bike’s insurance. Not just this, it helps you compare the insurance quotes offered by various insurance providers in India, thereby allowing you to make the best choice. All you have to do to get the right premium from the bike insurance calculator is, enter the basic details of your two-wheeler and you’re done!

For a customer, a bike insurance calculator is an important tool which helps him obtain two-wheeler insurance premium quotes in a hassle-free and easy way. This also makes comparing two-wheeler insurance policies offered by different insurance companies in India, a quick & convenient process.

About Two-Wheeler Insurance Premium Calculator

Two-wheeler insurance premium calculator is a great platform offered by insurers and online platforms that helps you calculate and get the insurance premium quote for your bike, so you can decide on the plan of your choice promptly. Just enter a few details such as your bike’s make & model, vehicle number, etc., and that’s it! The platform displays your free quote instantly!

How is it Different from a Two-wheeler Third Party Insurance Premium Calculator?

A third-party two-wheeler insurance premium is not different from a regular bike insurance premium calculator tool. This online tool helps calculate the premium amount that the policyholder has to pay, if he has opted for a third-party bike insurance. Two-wheeler insurance premium calculator not only helps take into consideration your needs and requirements but also your budget, so you can select the right budget-friendly policy.

How does Bike Insurance Calculator Work?

Bike insurance calculator is a handy tool to find out the premium amount for both, new as well as old bikes. Whether you are getting the existing policy renewed for your old bike or getting your new bike insured, a bike insurance premium calculator is your go-to solution!

Here’s how it works:

Renewing Bike Insurance for your Old Bike

In this case, a bike insurance calculator helps you check if you have any reduction in the premium. As the age of the bike affects the premium amount, this becomes a crucial factor for evaluation. The older the bike, the lesser is the premium. And, buying a bike insurance for your old bike usually involves the process of entering the details of your existing policy before you proceed.

Purchasing Bike Insurance for your New Bike

Buying a new bike involves thorough research and evaluation. Same should be the case, when it comes to protecting your brand-new bike with a bike insurance plan. And, for getting a quick quote, just enter the details of your new ride, including the make & model, registration number, manufacture details, and more, and derive your bike insurance premium amount instantly.

How to Use Bike Insurance Premium Calculator?

Two-wheeler insurance premium calculator is a very simple tool. By following some quick steps online, you can view the premium amount payable by you. This not just saves on time, but also lets you be aware of your bike insurance budget.

Just follow these 5 quick steps to calculate your bike insurance premium within minutes:

  1. Begin by providing your vehicle’s details such as the registration number & mobile number. Then, confirm if your existing policy is expired
  2. Proceed further to provide the details of your bike such as number, its make & model, fuel type, registration details, and more
  3. Pick the plan of your choice between third-party & comprehensive plans!
  4. Provide your personal information and move ahead
  5. Lastly, your bike insurance premium will be displayed. It’s that simple!

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How to Compare Two-Wheeler Insurance Plans

Online bike insurance calculator has made it easier for you to calculate the bike insurance within minutes. By entering just a few important details, the calculator displays the premium amount payable by you, making it easier for you to gauge your total investment towards the bike insurance policy.
Follow these quick tips to keep in mind while comparing bike insurance quotes to get the right plan:

  • Type of plan remains a crucial factor that should be considered when picking a two-wheeler insurance plan.
  • While you do so, don’t forget to examine factors like the features and benefits of the plan. This would help in making a right decision.
  • It is also very important to check the premium amount payable. As premium payment is a regular transaction, it is important to consider this aspect, so it does not become a financial burden. · Check add-on covers such as zero depreciation bike insurance or bike roadside assistance cover made available with the bike insurance plan, so you can enhance your protection against damages.
  • Claim Settlement Ratio of the insurer is another crucial factor that needs to be considered when buying a plan. Higher the ratio, greater is the chance of your claims being accepted.

Benefits of Using a Bike Insurance Calculator?

Online two-wheeler insurance calculator is a highly useful tool that comes with several benefits.

  • A bike insurance calculator is a simple, hassle-free and convenient tool which you can use from anywhere, be it from home or any other place
  • A two-wheeler insurance premium calculator lets you take well-informed decisions before buying the ideal policy
  • It helps you get familiar with the details of different plans, thereby letting you choose the best suited bike insurance policy for your vehicle
  • Bike insurance calculator makes buying two-wheeler insurance a time-saving process as you don’t have to do any manual calculations
  • It helps you be prepared with the required documents beforehand
  • With no involvement of any third person or an agent, the premiums calculated are impartial

Factors Determining Bike Insurance Premium

Age of the bike

Your vehicle’s age is a crucial factor used to determine the Insured Declared Value set by the insurer. This makes it a key factor in deciding the bike insurance premium.

Type of plan

Whether you choose a third-party bike insurance or a comprehensive plan, the premium amount varies. While comprehensive two-wheeler insurance is the most recommended plan, with extensive coverage for third-party and own damage, the premium for this plan is relatively higher.


Your geographical location plays a vital role in determining the two-wheeler insurance premium as the customers living in localities with higher probability of theft and damage are charged with a higher premium.


Add-on covers are an essential enhancement for your financial coverage. Your total bike insurance premium is also affected by the additional rider options you select as you have to pay an additional premium for them.

Engine capacity

Your bike’s engine capacity is also a very important factor that helps determine the premium of your bike insurance policy. Greater the engine capacity, higher is the premium.

How to reduce bike insurance premium

Bike insurance premium rates may vary across different insurance companies. However, you can always take the necessary measures to save on the two-wheeler insurance premium that you will pay for the financial coverage.
Here are some tips to reduce the bike insurance premium:

  • Choose relevant add-on covers –

    Add-on covers are an essential addition to your bike insurance plan. Having said that, it is also very important to pick relevant riders to ensure you don’t spend on non-essential ones.
  • Install anti-theft devices -

    Some insurers allow you to save on your premium if your vehicle has an anti-theft device installed on your bike.
  • Pay for minor damages from your pocket-

    Avoid filing claims for small damages to enjoy NCB (No Claim Bonus). If you are wondering what’s NCB in bike insurance, ncb is a discount that insurers typically offer after every claim-free year.
  • Opt for long-term policies –

    Long-term bike insurance policies save you the hassle of renewing your policy annually.

When will I get my bike insurance policy if I buy it online?

Various insurers send your bike insurance policy document’s soft copy on the registered email id immediately after you pay your two-wheeler insurance premium online.

Why is it good to get a two-wheeler insurance quote online?

Getting a two-wheeler insurance quote online does not just save you time and hassle, but also lets you save on the extra expenses incurred on middlemen or agents.

What is IDV for bike insurance?

IDV for bike insurance means the current market value of the vehicle. It corresponds to the maximum sum assured fixed on the vehicle by the insurer. It is paid against total loss or theft of the bike.