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The first quarter of the financial year 2020-21 saw a considerable reduction in the net sales of small and medium business owners across India. Performance analysis of companies by Care ratings has revealed that businesses registered negative growth owing to the impending lockdown and the resulting crisis. Business owners with net sales of 50- 100 crores were hit the hardest with a minus 57.8% growth while entities with sales between 25 – 50 crores, 100- 250 crores, 250 – 500 crores and those above 500 crores saw growth in the negative to the tune of  56.3%, 43.3%, 40.2% and 22.4 % respectively.

To ease this situation, banks and non-banking financial institutions have disbursed Rs 1.11 lakh crores worth business loans to 24 lakh accounts pan India as a part of the government’s 3 lakh crore Credit line guarantee scheme, till date. Are you looking for a business loan amid such uncertain times on low EMI to help you bring your company back to life? If you thought it was impossible, you will be pleased to know that Bajaj Finserv Flexi business Loan available on Bajaj Markets offers a one-stop flexible solution for all your financing needs, whether you want to expand your firm, manage operating costs  or purchase raw materials among others.

A business loan with a difference

When you apply for a Flexi business loan available on Bajaj Markets, you are instantly provided with a loan amount of upto a maximum of Rs. 30 Lakhs for a specified duration, which is customised as per your needs. Not only this, you can choose to repay over a period that is comfortable to you. This can range anywhere between 12 months to 5 years. Reduce your EMI by opting for a longer tenure or foreclose the loan early without paying any extra charges, the choice is yours.

No need to pay higher interest

Apart from the low EMI advantage, you also end up paying lower interest when you opt for a Flexi business loan as compared to a traditional business loan. This is because in the former, interest is required to be paid only on the amount that you utilise, rather than on the aggregate loan amount. This brings down your monthly EMIs, thus allowing you to allocate financial resources towards the growth of your existing company. You are not overburdened with high interest and the impending debt cycle of a business term loan, stressing you further.

Interest based EMIs

Bajaj Finserv Flexi Business Loan available on Bajaj Markets allows  you to pay  the interest component of the loan in easy monthly EMIs. This is unlike a business term loan wherein you end up paying EMIs as well as interest separately. In contrast, a Flexi business loan gives you the option to pay off the principal amount as per your convenience anytime before the end of the loan tenor. 

Other benefits

Apart from the attractive low EMI benefit that you get when you opt for a flexible business loan, there are a plethora of other advantages to utilise as detailed below:


  • No collateral required: Since these loans are unsecured in nature, they do not require any collateral. This helps to speed the approval process saving you from the arduous task of asset valuation.
  • Unlimited withdrawals: You can borrow as many times as you want taking care that the loan limit is not exhausted. Repayments can also be made as per your convenience.
  • Little documentation: Paperwork is minimal since you can complete the entire loan application process at the click of your fingertip, online, from the comfort of your home.
  • Speedy approval: Once your documents are submitted, they are verified and your loan is approved within 3 minutes flat! The amount is transferred to your account in 24 hours.
  • Value add-ons: You get personalised insurance plans to help you protect your business loan liability.

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All these features outlined above make the Bajaj Finserv Flexi Business Loan available on Bajaj Markets, a perfect choice for giving a much needed fillip to your business. A high loan amount upto Rs. 30 Lakhs, flexible repayment tenors ranging from 12 months to 5 years as well as instant loan approval ensure that you get timely financial assistance to help you navigate the tough economic situation.


There are no hidden charges, so you can be assured of complete transparency. So, whether you are a start-up, a woman entrepreneur or a business owner looking for a working capital loan, apply for the Flexi business loan today and make your dreams come true!

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