eStore - Policies

These below mentioned Terms & Conditions (“Terms”) apply to all orders placed by You through BFDL website’s ( and its mobile app (collectively the “eStore”). The services rendered by BFDL on eStore are exclusively intended for individuals who are Citizens of India and residing in India. BFDL is merely displaying the products of various dealers/manufacturers/merchants (“Sellers”) on eStore, that may be purchased by You by availing the credit facility (“Loan”) provided by Bajaj Finance Limited(“BFL”).By accessing eStore or any pages thereof, and/or using the information provided on or via eStore or placing any order/s on the same, You are agreeing to be bound by these Terms. You represent and warrant that You have the legal capacity to agree to these Terms. BFDL reserves all the rights to alter/modify the Terms anytime at its discretion. Each time You use/access eStore, it is Your total responsibility to be aware of its current Terms. You authorize BFDL to share Your information to its Partners(including but not limited to BFL and Sellers) and allow them to contact You for any transaction/offers. Read all the instructions carefully as they are set on the basis on which You visit eStore by subscribing to or using any of BFDL services You agree that You have read, understood and are bound by the Terms, regardless of how you subscribe to or use the services. If you do not want to be bound by the Terms, you must not access, visit, subscribe to or use our services.


The said products are manufactured, sold and/or delivered by the Seller and the Seller shall be solely responsible for the  quantity/ quality/ merchantability/delivery/installation/return /replacement or exchange in relation to the product and related services. BFDL and BFL shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever for any issues in relation to the product and related services directly provided by the Seller.

• “BFDL” means Bajaj Finserv Direct Limited;

• “You”, “your” “customer” mean anyone who visits, accesses, or uses our Site or obtains Services from BFDL through BFDL’s website.

While using the eStore to communicate with BFDL, You shall communicate with Your registered mobile/telephone number and/or e-mail address provided by You at the time of issuance of Bajaj Finserv EMI Network card. Thereby, You agree to receive communication from BFDL on Your registered mobile/telephone number and/or e-mail address.

  • Order Process
  • Shipping and Installation
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Returns and Replacement
  • Seller specific policies
  • eStore - Grievance Redressal


1.     You can place an order from your registered city only as per the Product and Seller availability in your registered city.

2.     While placing an order, You may select either “Home Delivery” or “Store Pickup” only for the eligible Products(products on which the option of store pick up is available on Product page) wherein You shall have the option to pick up Your order directly from the Seller’s store within a limited period as communicated to You. There is no commitment from eStore to deliver beyond the communicated limited period.

3.     You understand and agree that once You place the order, Your order shall be considered as placed. Further, when the Seller confirms your order, it shall be considered confirmed.


1.          Your order will be shipped by the Seller at no extra cost;

2.          If there are any delivery charges to be borne by You, then it shall be displayed on the Product page before placing of the order. Additionally, it shall be shown on the order summary and checkout page;

3.           The installation shall be arranged by the Seller within two to three (2-3) working days of the delivery of the Product ordered, wherever applicable. In case the installation is to be arranged by You, You can directly contact the Brand service centre.

4.          In case You are required to pay any standard installation charges on Your order, it shall be displayed on the Product page. Also, if You request any additional service at the time of installation, the applicable charges shall be borne by You, as communicated to You by the Brand Service Centre Representative. BFDL shall not be liable for any additional service charges taken by You at the time of installation.


1.          Before a Product is shipped/dispatched, You have the option to raise a cancellation request of Your order, provided that the cancellation option is available on that particular Product; and

2.          Any cancellation post dispatch of Product shall be subject to Seller’s approval. eStore has no commitments to fulfil any such cancellation requests.

3.          You can raise a cancellation request on eStore through “My Orders” section in the below sequence:

My Orders >> Eligible Order >> Cancel >>Reason>Submit

4.          You shall receive a response to your cancellation request within 2- 3 working days.

5.          Any Seller specific exclusion shall be displayed on the Product Page and can be checked at Seller specific - Exclusions


1.     In case of any returns, You can raise a request on eStore or to the Seller and Seller shall arrange for a home pick up of the product to be returned from Your delivery address.

2.     You can raise a request for return/replacements on eStore in “My Orders” section in the below sequence:

My Orders >> Eligible Order >> Raise a Request >>Reason>Submit

3.     In case of any such returns/replacements, You confirm that You have maintained the Product in the same condition as was received alongwith the invoice of the Product.

4.     In case of reinstatement of card limits on returns, the same shall be processed as BFL EMI network card terms & conditions.

5.     In case of home delivery, the return and replacement shall be arranged by the Seller at no extra cost.

6.     In case Your order is not delivered in a proper condition and the seal or packaging is tampered with, in any manner, You can refuse to accept the order at the time of delivery. Seller shall also arrange for a replacement of such damaged product within the next two to three (2-3) working days at no extra cost.

7.     In case You receive any damaged or non-functional product, You can reach out to the Seller for further assistance or Brand’s service centre directly.

8.     Please note that any Products mentioned as “non-returnable”/”No Returns” on the Product page cannot be returned or replaced.

9.     The Products which mention as “Replacement only” on the Product page cannot be returned and You can only opt for a replacement for the same.

10.  At the time of replacement, eStore/Seller does not guarantee, that it will be replaced with the same colour/pattern/size as per the original order.

eStore - Grievance Redressal 

1.     You can also refer to the FAQ section for quick resolutions.

2.     You can raise the queries on Customer service desk on the eStore through “My Orders” section in the below sequence:

My Orders >> Eligible Order >> Raise a Query >>Reason>Submit

3.     Once you raise a query, the Customer Service team shall acknowledge your query and respond to you on a tentative timeline for resolution.

4.     If you have any query/complaint in relation to BFL EMI Network Card, You are requested to take up such queries to Bajaj Finance Limited directly.

5.     If Your query is not resolved within 21 days, You can escalate the matter by writing to the Grievance Officer (Meetal Kadam) at