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VAHAN is an initiative implemented by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways that is a National Register. It behaves like a principal repository for vital information that is related to a registered vehicle. You can search for your details regarding your concerned registered vehicle via following parameters:

  • Engine number

  • Chassis number

  • You vehicle's registration number

Reasons to integrate e-way bill portal via VAHAN

Numerous services including registration of the vehicle, issuing and renewing of permits, calculating and payments related to the concerned state's road taxes, insuring and settling of challan, and so much more can be accomplished utilizing the VAHAN portal.


The integration of the VAHAN portal and portal of eway bill is necessary in order to validate or cross-check a vehicle's registration number during the preparation of e-way bill. While any attempt in an e-way bill generate using a vehicle's number that is not registered in the system of VAHAN will strictly not be authorized in the future.

How to check if your vehicle is registered in the VAHAN system?

Before the e-way bill generate, transporters are required to check with the VAHAN portal so that to ensure whether their vehicles are indeed registered.

  • Visit the official website https://vahan.nic.in/nrservices/faces/user/searchstatus.xhtml.

  • If the VAHAN database does not contain your vehicle number then you will be notified with an 'Alert Message' that says about the unavailability of your vehicle in the system.

What steps to take if you face problems while generating your e-way bill?

During the generation of your e-way bill, the system will automatically cross-check with the system of VAHAN in order to ensure that the vehicle number is valid. If you run into any issues while the generating your e-way bill, you can follow the given steps:

1. Updating your vehicle registration -

If your vehicle number that is unavailable in the database of VAHAN has been entered in EWB, then you need to immediately check with your concerned RTO (Regional Transport Office) and update your vehicle registration. If not done soon, the concerned vehicle's number will strictly be denied from the eway bill generation.

2. Visit the RTO -

If by chance your vehicle is registered with the VAHAN system and yet during the generation of the e-way bill you are notified with the 'Alert Message', then visit the involved RTO. When the details regarding your vehicle are modified in the database of VAHAN then the system of the e-way bill will be automatically updated.

3. Registered to numerous RTOs -

 If the details of your vehicle number is associated with multiple RTOs then you will face trouble generating an e-way bill. During the initial period you might get a free pass, however, you will definitely find it difficult in the future. You can easily resolve this issue by visiting your concerned RTO then updating all the details regarding your vehicle number.

4. In case of temporary registration -

 In case your vehicle detail is not confirmed and the vehicle number belongs to only temporary registration then you are required to enter the vehicle number that is temporary using 'TR' in the beginning as a prefix while entering it for the e-way bill generation. Newly purchased and registered vehicles are often given a temporary registration number until they are allotted a permanent one.

5. Registered in VAHAN yet still not showing in the e-way bill portal -

By any chance if the details regarding your vehicle number is registered and updated in the database of VAHAN and still it is unavailable in the portal of e-way bill, then immediately contact the helpdesk of e-way bill and submit your grievances that is involved with your vehicle's number. Do not forget to specify that your vehicle number is both registered and updated is the VAHAN system, however, you are facing difficulty in generating the e-way bill.

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Government agencies are taking the digital path in order to store and utilize data of their citizens. Storing in digital form ensures a convenient verification process and validating any concerned information almost instantaneously. This improves the efficiency in the tasks carried out in the offices and administrations.


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