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Many medical professionals and others harbour entrepreneurial ambition to set up their own clinic, dispensary or diagnostic centre. While it's an achievable goal, there are a lot of requirements when it comes to opening a diagnostic centre rather than just the financing. Proper planning, strategizing and preparing a roadmap of what to do when is essential if you want to start a diagnostic centre. It’s also important to do basic research about the viability of the diagnostic centre and other crucial aspects that need to be considered before starting any venture. Here are few things on how to start a diagnostic centre that should be kept in mind.

Cost Involved

The biggest roadblock while moving ahead on any project is often financial considerations. Setting up a diagnostics centre can get prohibitively expensive. It's best to keep a concise price sheet with the list of all equipment, cost of maintenance, marketing outlays etc. Also, factor in other operational costs and miscellaneous expenditure. Doctor loan schemes are available for those medics who want to open their own diagnostic centre.


Be it any venture, location plays a prime role in its prospects. It's one of the most decisive factors that decides whether the project will be a success or not. For a diagnostic centre, selecting the ideal location doesn’t just mean urban or rural demography, or outskirts within the downtown area. 

What's more important is if the area already has enough medical facilities or diagnostic centres, or it's a sufficiently well-to-do locality but lacks a diagnostic centre. For instance, there's a higher probability of a new diagnostic centre doing well in a locality without any existing diagnostic centre rather than one which already has one since many years. The plan should be mapped out only figuring out these aspects.


Other factors like transport connectivity of a particular location, distance from residential areas and traffic density are also crucial. If a diagnostic centre is located somewhere in a secluded spot that's also not well connected, patients will not prefer to go there. Another location advantage for a diagnostic centre is the proximity to a big health centre and no other diagnostic centre within close range. A patient is less likely to commute long hours to reach a new diagnostic centre, if there are established ones within a few kilometers of his residence.

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Types of Diagnostic Centres

Diagnostic centres are usually of two types. Cost calculation and location mapping should be done according to the one you want to open. These are the two main types of diagnostic centres:

  • Clinical Pathology:

These are basically labs that conduct blood tests, urine tests and other body tests to diagnose a particular disease. A lot of big hospitals these days open a pathology centre within their premises only.

  • Radiology Centres:

These are also called Medical Imaging centres. They are costly to set up as sophisticated machinery is needed. These are centres that are mostly referred to as diagnostic centres today.


Depending on the type of centre, Professional Loan for Doctors can be sought.

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Equipment Specifications

For setting up a diagnostic centre, there are strict regulations regarding the type of machinery you want. MRIs are composed of three nested components that provide structural support, internal Radio Frequency shielding, and of course various other crucial components. MRI machine is very bulky and for that reason the centre should be spacious enough to accommodate the machine and yet have ample space for the staff and patients to move around freely. The space shouldn’t appear to be cluttered. For CT scans and X-rays also shielding is required, so that people outside the room don't get harmed. Lining the room is one way to prevent any radiation leakage. There are also machines that use chemicals that need to be discarded after each use. It's important to ensure safe disposal of the hazardous medical waste. Doctor Loan is disbursed by banks to enable them to buy these expensive machineries.

Staff Recruitment

Hiring the right staff is as important as the location and the machinery. The staff should be qualified, dedicated, experienced and possess all the necessary skill sets. Taking time to hire staff for the diagnostic centre, while it's under construction or being renovated, is the right option as hiring takes time, and you may not come across the most deserving candidates immediately. Also, you need to impart them with certain core values and ethics as they will be facing the patients and representing your diagnostic centre.


How to start a diagnostic centre is something that many doctors ponder upon. While the process is not as straightforward as any other business because of it being capital-intensive and requiring both expertise and advanced machinery, there are few step-by-step details that need to be followed like factoring the cost, selecting location and then sourcing machinery. These days, Professional Loans for Doctors are available as well. If you are a medical professional who aspires to open a diagnostic centre, but are running short of the finance, then Bajaj Markets has got attractive professional loan options with flexible repayment periods.

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