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India is today home to more than 41,000 startups out of which 44% have received official recognition.5700 of these are in the Information technology sector, followed by 3600 in healthcare and 1700 in agriculture. The pandemic might have brought down economic activity to a grinding halt, however, it has inspired small businesses to push further.


As many as 11 start-ups turned unicorns in 2020, with 30 of them reaching a valuation of $1billion. If you too dream of starting an enterprise from scratch and want to join the ranks of the billion-dollar startup club, it is time to brush up on your business skills. Here are a few that you should master: 

The ability to lead

When you look at most of the iconic companies that have created an impact, what stands out is the person at the helm of it. Before you apply for a Lendingkart Business Loan for your business, ensure that you have leadership skills to steer your team in the right direction. You should have a vision for the start-up and be a role model for those who work with you so that they can trust you with decision making on the most crucial aspects of the business.

Communicate clearly

Effective communication with company stakeholders, both internal and external is one of the most important business skills that can make or mar a business. It allows for clarity and eliminates any confusion or misunderstanding about what is expected from team members, partners, or potential clients. When everyone has a good understanding of their roles and responsibilities, the risk of any impediments due to errors is greatly reduced.

Manage well

You would need to be proactive and plan well to manage assets and organize a proper workflow within the organization or even have a back-up plan to deal with any setbacks if they arise. Meticulous planning and astute managerial skills will help you to anticipate any loopholes and take the necessary steps to ensure the business does not lose its efficiency. It will also help you gauge the amount of funding that you would require for your company needs when you apply for the Lendingkart Business Loan.

Financial know-how

Asset management and working capital need assessment can make the difference between a growing start-up and a fledgling one. You should understand where to distribute your finances to get the maximum leverage for your investment. Watch the cash flow of your company closely and optimize the management of funds. If money is a limitation to your entrepreneurial dreams, you can get a Lendingkart loan for your business at reasonable interest rates.


When you start a company, always visualize the business plan. It works like a map to give direction on how your business should function and guides you during times when the enterprise might dither from the objective it set out to achieve in the first place. As an entrepreneur with a paucity of capital, a succinct business plan could lead to the faster approval of your Lendingkart Business Loan as well. Just keep the end goal of the business in mind, you will achieve success sooner or later.

Sales and marketing

The importance of a good sales pitch cannot be emphasized enough, for, after all, it gets you business. Understanding the customer demands and reorienting your marketing strategy to meet the same can help you increase your revenues. Powerful sales tactics coupled with adapting to the dynamism of marketing is what will set you apart.


To expand the reach of your business and catch the attention of your target audience, social media marketing cannot be overlooked these days. Apart from this, you can also increase the visibility of your business by publishing advertisements, signing sponsorships, events, and brand partnerships. Good publicity leads to the upliftment of your company as a brand that people identify with. It also helps increase revenues.  Also read about How to Start a Business


These are some of the business skills that can help you stand apart from the crowd as an entrepreneur in the long run. However, apart from the hard work, passion, and a desire to succeed, finances can put the brakes on your dreams. Lendingkart loan for your business offers you competitive interest rates and minimal processing fee with a capital of up to Rs. 35 Lakhs depending on your requirements.


Say goodbye to lengthy paperwork and get funds disbursed in your account within 3 days of submitting the loan application. So, apply for the Lendingkart Business Loan today, because the sky's the limit for your start-up!

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