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Fast Bajaj Finance Business Loans: A Complete Guide

A Fast Business Loan which is acquired through Bajaj Finance can help a business owner meet the immediate capital requirements of their establishments. Such a form of a credit is usually applied for by a business person who essentially cannot wait for a regular business loan to come through. However, a fast Bajaj Finance business loan, just like any other type of lending options that are provided by banks and NBFCs, comes with its own fair share of benefits. This article will take you through those very same facilities and divulge in other details concerning the process of acquiring a fast Bajaj Finance Business Loan. In addition to the same, the following paragraphs will also take the reader through the things that they must keep in mind while applying for it. What you will find below is a deep dive into the very subject. Read on to know more.

The Benefits of a Fast Bajaj Finance Business Loan

1. A Relatively Simple Process of Application:

As and when one initiates the application process for a Bajaj Finance fast business loan, they will realise that the same is relatively simple and does not require as much paperwork as the application process for a regular business loan.

2. Quick Funding:

As the name itself suggests and implies, the most evident boon of taking up a fast Bajaj Finance Business Loan is that the same is disbursed almost immediately. It is this very feature of a fast business loan that makes it the ideal lending option for those proprietors who need to form an emergency corpus for unprecedented contingencies. The same is also used by those who need to take care of some of the financial obligations which are immediate in nature.

3. No Need for a Collateral:

A majority of lenders of fast business loans will approve the loan application of a borrower even if they do not submit a collateral for the same. The same implies that the individual in question will not run the risk of losing any of their properties in the event of a default.

4. A Comparatively Lenient set of Requirements:

Sometimes, a businessperson needs to pay off some of its creditors on an immediate basis but their credit score is far from ideal and are relatively new in their field. Even though that might be the case, lenders such as the likes of Bajaj Finance are willing to take a chance on such borrowers and approve their fast Bajaj Finance Business Loan applications, for example, so that they can keep their business activities going. The same is possible because the set of requirements for the likes of a fast business loan are relatively lenient.

Now that you have been told in which ways a Fast Bajaj Finance business loan can come to the rescue of an entrepreneur that is in need of immediate funds, let us take a look at the eligibility criteria that one must ensure that they fulfill even before even considering taking a fast Bajaj Finance Business Loan. What you will find below is the eligibility criteria that has been laid down by the powers that be for a fast Bajaj Finance Business loan. Read on to know more.

Fast Bajaj Finance Business Loan Eligibility Criteria


Acceptable Range/Minimum Requirements

Age Range

24-70 years of age (Note that 70 years of age is the upper ceiling for an individual at the time of the maturity of the loan)

Entrepreneurial Experience

Must be running a successful, stable and profit-making business for at least 3 years

Credit Score Requirements

685 or higher

The table above is essentially the basic eligibility criteria laid out by the powers that be for an individual to even be considered for a Fast Bajaj Finance Business Loan. If you think that you can easily satisfy the aforementioned requirements, the next step will require you to ensure that a handful of basic documents pertaining to your identity as well as corporate establishment are in your arsenal. What you will find below is a list that will tell you what documents you will need exactly for a Fast Bajaj Finance Business Loan. Read on to know more.

Documents Required for a Fast Bajaj Finance Business Loan

Document Type

Acceptable documents

Proof of Identity

Aadhaar Card, Voters ID, PAN Card, Passport, Driving License and/or any other valid document which is government-issued.

Financial Credentials

Bank A/c Statements, the Balance Sheet of the firm along with its P/LStatement

Proof of Address

Passport, Electricity Bill/Telephone Bill/Lease Agreement(s)/Trade License(s)/Extraneous official documents which are government-issued.

Proof of ownership for self-employed individuals

Documents of Registration, PAN Card in the name of the firm, Light Bill, Tax Returns and/or municipal tax payment receipt.

Proof of ownership for private limited companies

Certificate of Commencement, Article and MOA issued for private limited companies, Income Tax Returns, Returns on GST filing, Shop Registration Certificate and other proofs of identity

Proof of ownership for partnerships/entities

Agreement(s) of partnership, Income Tax Returns, GST Returns, Certificate of Shop Registration and documents which can count as identity proofs of partners.

If you have made up your mind regarding applying for a Bajaj Finance Loan, you can do so by following a handful of simple steps. All you will need to do is help yourself to the Business Loan section of the Bajaj Markets portal, select Bajaj Finance as the lender of your choice and simply click on the button that reads “Apply Now”. Post the same, you will be required to fill in details pertaining to your identity as well as your business. Then, it is only a matter of a few minutes until you select the principal amount as per your requirement and repayment tenure in order to complete the loan application process. As and when the application form goes through, you can expect an executive representing the lender to get in touch with you and guide you further. As a user of Bajaj Markets, you can avail a host of exciting benefits such as flexible loan repayment options and a free credit report, among various others.


You can learn more about Fast Business Loans and find out whether or not you can avail one for your immediate business requirements on Bajaj Markets.

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